[“America Is A Pig and Biden Is Decent”] – The Hijacking of the 2020 Election and the Hate America Strategy By Steve McCann

[“America Is A Pig and Biden Is Decent”] – The Hijacking of the 2020 Election and the Hate America Strategy By Steve McCann


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[Hahahahahahahaha!!!] – “Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling”


Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling

If only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank

To say out-loud that you find the results of the 2020 presidential election odd is to invite derision. You must be a crank or a conspiracy theorist. Mark me down as a crank….

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What do I think of the Democrats’ COVID-19 management?

A truly thoughtful, open-minded Democrat friend asked me what I thought of the COVID-19 lockdowns. This was my first pass answer.

I am opposed to the lockdowns. Fortunately, I’m in an economic class that can handle them. People who cannot telecommute or live on their savings are being destroyed. I believe what is happening now is evil.

We know a lot more about the virus than we did in the spring. We have better treatments and we know who’s at risk. The smart thing is to protect the vulnerable, masks in crowded places or for those who want them and get back to normal. And here’s something for you to chew on: John Hopkins did a study showing that deaths in 2020 were average overall, a study that was pulled because the authors didn’t like that people made use of it to advance arguments with which the authors disagreed. The bottom line, as many conservatives have argued, is that COVID-19 hastened the deaths of those who would have died anyway. A tragedy? Most certainly. Losing even one day from a loved one is a tragedy, but you don’t offset tragedy by destroying a country.

Right now, I can’t help wondering what’s driving people like Oregon’s governor. Has she decided that avoiding a single coronavirus death is worth destroying millions of lives, with the attendant increase in suicide, depression, substance abuse, crime, spousal and child abuse, deaths from untreated diseases such as cancer and heart disease, etc.? Can she explain why you can’t have people in your home or go to the Mom & Pop store, but Walmart and Costco are just fine? Also, can those governors explain why they were copacetic with mass riots in the spring, at the peak of the virus, but God forbid you celebrate Thanksgiving?

And the hypocrisy — the Denver may, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, and more — they all made it clear that the rules don’t apply to them. That either means they think that, godlike, they are immune or, more likely, they know that what they’re doing makes no difference to the virus. If that’s true, all their rules are either because they enjoy the power or because they’re achieving a goal other than the spread of disease. The obvious short-term goal was to destroy Trump. The longer-term goal seems to be to break the back of the middle- and working classes that are not on board with the Democrat party’s agenda.

People will go along with this for a while, especially if the leaders keep them in a state of fear. However, at a certain point, time blunts the fear and people begin to realize they’re being used and abused. Then, you have a true revolution, not the carefully choreographed BLM rallies, but true revolution. I fear that.

One Democrat with whom I spoke accused me of heartlessness because “people will die.” People will always die and a pandemic that, averaged out over the country, has a 99% survival rate should not merit killing the country to “save” it.

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Busting all the Democrat’s lies about election “security”

Everyone should watch Russell Ramsland’s 45-minute presentation about the ease with which computer voting systems allow election interference.

Allied Security Operations Group is a Texas-based company that provides high-level computer security and investigations into security breaches. Many of its employees apparently come from the federal government’s alphabet agencies.

I’ve been seeing Russell Ramsland, who co-founded ASOG here and there, but never really slowed down enough to pay attention to what he was saying. Last week, he filed a detailed affidavit explaining, in the words of John O’Sullivan, “How Big Tech Stole The U.S. Presidential Election.”

The allegations Ramsland makes are stunning — all the more so because he meticulously details how the election theft happened. For example, do you remember the 6,000 vote error from Antium County, Michigan, the one that saw 6,000 votes go from Trump to Biden. The county clerk attributed it to human error. Ramsland explains why this is a lie:

10. One red flag has been seen in Antium County, Michigan. In Michigan we have seen reports of 6,000 votes in Antium County that were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and were only discoverable through a hand counted manual recount. While the first reports have suggested that it was due to a glitch after an update, it was recanted and later attributed to “clerical ” This change is important because if it was not due to clerical error, but due to a “glitch” emanating from an update, the system would be required to be “re-certified” according to Dominion officials. This was not done. We are skeptical of these assurances as we know firsthand this has many other plausible explanations and a full investigation of this event needs to be conducted as there are a reported 47 other counties using essentially the same system in Michigan. It is our belief (based on the information we have at this point)  that the problem most likely did occur due to a glitch where an update file didn’t properly synchronize the ballot  barcode generation and reading portions of the system. If that is indeed the case, there is no reason to assume this would be an isolated error. This glitch would cause entire ballot uploads to read as zero in the tabulation batch, which we also observed happening in the data (provisional ballots were accepted properly but in-person ballots were being rejected (zeroed out and/or changed (flipped)). Because of the highly vulnerable nature of these systems to error and exploits, it is quite possible that some, or all of these other counties may have the same problem.

Ramsland also talks about voter turnout in some counties that exceeded 100% and the bizarre post 2 a.m. spikes for Biden. Leftists will tell you that this was because all of the mail-in ballots were for Biden and arrived in big clumps, but that’s not the tale the computer data tells. There’s a lot more meat in the affidavit. The worst thing about it is that Ramsland wrote it before even more statistically whacked-out stuff started emerging.

If reading densely written paragraphs with lots of statistics isn’t your thing, I strongly recommend (really, really strongly) that you watch Ramsland’s PowerPoint presentation on the Jerome Corsi video. This presentation isn’t directed at the election itself. Instead, it is about how vulnerable voting machines are to manipulation. At every level — precinct, county, state, overseas data processing, etc. — they have wide-open portals that make it completely possible to manipulate votes in every one of the ways Sidney Powell and others have asserted.

The video is over 45 minutes but I was mesmerized. I was also terrified. It’s apparent that weird election outcomes across America have been gamed for a least a decade. Possibly the worst thing about the video, though, comes at the very end, when Ramsland explains how deeply disinterested the federal government was in learning about the fact that any marginally intelligent 10th-grade computer nerd can alter American elections:

So far, only around 12,000 people have watched the video. America would be a better place if 1.2 million or 12 million or 120 million people watched this presentation — and then demanded that America return to paper ballots.

Image: Screengrab from Russell Ramsland’s presentation to Jerome Corsi’s audience.

I Took A Hammer To My Alexa Dot

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51


YOU CAN’T DESTROY ONE THAT WAY. You can’t kill it….




**JUST DON’T GET ONE. They listen in and report what you say, back to Bezos or Zuckerberg or Biden or somebody.





The Political Elites Hate This Country – And Are Sowing Division to Kill It

Do you hate America? Do you despise everything it stands for? Do you want to destroy this country? Then division and polarization is how you do it.

The Founders were pretty astute men, especially for their time. The country’s motto “e Pluribus Unum” was coined at its birth, as if portending the manner of its death. The Founders knew that keeping the country together would be the most difficult challenge they, and their successors in government, would face, which is why they came up with the system they did. Even that wasn’t perfect, which is why less than 90 years after its founding, the US went through a brutal civil war, the worst event in our nation’s history.

The Fruits of Division – The Dead at Gettysburg (source)

I’m not afraid of the Chinese. I’m not afraid of Russia. I’m not afraid of al Qaeda, the Taliban or COVID-19. What chills me to my very bones is news like this:

A Political Food Fight: How the news media profits by feeding the partisan divide | The Milwaukee Independent

And this: Peter Turchin’s prediction of political violence in the US: The Next Decade Could Be Even Worse

As a Trump voting conservative American who believes our Constitution is one of History’s greatest documents ever written, I see a civil war brewing that pits American against American, stoked by yellow journalism, shallow politicians and foreign powers – but worst of all the ignorance of our own people.

We’ve gotten so conditioned to division that it has become normal. Liberals cut off their conservative friends. Conservatives harangue their liberal family members.

Such behavior ignores a simple truth: Most of what we know at any given time is wrong. Our opinions are often based on lies and half-truths, and when we change them we do so without acknowledging our past. We are opinionated, petty, arrogant and pretentious – or at least that’s how the other side sees us. And most of the time we are wrong.

We’ve got to stop. For the sake of our country. For the sake of our families. For the sake of our sanity, just stop.

We’ve got to figure out how to live together, or else who will be the first to end the greatest social experiment the world has ever seen.


Who is behind this madness? Follow the money.

Former Rolling Stone now independent journalist Matt Taibbi writes, “Eight years ago, at the height of anger toward Wall Street, the American Conservative wrote about the “revolt of the rich,” saying, “Our plutocracy now lives like the British in colonial India: in the place and ruling it, but not of it.” They pointed out that in both world wars, the Harvard man and the New York socialite alike “knew the weight of an army pack.” By the 21st century, war became a job for lower-class suckers, with soldiers being one of many groups targeted by predatory lending in the crash era. Conflicts in places like Afghanistan drag on forever because the children of Important People mostly don’t serve. We have very wealthy people, but walled off in an archipelago of tax and criminal justice loopholes that give them more common statehood with other plutocrats in Europe and Asia than with other Americans.”

Follow the money and end the madness before it ends us.

The anti-prison movement will be a disaster . . . for criminals

Leftists, having placed pro-criminal prosecutors across America, are now doing the same with judges. Criminals will not like what’s coming.

At Power Line, Paul Mirengoff took note of the fact that George Soros, having managed to place leftist prosecutors throughout America, none of whom have the slightest interest in prosecuting crime, has now moved on to placing leftist judges in courtrooms, just in case a prosecutor was unable to keep a criminal out of court:

In Maryland, it appears from the Washington Post’s account that most, if not all, of the victorious outsiders are pro-criminal defendant and sympathetic to the BLM critique of the judicial system.

The two outsiders who won in Prince George’s County certainly fit this description. Gladys Weatherspoon is a longtime criminal defense attorney. She campaigned on the promise to push for “creative sentences” instead of incarceration. This, of course, will exacerbate America’s under-incarceration problem, which is responsible for many a bloody crime.

The other outsider, April Ademiluyi, seems cut from the same cloth. She blames the coronavirus pandemic for “spurring people to crime.” Defense attorneys in the county must already be preparing their the-virus-made-him-do-it pleas for lenient sentencing.

The Prince George’s County police department is 63 percent African-American and only 14 percent White. The interim police chief is Latino. The County Executive is African-American. So are the vast majority of incumbent circuit judges.

I doubt that racism or lack of sympathy for Blacks is a problem in the Prince George’s circuit courts or its criminal justice system generally. But crime is a serious problem in Prince George’s County. Three towns in the county are considered among ten most dangerous places in Maryland.

These trends, of course, are a disaster for the law-abiding. I haven’t been to San Francisco in a while, but the last time I was there, it was a frightening place, with brothels in the “family-style” neighborhoods, skyrocketing violent crime, and complete degradation and squalor on the streets, thanks to mentally ill and addicted homeless people. The same was true when I was in New York a couple of years ago (quite different from when I first went there, on Giuliani’s watch and from subsequent trips on Mike Bloomberg’s watch). This is how you get ordinary, middle-class people (i.e., the ones who hold cities together) leaving in droves, and expanding the scope of poverty and crime in a community.

What leftists don’t realize is that what they’re doing is also a disaster for criminals. As many have said, our modern criminal justice system was set up not just to protect ordinary people from criminals but to protect criminals from ordinary people. Before we had a criminal justice system, complete with police, courtrooms, and prisons, we had vigilantism at the front end, because there were no police, and extreme tortures at the back end of the system, because there were no prisons.

When police arrest bad guys, one of the things they are doing is protecting them from angry people in the community. These people are not just the direct victims but the community at large. People who are trying to live normal lives cannot tolerate rampant crime. If there is no government enforcement, they will become the enforcers. Vigilantes invariably administer rough justice, and it’s usually fatal. The person they grab (and they’re not above grabbing the wrong person), will be beaten to death, hanged, shot, set on fire, or whatever else the mob finds most expedient. We read stories about these things about Latin America and Africa. If leftists keep destroying the front end of our criminal justice system — the police — we’re going to read about it here too.

And what about the prisons these Soros judges and prosecutors want to do away with. They too are a humane alternative. As we all know, running prisons is expensive. Because we use them to sequester bad people away from functional society, rather than as torture chambers, they have to have a reasonable amount of space, of amenities (heat, running water, etc.), food, and management. I’m not saying that American jails and prisons aren’t horrible places. I know that I would hate to be in one. But they still have minimum standards that must rise above cruel and unusual punishment.

Before there were jails, punishment was always cruel and unusual: Whipping (something that blacks think happened only to them but that was, in fact, normative across Western society and that still exists under Islam); crucifixion; hanging in the stocks; branding; amputation (still a thing under Islam, where thieves have their hands chopped off); losing eyes, ears, tongues, lips, etc.; being boiled alive, burned alive, crushed by stones, or broken on wheels; flaying; getting eaten by dogs (still a thing in North Korea); beheading (again, still a thing under Islam); enslavement, and so much more. Humans have always excelled at cruelty.

Some may have noticed that I included in that list punishments that caused death (hanging, crucifixions, etc.). That may seem odd because I was talking about alternatives to prison rather than about capital punishment. It’s not odd at all, though. People were routinely executed for crimes that today we solve with prison sentences. Indeed, sometimes we don’t even bother with prison. In Old England, stealing a loaf of bread was a hanging offense; in America, it’s a minor misdemeanor if it even gets into the prison system. So many crimes that we solve with prison sentences were once capital crimes.

When you think about things this way, you realize that our prison system works primarily for the criminals’ benefit. If we do away with prisons, crime will skyrocket. And at a certain point, the ordinary people — the worms — will turn. And when they turn, it will be ugly. There won’t be functional prisons, so they will revert to the stone-age origins: summary execution at the mobs’ hands or violent penalties that mark the criminal as an outlaw forever. Once your tongue is sliced out, your hand cut off, or a brand placed on your cheek, you can never return to normal society.

As is always the case with leftism, it injures most those it purports to help. The welfare state destroyed black families and led to epic, self-destructive, generational crime. Socialized medicine left everyone with “access” to the “system,” but minimal actual medical care. And the left’s current push for “criminal justice reform” won’t stop at hurting ordinary people and destroying any semblance of a functional society. It will also result in a brutal, anarchic world that will leave criminals praying for the return of the police officer, the judge, and the jail.