Bookworm Beat 10/29/2020 — Quick links to really interesting things

This is a post full of quick links to things I’ve seen on the internet, but don’t have time to write about with any depth. 

Tonight is my “Instapundit imitation” night, although I’ll never match the wit and brevity that Glenn Reynold’s and his team bring to the table. Still, I’ve got a full spindle and no time to write (but important phone calls used up much of my time). That’s why you’re getting the short version of things I want to share with you:

Biden camp threatening MSM outlets if they report on Hunter. Admittedly, it’s not sourced, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that it’s true:

You’re not allowed to predict the future incorrectly. CNN Refuses to Run Ad Criticizing Biden. The reason given is that CNN’s fact-checkers disagree with the future predictions contained in the ad:

Trump did not carelessly kill 220,000 Americans. In fact, America has weathered the Wuhan Virus well. Indeed, if we took out Democrat-run New York, New Jersey, and Michigan, we would be one of the best Wuhan Virus-battling nations in the world.

Are we all in love with this guy?  We certainly are here at the Bookworm Room:

Here’s another man who’s seen the light. Maurice Davis, a lifelong Democrat, has had it with the Democrat party and is supporting Trump. I strongly urge you to take the 3.34 minutes to watch this video:

If you want to fight the Wuhan Virus, get Vitamin D. I’ve believed for months now that the secret to repelling the virus is Vitamin D. We live indoor lives and don’t have enough. I also believe that blacks are harder hit by the virus, not because of racism, but because they are chronically low on Vitamin D (which may also go some way explaining their higher rates of diabetes and heart attacks).

It’s true that the Ancient Romans thought themselves superior, but anyone with an education knows it had nothing to do with race. If you’re at Brown University, subtle distinctions like that just don’t matter.

A thread to understand how disastrous it would be if Biden/Harris banned fracking:

See the whole thread here.

Glenn Greenwald booted from his own publication for reporting on Bidens. I seriously dislike Greenwald’s undoubted anti-Semitism and his hatred for Israel. Having said that, in his own way, he’s a very honest broker and a stalwart believer in transparent government and an open media:

The future of the Democrat party complains about wealth inequality while wearing $14,000 in clothes.  I bet you can guess who this is without even clicking on the link.

Another “Allahu Akbar” attack in France. Every non-Muslim French citizen should be packing. Instead, guns are mostly illegal there and there is nothing to turn away the Jihadist knives. Here at home, though, our media are confused (and watch the video through to the end to feel their full confusion):

If you’re Muslim, the sky’s the limit (in beheadings, that is). A former Prime Minister of Malaysia thinks that the French have been so bad, Muslims should kill them. This habit of blaming living people for the sins of their dead fathers needs to stop.

Does it surprise anyone to learn BLM and Antifa hate Jews? It sure doesn’t surprise me. The left is fanatically anti-Semitic. Repeat after me: Hitler was a socialist. Stalin was a socialist. BLM and Antifa are socialist. What does surprise me is the continued naiveté of leftist Jews. Why don’t they just hang a “kick me” sign on their backsides?

Daniel Greenfield nails the election dichotomy: Love v. Hate: “The Democrats aren’t campaigning for Joe Biden, but against Donald J. Trump,” he writes.

The 2020 election can be boiled down to love against hate. It pits MAGA against the 1619 Project, those who love this country against those who want to destroy it. At Republican rallies, American flags are waved, at Democrat riots flags, churches, and shops are burned. The active part of the Democrat base won’t show up to a Biden rally because they won’t be allowed to destroy things, and because they’re not animated by the positive, but by the negative.

I’ll have more to say on this later. For now, all you need to know is that the Girl Scouts of America is a scummy, leftist organization that just revealed that truth again when it yielded to hysterical demands that it withdraw its congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett.

Pat Condell explains why to vote for Trump. He’s the British guy who’s done wonderful videos about the dangers of socialism and Islamism. Now he explains why Trump is so good for America and the world and why the Democrats are so dangerous.

Do not vote for Joe if you have a college-aged son. Joe is promising to end the due-process protections that Betsy DeVos finally put in place to protect young men on college campuses. During the Obama years, they were stripped of all protections and subjected to man-hating kangaroo courts that destroyed their lives.

Not political but uplifting. I was talking to my sister and somehow the conversation got around to problem drinking (which is ironic, really, because neither she nor I drink). I told her about a Bored Panda post that had before-and-after photos of people who had drinking problems and gave up alcohol. Not only are the photos amazing, but they’re also uplifting. People can change for the better. People can make smart choices. Also, looking at the “before” photos, a lot of them reminded me of the Antifa mugshots. Let’s just say that those urban terrorists can’t change fast enough.

Richmond City Council: 1st District for Mike Dickinson and 8th District for Regie Ford.

“No lie, just know I chose my own fate

I drove by the fork in the road and went straight”

Renegade Eminem feat Jay-Z

Jay’s verse

The Blueprint


One of my favorite Hip Hop songs. We control our destiny. You can get up and make a change. I once lived in the City of Richmond, my children attended Richmond Public Schools. I was a regular volunteer in the schools while Elliot and Elijah were students. And like many other families, Mandy and I made a decision to move to Henrico County. Why did we make that decision? Well, we wanted the best education for our children. Because of the classroom sizes, both our sons were falling through the cracks. I wish there was some leadership on the School Board or City Council that would have listened to my needs.

It is close to Election Day 2020. There are two candidates that I want to talk to Virginia Right readers about. If I lived in Richmond, Virginia in the 1st or 8th Districts; I would vote for Mike Dickinson (in the 1st) and Regie Ford (in the 8th). Let me explain in detail below.

Mike Dickinson in the 1st District: I have known Mike from my connections in the community for several years. Mike a former Democrat made political changes in his life when Donald Trump ran for office. As a business consultant, he knows the importance of running an effective business. Mike can see that the City of Richmond is not being efficiently run. That is something that he wants to change. In addition to running the city like a business, he wants to lower taxes, he wants school choice for the parents who do not think that public schools are working as the best education solution for their children. And finally, Mike wants to also protect the second amendment rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth who live, work and visit the City of Richmond.

Why is Mike Dickinson qualified to hold office as City Councilman for the 1st District? He was born and raised in the City of Richmond. In one of his recent campaign advertisements which ran on Facebook he proudly advised that he was born and raised here and that Richmond was “his home”.

Home is a place that you love. And when you see something that you love being trashed, disrespected and demolished, you have to stand up and do something. Mike Dickinson was educated at Virginia Commonwealth University and is a three time graduate of the institution. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, a Masters Degree in Urban Planning and most recently his PhD. in Public Policy.

Regie Ford in the 8th District: I have known Regie since 2007 when we were both employed by SunTrust Bank (also know as the Banking Cartel or the Corporate Plantation). My relationship deepened with Regie during our involvement in Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International is a non profit organization which teaches speaking and leadership. Regie Ford was my mentor during my involvement with Toastmasters. Regie Ford has served as Club President, District Director and International Director. I served under his leadership as the Vice President of Public Relations for several clubs in the Central Virginia area. In addition, I started new clubs in other areas of the district as well as working with the Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program in Richmond Public Schools. I learned how to speak to people in a respectful manner, use facts and statistics to prove my position. Doing this without being angry and name calling. For a long time, I did not know what I was going to do with this skill of public relations. However, after Regie introduced Sandy Sanders (fellow blogger for Virginia Right, my brother in Christ and my good friend). Then Regie and Sandy invited Robert Sarvis and James Carr to the Richmond Crusade for Voters Political Forum in November of 2014. Shortly after that I became involved in the Libertarian Party of Virginia.

With my Toastmasters International leadership training and oral presentation education, I know that the most powerful weapon that I have is nothing on by duty belt for work as an Armed Government Security Officer, it is my mind and my mouth. I can think for myself and I can communicate my position effectively.

Why am I waiting for the Richmond Times Dispatch, for some other group or organization to do what I can do myself. My name is Corey Fauconier and I hereby endorse Mike Dickinson for Richmond City Council in the 1st District. In addition, I hereby endorse my former mentor Regie Ford for Richmond City Council in the 8th District. To the Richmond constituents who live in the two above referenced districts, you all have the ability to create change this cycle. I pray you all make the right decision for the City of Richmond.

I have taken the liberty to include an interview that Markel Prines and I conducted for our independent show Talks Over Drinks. Please find Mike and Regie speaking to the people. I wish both of my brothers luck this Tuesday for Election Day!

****Please be advised this is my personal endorsement of these candidates. Virginia Right is not endorsing candidates at this time. Thank you.*******

Talks Over Drinks: Mike Dickinson Interview

Talks Over Drinks: Regie Ford Interview.

Not Sure It is Enough But Here is Del. Freitas’ Answer to the Negative Ads!

TV Ad Still Needed…

I did finally find the answers of the Nick Frietas side on the terrible commercials run by allies of the incumbent. Here from the Freitas FB page:

Faced with the end of her political career, Abigail Spanberger has abandoned the truth just like she abandoned her promise to her constituents that she would be an “independent moderate” if elected.Spanberger has learned how to look you in the eye and tell you that I want to deny healthcare coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and that I support throwing children with autism and pregnant mothers out into the cold.Here are the facts:–I have two cousins with autism. I watched my aunt and uncle battle the government all the way up to a State Supreme Court in a fight to get their children the educational opportunities they needed. This issue is deeply personal to me.–I’ve carried legislation in the House of Delegates to ensure that parents of special needs children could have access to a quality education that’s tailored-fit to their child.–I believe we need to maintain protections for people with pre-existing conditions, to include pregnant mothers.–I’ve gone on record supporting legislation that will protect the most vulnerable among us, and in Congress I will fight to increase access, quality, and affordability in healthcare for everyone, including those with autism and those with pre-existing conditions.But unable to defend her own mediocre record on Capital Hill, Abigail Spanberger has joined forces with Nancy Pelosi’s PAC and left-wing special interest groups from across the country by throwing all sense of decency out the window in a desperate attempt to smear my record.And if you put enough money behind that kind of lie, people may even believe it.But the attacks we have seen over the last few weeks, coupled with the millions of dollars spent on behalf of Spanberger, proves just how scared the Democrats are of us taking back this seat.So in the interest of getting the truth out on Spanberger’s habit of lying about my positions and her record in Washington alike, our campaign has put together a series of videos covering each of these important issues.These three videos can be found below, covering my positions on Healthcare for children with Autism, Pre-Existing Conditions, and Pregnancy and Employment.

Here are the links: Healthcare for Children with Autism Pre-Existing Conditions Pregnancy and Employment

Nick Freitas

I still think, since he did not challenge the incumbent to renounce these ads in their one and only forum, nor did Freitas being up impeachment, it might not be enough. I also have not independently verified these claims.

My analysis of the Freitas videos is:

  • The autism video is actually pretty good; Freitas indicated he voted against the bill in question was to present yet another unfunded mandate. Freitas also spoke on educational opportunities for people with autism and how he will fight for parents to have more educational choices in education.
  • The pre-existing video is only fair – I am not sure he voted on the bill I wrote on in 2019. But Freitas could have more focused on that issue.
  • The pregnancy video is excellent. This bill might not have done anything to help a pregnant woman get a job and it is already illegal to fire a person or fail to hire a person because they are pregnant.

Now, Freitas whined a bit about no debate to face off with the incumbent. But he had a debate and he did not confront Spanberger with the lies and ask her to repudiate the ads. But this is better than nothing. Hat tip to my favorite girl in all the world for pointing this out to me!

Could the LP Win a Statewide Election?

Perhaps in Arkansas…

There is an astounding poll in the Arkansas Senate Race and here it is:

Incumbent Senator Tom Cotton (R) 49% Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. (L) 38% Undecided 13%

Here is the Newsweek report on the poll. Here is the Arkansas Times article on the race, including the poll. I agree with this sentence:

Let’s be real. A Cotton loss would pay astronomical odds at a betting parlor. But we can dream, can’t we?

And I have some issues with Harrington’s positions: He likes Abraham Lincoln. He did not condemn the 1619 Project. But he did come out for a review of occupational licensing laws. He was a missionary in China! (Before that, he was in Scotland.)

But this is a race to watch. I believe third parties are doing better then expected (I figured it would be about 75-25% in Arkansas) because people want better choices. We’ll find out November 3.

Blogger Sanders Voted for whom? A Libertarian? Yes

But not the one you are thinking…

I was not going to discuss this issue. Or how I voted. But I think my readers ought to know – however few there are – how I voted.

First District Congress: I like Qasim Rashid and he raises a unique issue: Making cable a public utility to get rural broadband and his legal representation of Christians under persecution. Not sure I am for the broadband issue; I admire very much his interest in persecution. I hope next spring Rashid and say Stan Scott and I can have an issue-oriented lunch on this and other issues.

BUT I voted for Republican Rob Whitman.

President: Donald J. Trump got my vote. There is too much of a chance Trump could carry the Commonwealth. It was surprisingly close last time. I wanted to vote for the Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. But not this time. The President is extremely unPresidential but he is not a globalist.

But for US Senate I had to agonize on this one. I was headed for a Gade vote until this happened:

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Daniel Gade is criticizing Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., for appointing Richmond Circuit Judge Bradley B. Cavedo to the bench as governor in 2002, calling him a “known segregationist” and a “racist judge.”


Gade’s campaign says the candidate’s assertion — in a debate with Warner at Norfolk State University on Saturday night — is based on a column Cavedo wrote for the University of Richmond student newspaper in 1977.

So Daniel Gade is going to call a sitting judge a racist based on a 1977 editorial from college. It is a leftist tactic. I sent Gade a private communication in hopes of a response or an apology. Neither occurred.

I prayed about it. I decided I cannot vote for a person who calls a judge a racist without proof. And using the old article from 1977 is a leftist tactic. Conservatives ought not do it.

So I cannot vote for either candidate. I decided at the voting booth to write in:

Robert Sarvis

So I did vote for a Libertarian!

I think this may be the best cat video ever

I’m procrastinating like mad so, of course, I’m watching cat videos — and I may have come across the best one of all.

It all started nine years ago when a stray cat wandered up to someone’s door and made some demands.

I like vocalizing animals, so I thought this video, standing alone, was pretty good. Little did I know, though, what would happen when Conor Broderick, who is a freakin’ musical genius, got his hands on that video. Honestly, I’m seeing a Grammy Award here:

And as a bonus video, this has nothing to do with cats but it still made me laugh — and if I don’t show it to you today, I’ll forget to show it to you later:

DJ Chris Read: A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders 20th Anniversary Mix Tape.

DJ Chris Read: A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders 20th Anniversary Mix Tape.

With the trainwreck of the Presidential Debate this week (the first debate, I am late posting this contribution), I figured that I would write about something other than politics today. The You Tube algorithm connected me with some new flavor in the last week. Through my travels, I was connected with DJ Chris Read. He does anniversary mixes of iconic Hip Hop albums. On this day, I happened upon the Chris Read A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders 20th Anniversary Mix Tape.(hit the link below)

A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders 20th Anniversary Mix Tape By DJ Chris Read

In my opinion A Tribe Called Quest (known as ATCQ, Tribe or Quest) was one of the most influential Hip Hop groups of all times. Midnight Marauders was the third studio album. It was originally released on November 9, 1993. Right before I graduated from Hampton University in May of 1994. I remember watching the video for Award Tour on the old school projector style big screen in the old Student Union. Midnight Marauders is the cassette tape that i would drive back and forth from Hampton, Virginia to Cambria Heights, New York listening to especially on that last part of the long haul the New Jersey Turnpike and the Belt Parkway through Brooklyn into Queens.

According to Wikipedia sampling in music is the reuse of a portion of a sound recording in another recording. Samples may be comprised of the elements including rhythm, melody, speech, sounds or entire bars of music. DJ and Producers have taken old music and used it to be the foundation of a newer Hip Hop song. For me as a Hip Hop head, it is exciting to sit with my Grandmother and listen to her old records and I can pick out familiar sound.

One of my all time favorite Tribe songs is “Lyrics to Go”. I always knew that one of the samples that Q-Tip used was the song “Inside My Love” by Minnie Riperton. Riperton originally recorded the love song in 1975. The one part of the song which was sampled was a very high pitched note comes at 3:07 seconds. It is always interesting to hear what the producer picks out to build a new sound. As one of my favorite Tribe productions I knew about the original song. However, I never knew where the guitar rift came from. But, listening to Chris Read, I was able to learn.

The style of Chris as a DJ is to blend in the sampled track and then add the completed Hip Hop song to the end. It shows us how the original song sounded and how the original was manipulated to create something new. Just like the original Midnight Marauders project, Lyrics to Go was the last track. Lyrics to Go has always been a song that I listen to when I was sad. For some reason it has that “lift you up” effect on me. DJ Chris Read was moving from the completed Tribe version of Electric Relaxation. I then noticed the riff from Lyrics to Go. However, Read had blended into the original track. I quickly identified it was a component of my all time Tribe favorite. I quickly reviewed the liner notes in the You Tube video to find out the funky guitar came from the God Father of Soul himself……..James Brown. The James Brown track was “Just Enough Room For Storage” which was a from the 1971 Funk project entitled Sho Is Funky Down Here. I just could not believe that I had never heard the original song however, it was a sound that brought me great comfort in sad times.

I believe that the smoothest blend starts at 37:58 going from the original James Brown track and Read matches the blend into Lyrics to Go. Man, I tell you that I was floored with regard how DOPE it was.

According to Wikipedia, A Tribe Called Quest was formed in St. Albans, Queens, New York in 1985. Years active 1985 – 1998, 2006 – 2013 and 2015- 2017. Members were rapper / producer Q-Tip, DJ / producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad, rapper Jarobi White and the late Phife Dawg (November 20, 1970  – March 22, 2016). Phife passed away due to complications with diabetes.

A Tribe Called Quest had four members Q-Tip, DJ aThe group never received a Grammy. I agree with west coast rapper MURS, “If Q-Tip is not in your top 5, I don’t know what your qualifications are. This group made me proud to be from Queens, New York. Q-Tip has a rant to the Grammy Awards about his dissatisfaction because the group never got an award even after Phife passed away. For all of you readers who may not have had the opportunity to check Tribe, do yourself a favor……..jump on it. A Tribe Called Quest, thank you very much for your contribution to Hip Hop culture. R.I.P. Phife rest well brother.

Q-Tip Grammy Rant:

A Tribe Called Quest Discography:

People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)

The Low End Theory (1991)

Midnight Marauders (1993)

Beats, Rhymes and Life (1996)

The Love Movement (1998)

We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (2016)

Documentary (2011) Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, directed by Michael Rapaport

Talks Over Drinks Returns for Season 5 2020 – 2021


For Immediate Release

October 23, 2020

For More Information Contact:

Corey M. Fauconier –

Markel Prines –

Talks Over Drinks Returns for Season 5

Talks Over Drinks officially returned for its fifth season on Thursday, October 8, 2020. Talks Over Drinks is a podcast style talk show covering business, community activism, politics and independent music. Talks Over Drinks was established in January of 2016 by Corey M. Fauconier (Henrico County) and Markel Prines (Chesterfield County). The pair originally met while working together at a telecommunications company in Henrico County’s West End in 2012.

Fauconier and Prines wrote the original idea for the show while drinking $5.00 Long Island Iced Teas during Happy Hour at the TGIFriday’s on Glenside and West Broad Street. Fauconier has experience as a political activist working with the Libertarian Party of Virginia and the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. Prines has experience in network marketing.

Fauconier and Prines record two shows monthly on the third  Saturday of each month. The recorded shows are then released on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Fauconier said, “It is good to see something that we created still moving forward. Fans reach out on social media and let us know how they feel. It is really organic.”

Prines said, “my goal is to inspire, motivate and provide solutions to those individuals who share the same vision for life. Live full,  die empty.”

About Talks Over Drinks:

Talks Over Drinks is a podcast style talk show covering business, community activism, politics and independent music. Talks  Over Drinks was established in January of 2016 by Corey M. Fauconier (Henrico County) and Markel Prines (Chesterfield County). For media inquiries contact Corey Fauconier, at (973) 901-6481 or Markel Prines (516) 728-5508. Show your support by following us via social media on Facebook at Talks Over Drinks, Twitter @talksoverdrinks , Instagram @Talks_Over_Drinks and Parler @talksoverdrinks and You Tube Talks Over Drinks use the hashtag #TalksOverDrinks.  Feel free to enjoy the show on You Tube at  Talks Over Drinks or via our website at Remember, it is never too early or too late for Talks Over Drinks,


FaceBook: Talks Over Drinks

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You Tube: Talks Over Drinks



Liberty for the Win!!!!

Put your nipple to the bottle I bust rhymes like breastses

I can get down, d-d-d-down like pessimist

“Ring the Alarm”, I got Charm like a neck-a-lace


Orange Pineapple Juice

Album: Resurrection

Released October 4, 1994

Relativity Records

I came to learn about Common back then Common Sense during my freshman year at Hampton University in August of 1990. One of the brothers on the 4th floor of Harkness Hall (known as “Darkness” as it resembled a old project style tenement building in any urban area in America). Sidney Hairston was from Kankakee, Illinois. Sid was so proud when Common Sense (he lost a lawsuit with a Orange County, California based reggae band by the same name out and dropped the “Sense” from his name) came out with the project “Can I Borrow a Dollar”.

From there I instantly became a fan of Common.

Social media can be a gift or a curse. A gift because it can help spread information and knowledge. A curse because it could be a tool to foster conflict between opposing parties who are unable to communicate effectively. I find it silly when people who know each other fuss and argue over a social media platform. I can just pick up the phone and have my conversation directly with you. Without the eyes and ears of others all in our business.

That brings me to the Libertarian Party. For those who may not know the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States with its Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. The Libertarian Party was established in 1971 by David Nolan in Westminster, Colorado. The establishment of the party was in part due to concerns about the Nixon Administration, the Vietnam War,  conscription and the introduction of fiat currency (you know that green paper which is no longer backed by the gold standard).

I was originally attracted to the Libertarian Party of Virginia back in November 2014 when Robert Sarvis and James Carr were running for State Senate and Congress respectively. The pair were the first independent candidates invited to participate in a political forum hosted by the Richmond Crusade for Voters (known herein as the RCV). The RCV is the oldest African American political organization in the Commonwealth. After the forum, my middle step son Elijah said very plainly, “Mr. Sarvis won!”

Shortly after that I started to visit and reach out to the Libertarian Party affiliates in the Central Virginia area. I soon found a home with these independently thinking people many of whom I consider my family. Soon after that, I was introduced to the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. Since 2015, I have been active in both states as well as working six campaigns in support of our candidates. I was able to travel to Orlando, Florida in 2016 to live blog the Libertarian National Convention for Virginia Right.

I love liberty and I would love to see a Libertarian candidate win office in my lifetime in our Commonwealth. I know that sometimes people do not get along. And social media is the forum where people “pop off” and act “squirrel-y”.

I often wonder if people would say crazy things to your face if they were in front of you. Who knows. But, recently I have noticed that Libertarians tear each other down on open social media platforms. That I believe is detrimental to the growth of the party. I have seen great activists depart the party because they have become frustrated. I have found that being a leader sometime means “herding cats”.

I do not like cats. I said that in 2020, I was not going to follow anymore bad leadership. I meant that. I went from full time supervisor at work to a part time employee. I think the last thing that my former boss told me was that, “Faux-cone-yay your NOT going to find a job in the middle of a pandemic.”

Jokes on YOU Jack! I found a temp to perm position in four weeks. After he intentionally busted me down from full time to part time. I spoke to him one last time to discuss my disappointment in him. I feel the same way in my volunteer life. The Libertarian Party of Virginia has new leadership. I am very thankful for them. Old leadership left a very bad taste in my mouth. I really wanted to be more involved and the old leadership did not provide me that opportunity. So, for a while I just sat out. And as an activist, I do not have to ask for permission, I just “get in where I fit in” as we say in Hip Hop.

It is why I enjoy working for campaigns, I have the ability to have an intimate relationship with the candidate and assist where I am needed. We can make things “happen” without foot dragging. This cycle with no Libertarian candidate in my area, I am working for Mike Dickinson, Republican Candidate for Richmond City Council District 1. Many Libertarians have taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with my decision to assist Mike along the campaign trail. Some of my Libertarian friends have respectively engaged me and even called me to discuss my perspective. 

For those who may be unhappy with my decision, I understand however, I will walk my path. In 2021 there are four Libertarians running for the Virginia House of Delegates. 2021 is an off year. Virginia and New Jersey are the only states in the union which have off cycle elections. Sandy Sanders has written several times about how the Libertarian affiliates nationwide could raise millions of dollars in support of races in these two states. Sandy has drawn a parallel between Libertarians supporting like early Christians tithe in the church. Give up Starbucks for a week. You know that a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino cost like $7.00 a cup. Do the math: $7.00 a day for 6 days = $42.00 a week or $168.00 a month. If every Libertarian in the United States gave $168.00 to candidates in an off cycle……..think about what kind of commercials or newspaper ads could be run?! Think about the full time and part time campaign staff that could be PAID!!!!

We need to be focused on a “win” and not insulting each other on social media. I am just saying…….2021 is coming soon. I have already reached out to some candidates who I KNOW are running to lend support to the cause of liberty in our Commonwealth. I have reached out to the Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Jersey. My question to Libertarians in Virginia and New Jersey and across these United States……….. how are you building us up?????

No ID DJ and producer cuts in at the end of Orange Pineapple Juice.

“You got a crew you betta tell ‘em!”

So to members and supporters of the Libertarian Party let’s work during this off cycle 2021 and get our candidates properly funded so we can get the win.

Two Bidens and a Toobin: Could Trump have scripted these last two weeks any better?

We are in the third act of an epic morality play, and the Bidens and their ally Toobin stand exposed as corrupt, sexually perverse people.

Starting with the 2016 election, Scott Adams said that Donald Trump is the ultimate showman, and that he understands how to create a narrative. Adams is correct and I knew that, in 2020, it was always going to be Trump who controlled the October surprise. After all, since they subjected Trump to a daily colonoscopy for the last four years, the Democrats have no arrows left in their quiver.

Even the Wuhan virus is proving to be a failure when it comes to destroying Trump. The economy is rebounding; voters understand that China, not Trump, is to blame; Americans have been repulsed by the Democrats’ embrace of covid despotism, and Trump’s own bout with the virus shows that we’re coming to the end of the pandemic.

Additionally, as Americans watch Europe again collapse under the weight of the virus, despite ostensibly doing everything right compared to Trump’s doing everything wrong, they’re realizing that, in fact, Trump didn’t do anything wrong terribly wrong. He responded swiftly to events based on the best information available. No matter how one approaches the Wuhan virus, some people (sadly) will die.

When it came to whichever Democrat primary candidate became the Democrat presidential candidate, I always assumed that Trump would be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat. I also assumed, once Biden was the anointed one, that there would be lots of rabbits. When I envisioned those rabbits, though, I imagined that they would have Russian accents.

Thus, I had faith that, despite the Democrats using the Wuhan virus to slow down the Durham investigation, there would still be red meat regarding Biden’s involvement in the Russia hoax. Even when I learned that Durham would say nothing before the election, I told myself, “That’s okay. He probably can’t get a D.C. Grand Jury to indict anyone. And if he can get a D.C. Grand Jury to indict, it’ll be a year, at least, before there’s a trial. And in that year, all that the media will show are statements from the defendants’ attorneys saying that they’re innocent. I’m sure that Trump’s plan is to put the documents before the American people and let them make up their minds.”

What I hadn’t seen coming down the pike was Hunter Biden’s computer. Indeed, how could anyone have imagined that Hunter Biden would drunkenly abandon his computer at a little repair store; that the owner, after taking legal possession, would investigate the contents; that Deep State agencies would rebuff the owner’s efforts to turn over the contents to the government; that the FBI, having ignored evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption, would eventually send one of its child sexual exploitation experts to check things out; or that The New York Post, Rudy Giuliani, and Steve Bannon, would end up being the ones taking the story public.

And even if I had been able to imagine all of that, I would not have been able to imagine that the Biden camp would be unable to refute the hard drive’s contents; that Hunter Biden’s former partner, rotting in prison, would turn over his entire email account to Peter Schweizer; or that the Ukrainian government would have seized a computer from a Ukrainian bad guy with corroborating emails.

The only thing I knew would happen was that, the moment something bad about Biden emerged, the media and the Democrat party (but I repeat myself), would instantly blame “Russian disinformation.”

Frankly, Hunter Biden’s hard drive has been the most amazing denouement possible to the drama of the first term of the Trump presidency. I’m hoping that, during the debate, no matter what question the biased “mediator” asks Trump, he begins his answer by turning to Biden and asking him something about the evidence on the hard drive, whether it’s about Ukraine, China, or whether Biden knew about his son’s sexual activities with little girls (assuming that kind of stuff is indeed on the computer). And the follow up is that Biden, if he knew about all this stuff, also understood that this knowledge meant he was ripe for blackmail by China, Ukraine, Russia, and God alone knows what other bad actors in the world.

Indeed, if he’s feeling frisky, perhaps Trump can even ask Biden if Hunter got his taste for little girls from watching his Daddy. Then, and only then, should Trump answer the question asked of him.

As is so often the case, I can’t think of a better analysis of what’s going on than Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue:

And while we’re on the subject of the media acting as Joe Biden’s praetorian guard, USA Today, which publishes a weekly column from Glenn Reynolds, refused to publish this week’s column. Please go to Instapundit and read what USA Today censored.

All of the above news about Biden is excellent (although the censorship is evil). But there’s news today that’s truly delightful, that’s the icing on the cake and the gilding on the lily. That news is that Jeffrey Toobin exposed himself during a Zoom meeting with staff from The New Yorker.

Why is this so lovely? Because Toobin is a bad man. He’s a bad man because he puts bad ideas out there and has done so since he sparked the second coming of modern American racism by writing in The New Yorker about the “race card” regarding O.J. Simpson’s trial. I truly believe that, had Toobin not written the article, the race issue might have come up as a defense, but it would never have overtaken the national consciousness as it did.

Toobin is also a bad man because he’s an intellectually dishonest man. He writes about the law like a sleazy lawyer, pouring misinformation and misunderstandings into credulous readers’ brains.

Toobin is a bad man because, while he was married, he had an affair with a colleague’s much younger daughter, impregnated her, and tried to force her to have an abortion. That is what a moral reprobate does.

Toobin is a bad man because, despite all his moral and intellectual failings, he believes he’s some sort of moral arbiter and, therefore, was one of the most hysterical anti-Trump critics over the past few years.

And that’s why it’s such a wonderful thing to see Toobin done in by his own sleazy badness.

This wonderful Seinfeld clip is perfectly appropriate to Toobin’s conduct:

(Hat tip: Instapundit, where you’ll find a whole bunch of other Toobin material.)

Incidentally, if you’re wondering why all of this is happening to Biden and those around him, there are two reasons. The first reason is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Biden and his family have lived within a completely protected bubble for decades. They have no sense at all of limitations on their behavior.

The second reason things like this are getting exposed is because leftists are their own Gods. Even people like Joe, who pretend to be Catholic (never mind his support for abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, and fondling little girls) don’t really believe in an all powerful moral arbiter. They are all their own gods. That’s why they think we puny mortals can control the entire earth’s climate, with no help from the sun. We can certainly pollute and destroy regions, but we are not gods. Once you jettison the moral God and create your own standards, you can expect more stories of depravity, debauchery, and corruption.

(If you’re wondering about why I said all three are sexually perverse, I don’t need to have the Biden hard drive to support this statement. Toobin proved it with the affair and with his Zoom moment. Biden is constantly fondling and sniffing little girls. And Hunter has a predilection for hookers, strippers, and widows. They are nasty, nasty men.)