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On July, 31 2021 I published a contribution to Virginia Right entitled, ” Get Ya Political Life”.

Since that piece, I have recieved “favorable” and “thought provoking” responses from readers. I took the liberty to compile and share the responses below:

August 1, 2021 via the Virginia Right website, Sandy Sanders said,

I respect greatly Corey’s travails throughout the Libertarian Party and GOP. I share many of his concerns.

But a new party is a monumental task in the USA. There are on occasions single state parties that have been successful: The Farmer-Labor party was so successful in Minnesota when there was a merger of the Farmer-Labor with the Dems, the state party is still called the Democratic/Farmer/Labor Party or DFL. (The Farmer-Labor Party was actually the larger of the two!) The North Dakota Dems merged with a party called the Non-partisan League that had been less successful n their state but was crowding the liberal lane in the state. There has also been several parties in New York State: Liberal, Conservative (the brother of my boyhood hero, William F. Buckley was elected to the US Senate on the Conservative line in a three way race in 1976), there was formerly the American Labor Party that had as its most prominent politician the very radical Rep. Vito Marcantonio was a NY representative in Congress for a number of years. However, I think Virginia is not well suited for third parties.

There is a Republican Liberty Caucus, started by a number of people including Ron Paul, and some find succor there. I have recommended my usual remedy: Seek the face of the Lord Jesus. Where do I go? Maybe you will be sent to a political group to glorify and magnify Jesus Christ first and do politics second.

Hope this is helpful to Corey.

August 3,  2021 Freddy Boisseau said,

“Along the lines of option 4, I have come to believe that the conservative movement needs its high rollers to look into 2 major actions to help us get back in the game. 1) We need to develop an investment tool along the line of a hedge fund and/or angle investment group that along with making a return on the investor’s money would do two things. 1.1) Invest in businesses that lean conservative, giving them a boost to get their services and products out to the masses. 1.2) Build our own server farm to host not only our social media and other media, but it would also host other media producers. This would provide the ultimate protection against our message being taken down.”

Facebook Friend Robbie Michael shared on Facebook Messenger IM July 31, 2021

“Good piece.  Personally I prefer option 1.  The RINO-types tend to be older Republicans still stuck in the Reagan era (don’t get me wrong, Reagan is my 3rd favorite prez. But that era of Tip O’Neil negotiating in good faith with Reagan is gone.). Younger Republicans tend to be much more conservative.

And you’re not alone brother…I’m in that space between Republican and Libertarian….I consider myself conservatarian.”

I am happy these readers took time out to share in their opinions. Communication is a two way street. I have taken the time to reply to each of their comments.