Get Ya Political Life!!!!!

 If you find yourself in the creek, you betta start rowin’……”


The Space Program 

A Tribe Called Quest

We Got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service 2016.

As a Contributor for Virginia Right, I usually begin my pieces with a quote from an emcee. It shows my extensive knowledge and catalog of Hip Hop music. The above referenced song by my Hip Hop Hero Q-Tip begins with a sample which exclaims, “It’s coming down hard We GOT TO GET OUR S*** TO-GETHER!!!!!

Crisis, crunch time, use it or lose it. It is apparent to me that America is at a fork in the road. We have to make a calculated decision quickly. And over the last week, I have had several conversations with several people. Republicans, Libertarians and Independents. I am Black, however, I am not a Democrat. I honestly believe that I am trapped somewhere in between the Libertarian and Republican parties. Like a nomadic wasteland. And sometimes I feel alone.

I have been speaking to my friends, political leaders, activists, candidates for office and co workers. I have been asking the same question of all these people. “Where do we go from here?”

Option One: With all the RINO (Republican in name only) Republicans who “say” they are conservative but “vote” in support of “liberal” and “leftist” policies our first choice is to take over the Republican Party from the ground up.

Option Two: All the “displaced” or “misplaced” Republicans and fed up enlightened Democrats (of any) can join the Libertarian Party. Former Vice Chair and Sister in the struggle Juanita Walton Billings suggests a complete overhaul of the Libertarian Party of Virginia. She has a detailed written plan she has been sharing with activists such as myself, Donna and Anthony Grebas and Elwood “Sandy” Sanders.

Option Three: Take Over a smaller party for the name. Donna and Anthony Grebas were the first Libertarians to shake my hand when I attended my first meeting of the Patrick Henry Supper Club in Richmond,  Virginia. I will never, as long as I live, forget the handshake that Donna gave me. She told me, “Welcome dear!!!” And gave me a very firm once up, once down handshake. All these years later, Auntie Donna and Uncle Tony as my children call them or “Ma” as my wife Mandy calls her are our family away from the rest of our family in New Jersey, Maryland and Texas. Donna was the former 4th CD Chair of the LPVA and Tony was at one time the Volunteer backbone of the Chesterfield County Libertarians community outreach. Donna’s suggestion with her knowledge is for defectors from the LP and the GOP we go to take over the Constitution Party.

Option Four: Brought by Major Mike Webb from Arlington, Virginia. The Major is in deep legal and spiritual warfare with Governor Ralph Northam (known to Libertarians, Republicans and Patriots as King Ralph or Governor Northern Ham) and Attorney General  Mark Herring with several Covid-19 cases in opposition to the massive government overreach. Currently, Major Webb is running for the Arlington School Board. Because of his social media onslaught (continued posting of facts, figures and evidence of his perspective) all…..and I do mean all of his social media accounts have been permanently deleted with no ability to appeal.  Major Mike suggests we create a loose group of supporters and run independent candidates across the Commonwealth leaving no district uncontested (the sucka s*** that both the Libertarian and Republican parties do when they do not locate a candidate. It is like watching a sports game with no opposing teams…..ridiculous) until we create or move into a new political home.

Option Five: In my opinion with my political nerdy-ness, my Political Science degree from Hampton University, my community activism, my grassroots connections, my business planning /communication experience and my love of God, America and family……I think we need to establish a new Party from the ground up.

Option Six: My long time brother, self made Entrepreneur and Co Host of Talks Over Drinks Markel Prines and my Truck Driver Mentor La-Brian Johnson both say we need to totally abandon politics altogether and build a strong business community to unite and tackle our problems ourselves.

I would be interested to hear what you suggest. But, sadly I know….We got to get our s*** together.

My New Heroes: The Fiji Rugby Sevens Team

Won gold again and then praised God over it! Sang a hymn!

Five years ago, in Rio, the nation of Fiji won their first medal. They got the official Sanders Olympic Tout. It was the best medal any nation can get for their first Olympic medal: Gold.

What I did not know at the time of the tout was it produced perhaps the world’s most unusual denomination of paper money: A seven dollar bill! (Here is an eBay ad for five consecutively numbered bills.)

The Fiji rugby seven team won again! The team lustily sang their national anthem, prayed after their win, and one team member raised a finger to the sky. Go to this Breitbart article for the pix and the hat tip. Here is another source: UK Guardian:

You could see it after the match, too, when they gathered in a circle and filled the empty Tokyo Stadium with a beautiful rendition of their team hymn. “We always start with our prayers and songs, and we always end with our prayers and songs,” [Coach Jerry] Tuwai said, “and that song says that our God is a loving God, and that while we always tend to go stray from what he expects from us, he still loves us, and gives us good things.” Like the gold medal, which he took off, and insisted on putting around Baber’s neck instead.

This team hid away since Easter to avoid COVID and now the island is on lockdown. But that did not stop celebrations (from Breitbart):

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation presenter Jaquee Speight tweeted: “Last Olympics we gathered in numbers, tears flowed and bells were rung. Tonight in the middle of a pandemic and (with) Fiji under curfew, pots and pans ring, fireworks go off in yards and the cheers from every house can be heard.”

So, let’s do an honorary tout for the praying Fijians. Rah for you and may God be exalted.

I think the Fiji seven team would like this, so I am doing it: This is a place to go to find out how to be right with God. Hat tip to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Bermuda Wins First Gold Medal!

In the triathlon!

Bermuda is a tiny island in the Atlantic about 600 miles from Hatteras; you can actually take a cruise ship from Norfolk to the beautiful land. It was first populated by settlers headed to Virginia who got shipwrecked. Did they miss out or did we? Here is part of the Bermuda Tourism website. Here is one cruise offer for example purposes only. Here is an article from CBS:

Bermuda just took home the gold medal in the women’s triathlon in Tokyo — making it the smallest country to win gold at the Summer Olympics. Flora Duffy earned the gold medal in the event with a time of 1:55:36.

This is the first Olympic gold medal for Bermuda, which has an estimated population of 62,034. The country is so small, it only sent two athletes to the Tokyo Games – Duffy for the triathlon and rower Dara Alizadeh. 

You only need one athlete to win gold! This is so exciting! Bermuda only won one other medal – boxing in 1976 (Clarence Hill – bronze) since 1936.

Here is the medal ceremony for Bermuda and they are a part of Great Britain so they used the national anthem for Great Britain: God Save The Queen. The celebration started on Bermuda television; here is the video. It’s great to see people excitedly celebrating that elusive first medal or first gold medal. A statue? Maybe a holiday?

Bermuda gets the victory lap with the flag, the national anthem and this tout! Congrats Flora Duffy! You are already a national hero.

San Marino Wins First Olympic Medal!

Bronze in the women’s trap shooting competition!

Well, here we go! Last night Virginia time, Sanders discovered not one but two nations won either their first medal or their first gold medal at these Olympics. Now each nation gets its own tout! Got to read the blog to see about the other nation! San Marino won bronze!

The Republic of San Marino is a tiny nation in Europe. Completely surrounded by Italy. Landlocked. Here is the Britannica account of this small and fascinating nation. Started by Christians fleeing persecution about 300 AD, one was St. Marinus, (A lay evangelist – man I like this nation better and better as I read more!) after whom the nation is named, and it is on the slopes of a mountain (Mt. Titano). I almost persuaded my father to take us there when we went to Italy. But we did cross the Rubicon – the tiny river that Caesar crossed to declare himself in rebellion against the so-called Roman Republic (which was dead by that time pretty much!).

There was another personal incident involving San Marino. In my senior year of high school we had a fun trivia contest where there would be a question read during home room and the first student who wrote the answer and took it to the room indicated for the answer got touted the next morning. Let’s see: trivia, showing off and a tout, to boot? The future blogger Sanders is all in! One day the quiz question was: World’s smallest landlocked republic. I knew this answer – wrote San Marino and raced to a nearby home room and the next morning awaited the tout! NO TOUT! I cannot remember who got it or if nobody did but San Marino was NOT the answer! The theory of the teacher in charge of quiz question said because San Marino is elected by two princes, it was not a republic.

Well, now many Americans will hear or read about the Republic of San Marino – the tiny republic of over 33,000 (not a misprint – thirty three thousand not million but thousand people live in San Marino) has its first Olympic medalist:

Alessandra Perilli came in third in women’s trap shooting behind a Slovakian and USA. Good enough for bronze (Perilli was fourth in 2012) this time. Here is a great Reuters article on it.

“We had two sleepless nights. We watched everything live and as soon as we knew that she had won a medal we were in tears,” Perilli’s father Claudio told ANSA.


“This is the first medal for me and for my country. We are a small country but very proud.”

I am sure Alessandra Perilli will be and is a national hero. She gets here at this blog in strict accordance with the Sanders Olympic Policy the victory lap with the flag (The coat of arms has “LIBERTAS” on it – got to like that!), the national anthem (here it is), and this tout. Congrats to Alessandra Perilli!

One more thing: I like the unusual spelling of her first name. I can safely predict that there will be a slight uptick in girls named Alessandra in 2021.

The Philippines wins FIRST Olympic Gold!

New National Hero crowned in weightlifting!

Now let’s remember what the Official Sanders Olympic Policy is:

If a nation wins their first gold medal or first overall medal, they get the Official Sanders Tout, their national anthem is linked here at the Virginia Right blog and a victory lap with their flag at the Sanders home.

Well, the Philippines won their first Gold medal in the 2020 Olympics in Weightlifting! Here is a news story on this:

A headline from the AOL article (hat tip to them):

Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz wins first-ever gold for Philippines, ending 97-year drought

The headline is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Here is the report from a Philippine media outlet WITH the video showing the medal ceremony – no misbehavior – Diaz saluted her flag! It is the first time in 97 years that this anthem has been played at the Olympics!

The lap has been made with the Philippine flag in hand and here is the actual ceremony.

Diaz will likely be in pretty good shape and famous. The video in this article suggests she will receive 33 million pesos from various places. (That is about 650,000 USD) and a home as well. Also endorsements.

My salute and congrats to you, national hero, first gold medal winner for your nation: Hidilyn Diaz

Will Sandy Come Back?

The judgeship election is about to reach a climax next week and due to some unfair tactics, it is not very promising for Sandy to get a robe. The Lord Jesus can do more than all we ask or imagine! We have glorified Him in the effort so that is victory. BUT we have Olympics news!

Power of the Pen

I regularly speak to my Hip Hop Hero Barz Nice. He is part of my community of brothers. My conversations with him are always supportive, intense and thought provoking. I credit him as one of the reasons that I still still contribute to Virginia Right.

My second wife always said to me, “What are you going to do?! Be a fifty year old rapper?! You need to grow up. Did I rap? Like another one of my Hip Hop Heroes Doug Evans said on my favorite mix tape, “Everybody raps!!!!!!”

I look at Barz Nice, Big Sty and JD Haze and understand that there is space in the Hop Hop community and culture for the OG’s (Original Gangstas: what the culture refers to us older heads).

Do I still write music? Yes I do. Have I recorded anything of late? No. I have taken the talent that God has given me and used it in a different way.

I consider myself a political nerd. I read and understand things that maybe the regular Hip Hop head would not. I remember an interesting day. I was able to walk the halls of the Mariners Harbor Houses (a project development in Staten Island, New York). And on that very same day, I walked the halls of the State Capitol in Albany, New York. I was lobbying for affordable legal representation for poor and middle income New Yorkers.

I hold a Political Science degree from Hampton University. I did not get my knowledge of politics from Google. I lived and grew up in Cambria Heights, Queens, New York. I was a participant in the growth of Hip Hop. I got to watch and experience up close Hip Hop culture. It left a lasting impression on the foundation of my life.

Later, I promoted events and parties. One of my favorite jobs was an Intellectual Property and Contracts Paralegal with a firm called 99% Entertainment. My partner Carl Jackman and I realized that the music industry was “99% business and 1% talent.”

That from the amount of “no talent” having people who got record deals and made lots of money from our culture.

Well, it is 0614 hours and I just was unable to sleep. I am up just collecting my thoughts to spill out onto the page and organize my feelings. Yesterday’s message at church was taken out of the third chapter of Ephesians. Paul was writing his letter to the church in Ephesus. Even though HE was incarcerated, he wanted the new believers in Christ to remain encouraged. He used his power of the pen to spread knowledge and understanding of the church which was NOT just a building. He was part of the church even though the government had him incarcerated. And through his relationship with Jesus Christ, he had liberty, freedom and the battle was already won.

There is work that we all have to do in this life. And we all know that life is not always easy. But, remain encouraged and do what you need to in this life. For me……I will continue to write. I may pen some more music. I may even muster up the courage to call Bully one day and record. But, I realize that Barz is correct that I have a gift in the power of the pen. And that I can do damage (Hip Hop turrets is kickin’ in. I hear the “I DO DAMAGE” cut from Cool V’s Tribute to Scratching)

Cool V’s Tribute To Scratching by Biz Markie from Goin’ Off V’s Tribute To Scratching by Biz Markie from Goin’ Off

Or, I can do good. I choose to do good with my pen power.

Celebrate Our Independence

It is 0446 hours on Monday, July 5, 2021. What wakes me……I forgot to cover the grill. I think THAT was my biggest problem yesterday. The Fourth of July signifies the birth of America. Is America a perfect place? No it may not be. However, America is a place where you can make changes. You have the freedom to choose.

Last year at 49, I returned to school by taking some classes at my local community college. I had to knock the cobwebs off my brain. But after some study, I received two logistics certifications as well as my Commercial Driver’s License. It was not easy however, no one was oppressing me or had their boot in my neck. My former Captain advised I was not going to find a job in a pandemic……I proved him wrong. It was a triumphant day when I submitted my resignation letter via email.

Two things come to my mind when I think of the Fourth of July. The first is a pop culture thing. It is speech from the 1996 movie Independence Day. Actor Bill Pullman played President Whitmore. And still to this day he delivered the most EPIC movie speech EVER!!! Who wants to be in power as a leader when chaos and mass confusion is going on?! He had to give the people a pep talk. He was regal in this effort. President Whitmore advised “. …..we cannot be consumed by our petty differences anymore…..”
President Whitmore’s July 4, 1996 Independence Day Speech (text and video)

Sadly, I believe we are at THAT time in Virginia and in America where we have to come together at the table and discuss what divides us and make arrangements to work things out.

Second, Crispus Attucks was the first man to die in the fight for America’s freedom. Doing some digging, I see there is question whether Attucks was a Mulatto, African and Native American.  According to Wikipedia, “Attucks was considered a Black Patriot because he was killed at the Boston Massacre.”

Early Americans so unhappy, they went to war because of their condition.**
In church, the Man of God’s message was we as we commemorate the Fourth of July looking at people who fought and died for our freedom we must understand Christ died for our freedom as well. Christians do not fight anybody for anything. All we have to do is “submit” let go and follow God.
I was interviewing Roy Revolution (Leroy Walker) for an upcoming piece. Roy said, “I see you on your 40 days.”

Reference to Noah on the ark. I feel “at peace” driving my tractor. It gives me solace. Just God, Eva Elizabeth (my 8 year old doggie daughter) and myself. I am free to think clearly, praise the Lord, see the beauty of his creation.

I may not have always felt this way but, this is MY home. If I do not like it, I can put in the work to change it. I challenge each if you to go out and do YOUR part to make your community BETTER. I pray you all had a happy and safe Fourth of July.

Meet Philip Hamilton: Republican Candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates int the 57th District.

Time 4 Sum Akson, Time 4 Sum Akson …

Time 4 Sum Akson

Whut Thee Album

Release date: September 22, 1992

Producers: Reggie Noble, Pete Rock.

As a contributor for Virginia Right, it is important for individuals to be able to get in contact with me. I received a Facebook IM from Philip Hamilton on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 17:46 hours. Candidate Hamilton said, “Good Evening Corey Fauconier. Would you be able to write an article about my Virginia House of Delegates campaign in the 57th District.”

Mr. Hamilton also sent me a link which contained my last contribution for Virginia Right posted on June 10, 2021 entitled “Why Can’t the Right Get Right, Right”.

After getting off the road and reviewing my social media, I responded to Mr. Hamilton by stating, “Good Evening, thank you for reaching out. Do you have a website or press kit you can forward me? Please advise when your time allows.”

On Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 11:11 hours I received a reply from Mr. Hamilton with his website and his email.

Now, that the formalities are out of the way. I was able to interview Mr. Hamilton via phone Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 17:53 hours. Our conversation was a total of 47 minutes in length. During this conversation, I felt as if I was meeting a new friend whom I had so much in common with. 

Philip Hamilton was born in Norman, Oklahoma and was educated in multiple public schools within Fairfax County, Virginia.  He graduated from George Mason University, the school whose name bears the name of his relative George Mason IV, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Administration of Justice in 2009. He moved on to earn his Paralegal Certification from George Mason University in 2011. Next, he earned an Advanced Paralegal Certification from Virginia Tech in 2012 . Most recently, in 2013, Mr. Hamilton earned his Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix.

In 2016, after working for the Concerned American Voters PAC, which was helping Senator Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign in Iowa and Nevada, Mr. Hamilton then moved to the Bay Area of California. He is an entrepreneur who established. Hamilton Legal Services and Hamilton Historical Records, both in 2018. He was a resident of Santa Cruz and of San José, California.  However, he returned to his native Virginia as he so eloquently put it, “as a Covid-19 refugee.”

In 2020, Philip Hamilton was on the run from California Governor Gavin Newsom, whose governmental overreach ultimately destroyed over ninety-five percent of his legal services business. I have run for office myself before. For me, it was a conversation with Queen Kong Kula Voncile which made me get off the couch and leave my comfort zone. For Philip Hamilton it was perhaps being a refugee of unconditional lockdowns, which made him finally say, “enough is enough”.

There were some other things that helped Philip Hamilton fuel his decision to run as a first time candidate. He advised that the fallout from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the protests in response to the death of George Floyd, standing up for the United States Constitution and the removal of Civil War statues and monuments, in additional to other historical statues from other periods of American history, were some of the issues that were important to him as well.

I agree with all of those aforementioned issues. I feel much of the time that I am the only Black person who feels that the statues and monuments dedicated to the Confederacy should remain. These historical works of art are a part of history regardless if we “like” it or not, and we need to tell stories from both sides of the conflict so that future generations are educated on the bloodiest conflict to ever occur in America. I am happy to hear that, as a historian and a community activist, Philip made the decision to step out of his comfort zone and make a run for office.

Philip Hamilton was comfortable speaking to me about his platform. First, he mentioned rebuilding businesses following the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Hamilton is calling for lower sales taxes, lower costs for registering a business within the Commonwealth. These two are first steps to get our state economy to bounce back.

A second step, a modification of the nighttime business model, would be to allow for restaurants and nightclubs to remain open until 05:00 hours (5:00 AM the civilians reading this). This policy would be enacted with the hopes that they can make up for the lost time and lost revenue during the government mandated Covid-19 shutdown. Mr. Hamilton advised that businesses would not have to remain open for the additional hours if they did not want to. However, he was providing them the “freedom” to make their own decision. This is because the owner is the expert in their own business, not so much the government.

Because of his current Covid-19 refugee status, from the State of California, the next platform issues that he proposed I can certainly understand. Mr. Hamilton is speaking out to limit government overreach, of not just the executive branch, but of local governments. He advised that the local government (King Ralph Northam and Emperor Gavin Newsom) were restricting the freedoms of the people by forcing the closure of businesses, churches and schools. He is calling to curb the emergency powers of the government and to place both freedom and liberty back into the hands of the people. In addition Mr. Hamilton is calling for term limits for all legislators on the local, state and federal levels of government. 

Finally, we discussed the fact that education should entail the proper resources to engage and promote growth in the minds of our students. Online education may not be the right methodology of learning for all students, and there should always be an option to learn in person. During this PLAN-demic, the students in the public education system have suffered from the over abundance of Zoom meetings and the lack of choice. We need to work with parents, teachers and administrators to make sure that all of the students in the Commonwealth are back on track emotionally and educationally.

The other fact that I found interesting is that Republican Candidate Philip Hamilton is a member of the Albemarle-Charlottesville N.A.A.C.P. The reason that I found that so interesting is that over the last few months, I have been participating in the N.A.A.C.P’s National phone calls and trainings. The national organization bashes the Republican Party like the Hulk in battle. So, for a GOP candidate to be a member of a group that I KNOW for a fact does not take kindly to the right, it boggled my mind.

I asked Philip Hamilton if he was going to participate in a debate or a political forum with his opponent Democratic Delegate Sally Hudson. He advised that the Albemarle-Charlottesville N.A.A.C.P. was instructed by the national N.A.A.C.P, to host online only forum because of Covid-19.  Mr. Hamilton is pressuring the Albemarle-Charlottesville N.A.A.C.P. to host an in person forum by encouraging its membership to speak to the national chapter to reserve the policy for political forums, which is set to expire in January 2022.

(Corey holding up a cardboard sign with black marker reading “C’MON SON” made famous by Ed Lover formerly of Yo! MTV Raps). Are we really going to hide behind Covid-19 and racism for the rest of our lives?! As Outkast advised, “We gotta git up, git out and git something. 

Following my candid conversation with this candidate. He was now more like “Philip” and not “Mr. Hamilton”. I have added my name to Philip’s email distribution list as I would love to meet him in person and keep up with him along the campaign trail.

I would suggest all the constituents of the 57th take a long good look at Philip Hamilton for the Virginia House of Delegates. Many people think that the Republican Party is dead. I wholeheartedly disagree. I think that candidates like Philip Hamilton, who is the first Republican to run in the 57th District in 16 years, are the new lifeblood of the GOP. I will am excited to follow along his path and I’m hoping that he can resurrect the conservative movement, within Charlottesville and Albemarle County, which has faced the tyranny of one sided Democratic Party rule for decades.