If the Senate cooperates, the Constitution offers an easy path to a Trump victory

Pence could still save the day, but the 12th Amendment has a Trump-friendly remedy if Senators refuse to accept Electoral votes.

I’m willing to admit up front that mine could be a whackadoodle theory. I’m not a constitutional scholar and I was hopped up on caffeine and really tired when the answer to the election fraud problem suddenly occurred to me. Still, if I’m not completely off my rocker, this theory could be what smooths the path to eliminating election fraud and retaining Trump’s rightful place in the White House.

The House and the Senate will gather over the votes on January 6. At that time, as we know several House members and Sen. Josh Hawley, at least, will object to Electoral College votes based upon fraud. (For an overview of the evidence showing that there is overwhelming fraud, I recommend that you go here and here. Also, keep in mind that, while those are recent links, even more evidence of fraud has since emerged.)

Once that happens, both the House and Senate retreat to vote on those objections. We know that the House will vote to override the objections and accept the challenged Electoral College votes. But if the Senate refuses to — if more brave Senators add their voices to Hawley’s — that creates an unfamiliar situation.

Incidentally, I think these negative votes are clearly within Congress’s purview. Fraud voids everything. If the Courts refuse to consider fraud that doesn’t foreclose Congress from acknowledging fraud and saying that it vitiates Electoral College certificate.

But back to what happens if the Senate stands atop the mountain of fraud hollering “Stop.” There are a few theories for what happens then, based upon the 1887 Electoral Count Act.

One much vaunted theory is that Pence gets to make the call.

Another theory is that the state legislatures get to make the call.

Another theory is that the state governors get to make the call.

These are all theories. You want facts? Look to the Constitution, which spells it out. Keep in mind that, at the moment the Senate gives its thumbs down, there are no longer enough Electoral College votes to put any candidate over the top. So here’s what I think happens:

As I wrote in September, when no one was paying attention to this kind of thing, the Constitution is remarkably clear on the subject.  If there are not enough Electoral College votes to hand victory to any one candidate — as will be the case if the Senate refuses to accept Electoral College votes predicated on manifest and overwhelming fraud — the Constitution spells out who picks the winner: fifty members (one for each state) from the newly seated House of Representatives decide.

Here’s the Twelfth Amendment’s language:

But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by statesthe representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. (U.S. Const., Amendment 12, Clause 3.)

What’s of signal importance here is that the House as a body does not vote.  Instead, one House member from each state votes.  Handing the matter to the House in this way makes eminent sense because this is the body closest to the most recently expressed will of the American people.  If the Electoral College failed, at least the majority of voters in each state will speak through the majority of House members from their states.

Under the 20th Amendment, the vote takes place not with the currently seated House, but with the incoming House.  The incoming House has 27 states with a majority of Republican representatives, 20 states with a majority of Democrat representatives, and 3 states that are tied.  That spells a clear victory for Donald Trump.

In brief: If senators follow Hawley’s lead and take a stand against the fraudulently generated Electoral College votes, at that point, under the Twelfth Amendment, there is no elected president, and the matter returns not to the full House, but to a single representative from each state.  And so, Trump wins.

If you think I’m wrong and foolish, tell me so. But if you think I’ve got a point, please share this post or the underlying American Thinker article that I quote, above. The reason I ask is because, if I’m correct, what I just said actually matters.

Donald Trump and the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

People have worried that Trump’s Democrat past taints him but the Battle of Battle of Teutoburg Forest predicts that it made him stronger.

I keep thinking of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, in 9 A.D. It’s the reason the Romans lost their hold on Germania and were never again able to expand very far into the territory of the German tribes.

Arminius was a German prince whose tribe the Romans had conquered. The Romans took him away as a hostage so his father wouldn’t wage war. Arminius was accorded respect in Rome and trained in German fighting, eventually attaining the rank of equestrian.

Eventually, the Romans sent Arminius back to “Germania” as part of the Roman mission to conquer the German tribes. However, while there, Arminius plotted a return to his people and a revolt against the Romans.

When the Romans attacked, the Germans under Arminius’s command, rather than fighting wildly, as the tribes always did, fought in disciplined Roman fashion and completely defeated three Roman legions. Arminius managed to fend the Romans off for another 12 years before jealous Germanic nobles assassinated him.

After WWII, Germans were no longer allowed to learn about Arminius (whose name is the German “Hermann”) lest they once again get too big for their lederhosen.

So why am I thinking of Arminius?

Trump was a Democrat for a long time. He worked in a frequently Democrat-run city in a frequently Democrat-run state. He socialized with all the power players, from the Clintons on down. Trump saw what Democrats were doing. With his connections, he knew who they were and how they operate.

Now Trump, like Arminius, is leading a revolt against a ruling class he knows intimately. As we get ever closer to January 6 and January 21, it gives me hope that Trump can be the new Arminius, using his inside knowledge of the Democrats to defeat them. And because we don’t live in the assassination made first few centuries of the “anno domini” era, I fully expect Trump to have a much better ultimate ending than poor Arminius did.

If I Had A Pint (Or Two) With Nigel Farage…I’d Say Build a Liberty Party in the UK!

Now Liberate the British People!

If I had a pint with former UKIP Leader and former MEP Nigel Farage – first, I’d probably need two! Maybe meet at a pub – I would carefully pour the hot and sweetened tea into a pub glass over ice but I would be hono(u)red to buy his pint! – but even over the phone would be fabulous!

I might need the first pint to say: Few ordinary people (especially in the UK) can say they changed the course of their nation’s history and maybe the history of the world. A toast: To Brexit! Glasses clang together…

It is easy to forget what Brexit actually means. When Farage left the Tory Party in 1992 to start the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) as a protest against the original Maastricht Treaty…

Having joined the Conservative Party as a schoolboy, he left in 1992 in protest over John Major’s signing of the Maastricht Treaty and went on to found UKIP in 1993.

Question Time, BBC, March 28, 2007

…and advocate for Great Britain to leave the European Union to say it was quixotic is an understatement. No chance. (Had I been British I would have among the first to sign up!) Impossible. Never will happen. But it did! Let us now give praise – I might even raise my glass to Jesus and His Providence in giving people vision to seek freedom!

In the succeeding years, UKIP and euroskeptic Tories (and a few Labourites) agitated for more and more independence and sovereignty for the UK in the EU and for getting out altogether. Farage never got elected to the UK Parliament (not yet) but he used his election to the European Parliament as a platform and a huge EU-wide microphone for speeches that while I might have been more diplomatic were effective in skewering the EU leaders as arrogant and obnoxious globalists. I would say the anti-EU movements in Poland, Hungary, Italy and other nations drew influence and encouragement from Farage. In the 2014 European elections, UKIP won the most seats in the proportional representation election, beating all the leading parties for the first time since 1906. (And Farage did it again – with the Brexit Party in 2019!) This blogger called it “Christmas in May!

Now it would be time for a second pint! And I digress. Here is what Nigel Farage should do:

First, get this book. I would take any privatizing of the National Health Service off the table by ensuring a referendum before there are fundamental changes in the NHS. But most of the rest of the ideas of Carswell and Hannan are on the point: Get rid of unelected quangos, increase the power of local governments (and taxes too BUT they will be truly accountable), and speak out against anti-liberty laws and regulations. Also come up with a REAL British Constitution, based upon historical liberties fought for by past generations and not mucked up with new “rights” created by globalists. Something like the Ninth Amendment for the written British Constitution.

As we finish the second pint, write the platform/manifesto for the new party – he is calling it Reform (there is a UK Libertarian Party and I am sorry they might get demolished in the rubble) – the truth is: The UK needs to be free. Now you have freed Great Britain from the EU, the pols have no excuse, it is time to free the UK and give power to the people.

Finally, some thanks is in order. As we lifted up our glasses, I would toast to: Farage and UKIP banned racists from their party. Here is what I wrote citing the near-extinction of the British National Party:

But please, UKIP, do not turn into a racist party.  You are too good for that.  Your strict policy on barring former members of truly racist parties like the BNP, helped take those parties out of the picture as a serious political force.  Don’t ban the burka or give dog whistles to anti-Muslim racists.  Rather become a liberty party.

Nigel Farage ought to be knighted for this alone. If I had the honor to have my blog read by the Queen, that would be my first suggestion. People who make positive, fundamental changes in the United Kingdom ought to be knighted.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my…Delegate Sam Rasoul is Running for LG!

He’s All Wet on the Green New Deal BUT …

I have been out of the blogging universe as we await who will be our next President but I was reading the Virginia Star (the electronic newspaper founded by John Fredericks) and I found this:

Delegate Sam Rasoul Announces Run for Lieutenant Governor, Joins Crowded List of Hopefuls

I go back a long way with Delegate Rasoul. I even suggested he run for LG! Rasoul has listened to me on ballot access and indigent defense. I even saw to it, during my brief period as a proud Crusader [Richmond Crusade for Voters] that the Crusade got to hear Sam speak. I admire him very much.

See this section from a prior blog post on Sam:

  • Term limits (HJ 18) (I agree!)
  • Ballot Access (HB 82) (I agreed so much I collaborated with Del. Rasoul on this idea and then blogged on it and then spoke to the subcommittee that killed the bill)
  • Redistricting reform (HB 303) (I disagree – but this is the idealist position and I respect it)
  • Top two primary system (HB 1040) (I disagree – see the US senate race in California where the top two were both liberal Democrats.  But again this is the idealist position – Del. Rasoul thinks this will cause the parties to run candidates closer to the center of their party.)
  • Juvenile sentencing reform (HB53) (This bill would give juvenile offenders who commit serious non-homicide crimes a chance at parole after the offender turns 35 or 20 years of his/her sentence.  I would make it 4o or 45 or 30 years.  The SCOTUS will probably in next several years mandate us do it.  In that sense, Rasoul is ahead of his time.)

It takes grit to suggest this kind of platform and to resign from the party leadership in the House:

Virginia’s only Muslim-American state lawmaker resigned from his Democratic leadership post Friday and called for a “massive overhaul” in the party to reconnect with working-class voters after Donald Trump’s presidential victory.


Rasoul called himself a “proud Democrat,” but said “the establishment does not want to change.” Rather than change the platform, Rasoul said, the party needs to rethink its communication strategy to build trust and listen to people’s concerns.

R T-D November 18, 2016

Now the delegate from Roanoke has this slogan:

Sam Rasoul for LG: TRUTH, LOVE, GRIT

I am tempted to jealousy. Sounds like a idealist. And the delegate did show real vision and grit with this bill to immediately bring about a statewide indigent defense system. In 2018!

Now I know Del. Rasoul is very progressive. He’s all wet on climate. Ditto for the ERA. BUT, he’s in politics for the right reasons. I think he’ll listen and he has integrity. I am not endorsing anyone YET. But due to the GOP going to a convention, and due to the fact any voter can vote in the Democratic primary this spring or summer or fall, depending on new lines being drawn, I reserve the right to make ethical endorsements or even VOTE in the primary.

Who Is John Bevis?

Only person Ever to See/Do What? Really?

With all the interest in the Christmas Star – yes there was a star – the Bible says so – whether it was a configuration of planets or a special miraculous starry-type object created by God I am not sure – but it was really, really neat to see two planets in my eyepiece of the telescope at the same time. Something you do not see every day. I just thank Jesus it was clear December 21.

But who is John Bevis?

John Bevis is an amateur astronomer who on May 28, 1737, was believed (according to this source) to see one planet actually pass in front of (or behind depending on how you see it) another planet.

It is called a mutual occultation of planets and it is incredibly rare. There will not be such an event until November 22, 2065 and that will be too close to the Sun to be visible from Earth. (It is Venus and Jupiter by the way. And speaking on Venus and Jupiter mutual occultations, one is June 17, 2 BC and that has been suggested as the Bethlehem Star BUT that assumes the death of Herod was not in 4 BC as most historians claim.)

John Bevis is probably the only human to see a mutual occultation in a telescope (The Greenwich Observatory UK telescope). Here is his report from Sky and Telescope in 1986.

Hat tip to Larry Bogan who complied the neat charts and information on mutual occultations.

Talks Over Drinks Season 5, 2020 Recap.

Talks Over Drinks Season 5, 2020 Recap.

I did not attend school for media, production or journalism. Sometimes you look back over the road that you have travelled and you shake your head in disbelief concerning the path you took.

If you advised me back in 2014 that I was going to be hosting a podcast style talk show or contributing to a political blog, I would have called you a liar. Yet, here I stand with my partner, Markel Prines moving into the fifth season of Talks Over Drinks. For those of you who may not follow Markel and I on social media, we are the hosts of Talks Over Drinks which is a podcast style talk show discussing small business, community activism, politics and independent music.

Thus far we have produced and released six shows for the 2020 – 2021 season. Providing Virginia Right readers and supporters the run down on episodes per Sandy Sanders advice.

Talks Over Drinks Season 5:

Season 5, Episode 1 Part One: Mike Dickinson Republican Candidate for Richmond City Council District 1.

Season 5, Episode 1 Part Two: Regie Ford Independent Candidate for Richmond City Council District 8.

Season 5, Episode 2 Part One: Emcee Barz Nice.

Season 5, Episode 2 Part Two: Emcee Big Sty.

Season 5, Episode 3 Part One: Perry Whitaker, PW’s BBQ

Season 5, Episode 4 Part One: Dr. Neal Jackson Author and Founder of Spiritually United African Nation House of Worship.

Season 5, Episode 5 Part One: Emcee Roy Revolution.

Season 5, Episode 5 Part Two: Emcee and Podcast Host Kula Voncile.

Season 5, Episode 6 Part One: Real Estate Agent Stephani Fowlkes.

Season 5, Episode 6 Part Two: Investments Specialist Jeff Fowlkes.

Feel free to reach out by email or social media should you have any show ideas or your would like to be a guest of the show. Please find all of our social media handles below. Like, share, subscribe & comment! Remember it is never too early or too late for Talks Over Drinks. Cheers!


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It’s time for my version of a Christmas post

2020’s agonies make it more important than ever that I count my blessings — and sharing America’s Christmas spirit is a very big blessing.

Every year, I post my favorite Christmas song, which is Josh Groban’s live version of O Holy Night. This has been a strange year but I’m not going to abandon that tradition. Also, not every year but often, I use Christmas as a springboard to express my gratitude for the gift of Christianity — most specifically, America’s Christianity.

American Christians are very special people in that they generously share Christmas with everyone! There’s no price tag. I don’t have to give up my secular, cultural (and moral, I hope) Judaism to be enveloped in the loving, happy Christmas spirit. That spirit is everywhere — in the well-wishes from friends and strangers, in the beautiful lights that surround me, and in the hopeful spirit of the season. Christians carry it in their hearts even when our federal, state, and local governments takes on the character of Scrooge and the Grinch combined, except that none of these institutional tyrants and haters show signs that their hearts will change this year.

I’m also grateful for American Christians because those churches that have not embraced Marx as their central tenet in place of the New Testament are not anti-Semitic. My parents were afraid of Christianity. They came from Europe and associated Christianity with anti-Semitism. Even the fact that the greatest anti-Semitic killer the world has ever known was a socialist who rejected the church did not change their view. To them, European Christianity was a threat and, if Hitler went mad, the backdrop was a thousand years of a church that hated Jews.

That’s not the case in America, at least among traditional denominations. And with America’s angry leftists becoming ever more open about their anti-Semitism (ironically, as the Muslim Middle East is starting to embrace Jews and Israel), I am daily grateful for American Christians. Thank you for being you and understanding brotherhood and pluralism in a free country.

With that, I freely and happily wish everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike, a very Merry Christmas. Whether as a deeply religious occasion or a shared spirit of seasonal joy, it’s a wonderful holiday. And what better way to do it than with Josh Groban’s beautiful O Holy Night?

One day’s news from the SF Bay Area — how leftist can you get?

A glance at a the home page for Marin County’s main newspaper provides a snapshot into the leftist brain.

Although I no longer live in Marin County, I still check the local news. It’s not unusual for me to see familiar people named in stories and I always recognize the places. For whatever reason, today’s newspaper struck me as just exceptionally leftist. This is the air that people breathe in Northern California. I’ve highlighted the words and I’ll explain why each strikes me as peak leftist — and that’s without discussing too many stories behind the headlines:

Progressive news

  1. “unsheltered residents.” The actual headline states the truth which is that “homeless” campers are taking over a former military base that is not a planned suburban community with lots of children. However, the moment there’s more space you get that euphemism: “unsheltered residents.” Homeless has a wealth of meanings: People without homes, drug addicts, mentally ill people, and criminals.
  2. Governor Newsom focuses on “character” with Alex Padilla. Nope. That’s retrofitting. Padilla’s selection boiled down to one thing:  His race. Padilla has no known character, except that he illegally promised to pay $35 million taxpayer dollars to a Democrat political front group and then tried to hide his wrongdoing. Of course, thinking about it, that’s precisely the type of character leftists like.
  3. The explosion of the Wuhan virus in California. Up until about two weeks ago, California leftists were smug: Next to Oregon, they had the most draconian shutdown laws in America and it was paying off. Sure, their politicians were hypocrites, ignoring the misery they imposed on others, and yes, except for the the tech sector and white collar jobs that are home to leftists, California’s economy was collapsing, but it was all worth it…. Oh, wait a minute. Do you mean to say that California is now one of the worst Wuhan virus hotbeds, not just in America, but in the world? Why, yes it is. I’m desperately sorry for my conservative friends who are trapped there, but for all the leftists and all the go-along with the leftists it’s hard for me to feel much sympathy. Keep in mind that, in the Bay Area at least, most of those small business owners being hurt have voted Democrat for decades.
  4. Reversal of transit layoffs. Government will screw you, the taxpayer, but it will never screw itself. Expect more and higher taxes — and, in the case of the Golden Gate Transit District, higher bridge tolls and bus fares — despite the government’s deliberate decision to destroy the economy.
  5. Marin City gets get Kamala action figures. First, how sexist is it to put Kamala in a skirt. Second, you can’t engage in action in a pencil skirt. Third, propaganda much?
  6. Ceremony honors homeless who died. Wait! They had space. Did they forget that these people are “unsheltered residents”? No, of course not. You use “unsheltered residents” when you want to clean them up and make people feel guilty that they don’t want deranged, criminal people taking over their communities. You use the word “homeless” when you want to make people feel guilty that someone who as often as not chose to live on the streets has died.

Just as fish don’t notice the water, Bay Area residents don’t notice the non-stop drip, drip, drip of leftism sinking into their brains. Everything reinforces leftist shibboleths. Open up any Bay Area “news” publication and you’ll find little in the way of actual news, but a whole lot of propaganda.

Image: The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the Marin headlands (cropped) by David Ball. CC BY-SA 3.0.

Rep. Justin Amash Has The Correct Idea: Curbing Presidential Emergencies!

It Does Not Go Far Enough; Need Curbs on the Use of Power Altogether!

Reason Magazine is reporting that the alas lame duck sole Libertarian congressman, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, has unveiled (I cannot yet find the text yet) a bill to curb Presidential emergencies.

Today Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) unveiled the National Emergencies Reform Act, a bill to rein in presidential statutory control over emergency powers.


Amash’s legislation would automatically sunset an emergency declaration after 60 days unless a simple majority of Congress votes to keep it alive. If Congress is unable to meet during that timeframe, it would have 48 hours to approve its continuation once it reconvenes.

This is actually a very prudent reform of the emergency power. I think actual power needs to be curbed. It is largely a function of the imperial Presidency. From Reason:

Of the 69 national emergencies declared since the NEA’s inception in 1976, 35 are still ongoing. Seven originated with President Donald Trump, 10 with President Barack Obama, 11 with President George W. Bush, and six with President Bill Clinton. The remaining one dates back to the reign of Jimmy Carter.

The Libertarian Party platform implies but does not discuss Presidential emergency powers. I suggest emergency powers can be enacted by positive law but not unilaterally created by a President. All LP candidates running for federal office (and maybe major state offices like Governor and Attorney General) should add this to their platform.

More info for my readers from the Brennan Center for Justice (far too left-wing for my liking but sometimes the other side is right) on Presidential emergencies can be found in this article here.

Black Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Major Michael Webb Fighting for Virginia: A Virginia Right Exclusive

I feel like a Black Republican, money I got comin’ in
Can’t turn my back on the hood, I got love for them
Can’t clean my act up for good, too much thug in ’em
Probably end up back of the hood, I’m like ‘**** it then’I feel like a black militant takin’ over the government
Can’t turn my back on the hood, too much love for them
Can’t clean my act up for good, too much thug in ’em

Black Republican

 NAS, Feat Jay-Z

Hip Hop is Dead

Released 2006.

During my childhood in Queens, New York I listened to a DJ on air personality named Super Rockin’ Mr. Magic on 107.5 W.B.L.S. (Worlds Black Liberated Stations or World’s Best Listening Sound). He had a recorded message that would play right before the new song would get played for the first time. As I preparing this contribution, I hear that very joyful sound from my childhood.”A world, world premiere……a world, world premiere, premiere…….a world, world, premiere, premiere.”

This is a political world premiere. The main stream media is NOT picking up on this. If you are a freedom loving Virginian, you should know that the Republican Party is going through grave times in 2020. If you are a freedom loving Virginian, you should understand that our first and second amendment rights are under attack. If you are a freedom loving Virginian, you should know the mainstream media is NOT your friend. If you are a freedom loving Virginian, you should know that we at Virginia Right are going to bring you the real. You should ask yourself a serious question. As we look to elevate political figures to the next office, ask are they really a leader we can count on? Wouldn’t you expect a leader to stand up for what is right?! (No pun intended).

If you are a freedom loving Virginian, you should know the name Major Michael Webb. MIke Webb has been on the front lines in the courts challenging so called Democratic Leaders of Virginia. Major Webb is currently fighting the constitutionally of the components of the State wide orders.In a nutshell to bring the rest of the Commonwealth up to speed because you all have been shook (Hip Hop slang for scared)….your beloved Governor King Ralph Northam and State Attorney General Mark Herring are ducking service. As if both the Governor’s mansion and the Office of the Attorney General have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Mike Webb is balancing several cases. Webb shared the following with Virginia Right during a phone interview,”CL20001624: Alexandria and Mayor Wilson remain on appeal at the Supreme Court, regarding whether a justiciable controversy exists, but under Rule 5.19 they had only seven days after receiving the appeal to submit a rebuttal no more than 2,625 words. We have been on appeal since June 24th. Filing a motion to the court.””Issues raised were free exercise to engage in worship (Alexandria actually tried to deny standing because my church was in Alexandria and I live in Arlington. Ridiculous.)  We also sought an as applied challenge to ease restrictions so as to create business areas where people could be found en masse, rather than going door to door.  The court essentially stated that candidates are immune from infection.”

“CL20001624: the Clerk and Chambers claim that the Governor cannot be located and VDH and the Board of Elections has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. We have requested a copy of the file to use as an exhibit in our motion to compel a grand jury in the federal court.””20-1997: Dismissed in EDVA, with permission from the Fourth Circuit. Sought a mandamus to place on the ballot under the pandemic exception but deemed moot as law because the election was over. Now, we can use that in the convention action to recognize it as the law in declaratory relief and mandamus.”

“20-1968 is the facial coverings action, as applied to polling precincts and places of worship, but also a facial challenge trying again to invalidate the entire COVID-19 response, like CL20001624 against the Governor and VDH.

“We needed to be at the Fourth Circuit for the writ of mandamus authority; so, while we are pending a decision, we are presenting an interlocutory motion to compel a grand jury on electoral fraud, the obstruction of justice, voter intimidation, and conspiracy to violate civil rights.”

Ask yourself, would we be on lockdown because of the flu?! No. Covid-19 is NOT an infectious disease.Major Michael Webb is no stranger to the campaign trail. He has several journeys down the trail which have provided him the experience to do what he is doing now……..being the best conservative activist he can be by standing up for the people. In 2018 Mike Webb ran for United States Congress Virginia District 8. In 2017, Webb ran for the Arlington Public School Board. He first ran or State Assembly in New Jersey in 1991. This first run was a record percentage for GOP. Mike Webb shared a major concern with me before the end of our phone interview. Webb said, “If Amanda Chase runs as an independent, she splits our statewide votes. We lose no matter what.  And in 2021 we cannot afford to lose”

Major Michael Webb is a name you should know. He is going to be running for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2021. He has already demonstrated his willingness to fight for all Virginians. My suggestion……take a close look at Mike Webb for Governor.