And the Winner of the Debate is….Jo Jorgensen?

Both The President and Former VP Biden Lost

I did watch the Thrilla in Manila last evening – nope wrong century and wrong city no I did not watch that fight although Muhammad Ali was a boyhood hero.

But I was not pleased with either side.

The first “round” reminded me of that first ROCKY movie where Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa really went at it in the first round or two – Apollo was trying to have an early knockout – and here’s the bell ringing for the end of the early round and he’s saying something like: I’m still here!

That is how President Trump came across at the end of the first subject matter.

Trump: He interrupted way, WAY too much. Note to the President’s handlers: Tell him to stop. Take a breath. Use his time to write down your thoughts – organize your thoughts. Bring out your record of accomplishment. On race, he did not even mention the First Step Act, the aid to the HBCUs (I am still skeptical about but everybody else has their hand out…) and his new Platinum Plan to help the Black community.

Biden: Slipped way in the back was a promise to pay Brazil 20 BILLION dollars (Betcha I know who is paying for that! You and me if we pay taxes – although he did say it would be a collection among the developed nations) to keep the rain forest. The President should have turned to Biden and if he is going to interrupt make the point: That coming from the taxpayers now that you are going to undo my tax cut? Are we paying Brazil? That kind of thinking on climate is exactly why I left Paris.

Trump: The President does not have a clue or cannot articulate the real issue inherent in climate: personal freedom and national sovereignty. He could have said: The climate people will take your jobs, tell you what kind of car and light bulb and compost pile you will have and we will answer to – and maybe pay money to foreigners in reparations. Look at California: They want to ban non-electric cars! he also should have said: I am putting America First – not answering to foreigners who want to take us to the cleaners – and would take the former VP to the cleaners.

I am also disappointed in the President in not refuting the Charlottesville lie or the Atlantic lie about our soldiers more forcefully. Should have had John Bolton’s comment in his book and others who refuted the lie. Trump should also have said: Yes I condemn white supremacy and violence on the right.

Biden had a huge unforced error when he said: “I am the Democratic party.” He also admitted approving the platform. That ought to be good for a series of ads.

Biden also gave up one of his clear assets: Presidential-ness. You can’t call the sitting President a clown or say “shut up” to the sitting President. Trump was also over the top twice: Once about “smart” and once about Beau Biden who Trump thought Biden was talking about Hunter Biden.

As TV it was great. As informing undecided voters it was awful. I would have asked: Anyone else on the ballot in all 50 states? Well, yes, there is one: Libertarian Jo Jorgensen.

Oh NO! The Islamic School Issue Has Reared Its Ugly Head AGAIN!

This Commercial Must Be Withdrawn AND Freitas Must Renounce It!

I am appalled that the Spanberger Taught at the Islamic School Issue has reared its ugly head. It is not from the Freitas campaign.

I have written on this question in 2018. It should be a dead issue. It may have defeated Dave Brat (one of his few foolish moves in public life). The information was also derived from information that should not have been public; it’s no better than disclosing Trump’s taxes. This ad hurt Brat with national security veterans. It was accused of being anti-Islam. I do not approve of that stuff.

There are many reasons to vote against Spanberger as I stated in 2018. And let’s add one more: Spanberger voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

I recommend the ad be pulled and Del. Freitas renounce it. Today.

The Trump haters and Biden lovers are irritating me

Most of the time, I retain my equanimity when dealing with Trump haters and Biden lovers. Today, I cut loose just a little bit.

I am in an unusually feisty mood today. I try not to be in feisty moods. I tend to write or say things I regret when these moods descend upon me. I was hostile to two people on Facebook and just stopped myself from responding to a very hysterical letter about Trump.

I’m sharing everything with you now because maybe that will get it out of my system and allowing me to return to the imitation of serenity that I try to impose on myself most of the time.

I’ll start with that hostile letter. The letter writer – a leftist Jewish woman — was deeply offended that conservatives would care about Jews, because we’re all going to die here from the virus, and it’s all Trump’s fault. She also said that millions will die from preexisting conditions because of Trump and that Trump will replace Roe v. Wade. Also, Trump is a dictator who can only be compared to Hitler. He doesn’t give a damn about Jews, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, and LGBT people. He is, in other words, evil personified.

I wrote the letter below and decided, at the last minute, not to send it. I’ve learned that engaging with crazy people is like getting sucked into a black hole and, while there, being gnawed relentlessly by thousands of rabid rats. But this is what I wanted to say before common sense reasserted itself:

Dear XXXX:

I meant to begin this email by stating how impressed I was that you could correspond from the concentration camp in which Trump has placed America’s Jews preparatory to slaughtering them. You don’t deserve that kind of sarcasm, though. I can see that you’re genuinely upset here.

I might also have pointed out that Trump cannot take away Roe v. Wade. Only the Supreme Court can — and the most that the court can do is return the matter to the states, which may make their own choices about whether to allow abortion within their borders or not. Along the way, I would have said that the slaughter of 61 million babies since 1973 is quite a Holocaust, but one that doesn’t seem to concern you much. But again, I see that you are frightened of the prospect of de-federalizing the abortion question, so I’ll leave that one alone too.

As for his not caring about the blacks, well, I will admit that Trump doesn’t seem interested in defining people by and limiting people to their skin color. The fact that he’s past laws that help get out of prison the black men whom Joe Biden put there with his 1994 Crime Bill is surely an accident, as is the fact that he’s finally funded Americans Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Other than that, all he did was deliver a roaring economy that most benefitted blacks and Hispanics — but he was trying to benefit all Americans when he did it, so you’re right, he doesn’t care about blacks or Hispanics.

My parents were indeed immigrants. They waited patiently for nine years to come to America. It wouldn’t have occurred to them to sneak into the country and live here illegally while taking benefits from taxpayers. I guess there was something very wrong with my parents.

I can’t write about Obamacare as I can’t afford it. I’m not in the class of people who are heavily subsidized, but I am in the class of people who’s private market policies went up so dramatically in price that insurance is beyond my means. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of Obamacare. But clearly, it means a lot to you, and I respect that. I believe in the free market. Government mandates always strike me as costly, inefficient and reeking of political favoritism.

As for the virus, we must agree to disagree. While Trump was closing the borders and creating task groups, Biden was calling him a xenophobe and making vague statements about sending money abroad as he did during the incredibly incompetent Ebola response. While Trump was mobilizing the American industry to provide PPE and ventilators, Biden was still talking about Ebola. Only later did Biden start saying that he would use the government to make PPE more available.

Trump also had the opportunity to use the virus to become a full-blown tyrant and take over all of America — but he didn’t. Instead, he respected federalism and told the states to do what they felt they needed, knowing that he would support them in all ways. He rushed equipment to them, mobilized better testing after the CDC’s dismal failures, and helped built emergency hospitals (or send hospital ships), which were never used. New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and one or two other states had the brilliant idea to lock up healthy people and mandate that nursing homes, filled with the old and sick, must take virus-infected patients. The death rate was appalling.

You’re obviously someone of strong opinions and deeply felt emotions. I think it’s fantastic that you reach across the political divide to read a conservative site. I would urge you, though, to gather more facts, think more deeply, and, for God’s sake, turn off MSNBC. It’s rotting your brain.


As I said, I refrained. That letter-writer was a tar baby, and I was not going to show myself to advantage in that fight.

On Facebook, I got irritated when someone re-posted this ridiculous Facebook post:

I posted a snarkily disingenuous reply:

What did Kazu Haga think needed to be changed in the fundamental system? The evidence for the following came from third-party testimony, from the boyfriend himself, from police body cams, from forensic evidence, and from tapping a drug lord’s phones.

Breonna was identified because she had extremely close contacts with someone who was the head of a large drug ring in Louisville. Should the police stop investigating drug rings, which mostly harm poor people?

According to a third-party witness, the police loudly knocked and announced themselves, which gave the boyfriend time to arm himself and prepare to shoot. Should they have conducted a no-knock raid instead? Breonna would probably be alive if they had.

The moment the police entered, as they are allowed to do by law to preserve evidence, the boyfriend, with Breonna at his side, shot one of the police in the femoral artery, a potentially fatal wound. Should the police have stood there and waited to see if he shot again?

So what should be different?

And finally, when someone used the latest Deep State Pentagon leftist who just announced he’s supporting Biden as a reason to say she stands with Biden because he’s going to be a great president, I also snapped.

I have problems with Biden because he used his political power to block Ukraine’s anti-corruption investigations into a business that was paying his son tens of thousands of dollars a month.

I have problems with Biden because he called his political opponent Goebbels, something that completely debases American political discourse. Trump is not a Nazi, and it is an insult to those who died because of the Nazis to throw the term around.

I have problems with Biden because he still posts about his 1994 Crime Bill, which sent generations of black men to prison, rather than giving them the opportunity to be fathers and role models in their communities. Trump is getting those men out of prison if they’ve proven to be model prisoners and rehabilitated.

I have problems with Biden because he views Americans solely based on race and sex. If he didn’t, he would not have promised that his vice president could only be a woman, and any Supreme Court nominee could only be a black woman.

I have problems with Biden because he’s on tape calling our troops “stupid bastards” because they didn’t clap at something he said.

I have problems with Biden because I’m not okay with the fact that Biden’s campaign is hiding him, which seems to suggest that they’re hiding a problem with him.

I have problems with Biden because of his continued love affair with China, a country that gave his son $1.5 billion in business contracts, that has genocidal concentration camps for Uighurs, that uses slave labor, that unleashed a virus on the world, and that is systematically stealing American technology and jobs.

Everybody should stop pretending that Biden is okay. He’s not okay at all. He is a corrupt man with a long history of lying and bad judgment, and he’s now lapsing into dementia.

I’d have a lot more respect for Biden voters if they would admit that they are not voting for him but are voting instead for the policies his administration will enact: higher taxes, pro-choice judges and funding for Planned Parenthood, amnesty for illegal aliens, the reinstatement of Critical Race Theory training in the federal government, government healthcare, government support for unions, etc.

It’s different with Trump, who is obviously leading the decisions from his administration. Biden is a placeholder. Those who support him would do so if the only thing that showed up at the debates were a giant letter D.

I need to stop doing this because I’m talking to people who cannot change their minds. This is different from just be stubborn.

These are people whose world view is so diametrically opposed that we’re from different planets. We don’t have the same goals, in which case we’d just be arguing about policies to achieve those goals, something that’s been the norm in elections up until Obama. The current point in American politics truly is socialism (plus that all-important abortion) versus a free market, individual liberty system (with states’ rights determining abortion policy).

All the arguments about Trump’s taxes and even Biden’s dementia are just window dressing. This is the most values’ driven election we’ve ever had. If you’re arguing with someone who wants socialized medicine, open borders, 90% wealth taxes, appeasement of China, a reversion to pre-modern energy usage to save us from natural climate change, using race as the highest value for determining citizen rights (the darker the skin, the greater the rights), abortion up until and even after birth – there is no common ground. There is no persuasion. There is nothing left.

And that’s why I shouldn’t get in these feisty moods and say the things I said or that, just in time, I drew back from saying.

Image: Pixhere public domain photo

How LP Candidate Gideon Oakes Handled a Tough Question…

LP Should Consider Targeting Races For Special Attention

I was VERY impressed with this FB exchange with LP state senate candidate from what could be the most beautiful district in the US: District 30 in South Dakota (think Black Hills). Here is the FB page for Oakes.

Here is the exchange (the name of the questioner is omitted for privacy reasons); starting with the question and Oakes’ answer:

I am a Republican. Moved to South Dakota for conservative values. So change my mind on why to switch parties. Here are my questions:

You will support the NRA yes or no?

If not what pro gun. Rights group do you support?

Will you denounce Black Lives Matter? Will you acknowledge they are a Marxist organization?

Will you denounce antifa. The organization denounce it period right now here on my message

Where do you stand on abortion?

These are important issues to me. Thanks for explaining your position in a response here please don’t send me a link to review. Thanks

Oakes wrote:

Good morning! I’ll try to take these questions in the order you asked them.

First of all, I’m not asking you to switch parties. I’m simply asking for your vote.

Ultimately, I think we do need a strong third party in America to keep the other two in line, but this is a state senate race, not a voter registration drive. 🙂

Alrighty, to the issues:

I support the NRA when they stand for our Second Amendment rights. They haven’t always held that line in my opinion. As noted in my original post, it sometimes feels like they are more interested in playing partisan politics instead of actually sticking to the issues. While I’m not a member of either, I’d say I’m ultimately more ideologically aligned with groups like NAGR and SDGO.

To the question about BLM, I want to make sure I say this exactly right, so please indulge me if I get a bit wordier than a simple yes/no answer.

I believe there are two different movements involved here. First, there’s a well-intentioned movement of African Americans and others who are working peacefully to bring a spotlight to criminal justice reform and issues facing the Black community. This movement I support.

Unfortunately, the well-intentioned movement has been taken over and subverted by Marxist revolutionaries, funded by evil people hell-bent on destroying capitalism and the American way of life. This is who I happily denounce.

To put it another way, I stand with the people who peacefully protest perceived injustice and seek a better world. I do NOT stand with people who riot, burn, loot and commit injustices of their own. Hopefully that makes sense.

Antifa… Another good-sounding name (all Americans should be against fascism) has been taken and used by Marxists to advance that agenda. I am anti-fascist, but I denounce Antifa.

Abortion… I am pro-life. Nothing complicated there.

Thank you for reaching out! I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me anytime for followup questions.

I like how balanced and sensible this answer. If I liked in that district, I would help Oakes.

I do find this Rapid City Journal article positive (hat tip to LP) and here is their take on the legislative record of the SD House member running for state senate (The incumbent withdraw from the GOP primary race.):

During the 2020 legislative session, Frye-Mueller sponsored the successful resolution to invite President Trump and the first lady to a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore. Four of her bills were tabled in committee and three more failed on the House floor after receiving committee approval.

Frye-Mueller’s bills that failed had to do with how schools could handle medical examinations of students or what information they could require from them to participate in activities. She also had a bill fail that would have given two extra weeks for campaigns to gather signatures for referendums.

Not sure this is a stellar record worthy of higher office…

Perhaps the LP should encourage sacrificial giving in key races to help candidates that can win or make a solid showing or can get ballot access. They did some useful news (how did I find out about Oakes when I endorsed him in 2018 for same seat – I read the LP news). If you are near western SD, help Gideon.

Libertarian Nicholas Sarwark Nails It On This ACLU Survey!

Will Decide Shortly On Endorsement!

Nicholas Sarwark is now running for County Attorney (Prosecutor) in Hillsborough County (Manchester/Nashua) New Hampshire. I endorsed Nicholas for Mayor of Phoenix!

Now Sarwark and his family moved to New Hampshire and he is eligible to run for County Attorney. Here is his website. Here is his FB page.

Now one thing I think gives Nicholas an edge as a prosecutor is his experience in Colorado as a public defender. He’ll know both sides of the criminal justice system.

The NH ACLU did a survey and here it is:

Do you believe systemic racism in the criminal legal system of NH is real? Explain.

  • In my 12 years of legal practice I’ve handled hundreds of criminal cases, including more than 35 jury trials. There are only a handful of times I’ve observed overt racism from a lawyer, judge, or law enforcement officer. Most people in our criminal justice system want to treat people equitably regardless of race or ethnicity. That said, the outcomes in the criminal justice system are worse for people of color. Lawyers, judges, and law enforcement officers have a responsibility to identify the root causes of the disparity of outcomes and work to build a system that lives up to our shared values of equal justice.

2. According to data released by the NHDOC, people of color make up a disproportionate percentage of the NH prison population. Do you believe people of color are disproportionately incarcerated in NH? What role, if any, do you believe prosecutors have played in the disproportionate incarceration of people of color in NH? If elected/re-elected, what will you do to end the disproportionate incarceration of people of color in NH?

  • Data doesn’t lie. People of color are overrepresented in the New Hampshire prison system and they are often sentenced to a longer term of incarceration than similarly situated defendants who are not people of color. Prosecutors are responsible for setting policies for offering plea bargains to resolve cases outside of trial as well as for policies about what sentence to request after a guilty verdict. There may not have been any conscious effort from prosecutors to incarcerate people of color more frequently and for longer sentences, but that is what has happened and needs to be changed.

    As Hillsborough County Attorney, I will seek equal justice before the law for everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity and establish that as a priority for all attorneys and staff in the office. We will do a review of cases that have been handled by the office to see if there are patterns of disparity that have occurred and work to eliminate disparities in treatment of defendants going forward.

3. If elected/re-elected, how will you promote police reform, specifically accountability for police misconduct including falsifying police reports?

  • A prosecutor is called to seek justice, not just win convictions. Justice is served by prosecuting crimes within the bounds of the Constitution and the law, including fairness to the accused and not presenting questionable evidence. My office will not tolerate police misconduct, such as falsifying reports. If we discover it, we will inform defense counsel of the misconduct and work in cooperation with the law enforcement agency to ensure that it is corrected and that the offending officer is held accountable. We owe that to the people of Hillsborough County and to the majority of police officers who are honest and professional to not allow bad apples to spoil the bunch.

4. Do you support ending the enforcement of low-level drug offenses? Explain. If yes, would you commit to decreasing/deprioritizing the enforcement of low-level drug offenses in your county?

  • As county attorney, I will take an oath to uphold the laws of the State of New Hampshire, which presently include criminal penalties for drug possession. The legislature is responsible for reforming or repealing those laws if appropriate and I will be happy to testify at the General Court about the effect of the existing laws on public safety in Hillsborough County. In talking to members of the community, they are most concerned about efficient use of limited resources and focusing on violent and property crimes that are the greatest threat to the quality of life that brought our family to the Granite State.

    Every prosecutor’s office deals with limited time, staff, and money. The citizens of Hillsborough County expect their county attorney to effectively manage the taxpayer dollars they are entrusted with. That means focusing prosecution resources on those violent and property crimes that are the greatest threat to public safety, not simple possession offenses. Diverting people with a substance abuse problem out of the criminal justice system is less expensive and more likely to prevent repeat offenses than prosecution and imprisonment.

5. Do you support the decriminalization of sex work? Explain. If yes, would you commit to establishing a strong presumption against prosecuting pandering or prostitution related offenses in your county if elected/re-elected?

  • Every prosecutor’s office deals with limited time, staff, and money. The citizens of Hillsborough County expect their county attorney to effectively manage the taxpayer dollars they are entrusted with. That means focusing prosecution resources on those violent and property crimes that are the greatest threat to public safety, not pandering or prostitution offenses. Helping those people who wish to get out of sex work find the resources to address their situation and divert them out of the criminal justice system is less expensive and more likely to prevent repeat offenses than prosecution and imprisonment.

6. Do you believe incarceration solves drug use, poverty, or homelessness? If no, what would you do if elected/re-elected to deprioritize the use of the criminal legal system in addressing these issues?

  • Drugs are somewhat more difficult to obtain in prison or jail and incarcerated people have food and shelter, but incarceration isn’t a solution to the underlying problems that cause crime. Incarceration is the cost of not finding better solutions to drug use, poverty, and homelessness. Our entire community needs to come together to work on those solutions. Providing solutions without incarceration is a more effective use of limited taxpayer dollars than providing services inside of jail or prison.

    The citizens of Hillsborough County want to reduce crime and recidivism in the most effective and efficient way possible. It is a much better use of taxpayer dollars to resolve a criminal case in a way that solves the underlying issues in a person’s life than it is to repeatedly lock a person up, just to have them reoffend when they get out of prison because the problems they are facing are still there. If an offense appears linked to underlying substance abuse, mental health, homelessness, or poverty issues, our office would work to make sure any case resolution addresses those underlying issues and save limited prison resources for serious offenses.

I like these answers. I think Sarwark has the proper handle on the issue. If he wins, a Libertarian will hold an important office in a leading jurisdiction in the state. He can help other LP members. So, as long as he does not take Soros money for DAs, he can have my support. We’ll check again just before the election.

It’s no surprise to learn that FBI agents knew about the anti-Trump coup and stayed silent

Newly released FBI texts show that middle-class people will usually ignore principles and take whatever path helps them pay their bills.

In May 2017, Trump fired James Comey. Comey, of course, presented himself (he still does) as the most virtuous man in Washington. But even then, before we knew that Comey had participated in a coup against an American president, it was clear that Comey was not a straight shooter.

At the time, people were talking about how, while the FBI fish might have been rotten at the head, the rank-and-file agents FBI surely still believed in truth, justice, and the American way. In my post about rumors of FBI agents coming clean, after quoting language that some agents “bravely” but Comey’s face on their Facebook pages, I said,

According to Gateway Pundit, though, some agents are thinking of going public about their disagreements with Comey. The link in that article is to an October 17, 2016 article in which anonymous FBI agents say they’re displeased with Comey’s handling of matters.

I was less sanguine. Heck, I totally disbelieved that attitude! This is what I wrote then:

You know what? I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for those agents to go public. I think FBI agents’ courage is limited to Facebook profile pictures.

I say that for the reasons I stated back in April 2016, when I predicted (accurately) that Hillary would get a pass [from the FBI and DOJ]. The basis for this prediction is my unchanging belief that middle class civil servants crave job security and will not allow principles to get in their way. (Please note that I don’t give myself any moral high ground as I have the same cowardly, middle class mindset.)

No matter how principled they’d like to think they are, most middle-class people will turn a blind eye to corruption in their midst rather than run the risk of being unable to pay their mortgage or fund all of the other payments necessary to support a middle-class lifestyle. They don’t think of themselves as dishonest or complicit in dishonesty. They think of themselves as cautious people who aren’t going to risk their children’s future for some grand-standing that, rather than resulting in applause, could leave them unemployed and desperate.

This episode from my past makes me doubt very strongly that Hillary Clinton will be indicted. I know that the rumor mill keeps saying that FBI agents, from Comey on down, will quit if Loretta Lynch lets Hillary walk. Some of the FBI agents whispering this to friendly reporters may even believe that they’ll quit.

Mostly, though, this is a bluff.  Why?  Because the people talking about quitting are middle-class people with mortgages, and school fees, and insurance, and all the other expenses that keep us in the middle-class living up to our own expectations. If Hillary really does walk, 99% of those “I’ll quit if she’s not indicted” agents will manage, very quickly and easily, to convince themselves to stay in their jobs, and get their salaries and pensions.


We middle-class people — the ones who collect paychecks for showing up and doing our job — are not paying the piper. We’re not entrepreneurs who get to make our own decisions. Instead, we are dependent on the good will of the very people who may stand accused of corruption. It’s the government, the high-level management, the business owner, who pay the piper and call the tune. We just dance.  And if we miss a step, we’re out on our derrieres with nothing to show for all the skillful dancing we did for so many years before we alienated both piper and payor.


Human nature is fixed. Those of us comfortable with our status are also trapped by our status. While there are people with sufficient moral courage or insufficient investment in their middle-class status who will take a stand, most of us will manage to tell ourselves a series of comfortable lies that enable us to live with the embezzler [and] the corrupt politician. . . .

I’m doing a cynical victory lap right now. We now have proof that many people in the FBI knew exactly what was going on. That proof, ironically enough, comes about because the appellate court and Judge Sullivan refused to let the Flynn case go away. To explain why dismissing Flynn’s case is the right thing to do, Barr’s Justice Department did another document drop and it’s big.

Sidney Powell, in her latest brief for Flynn, includes text messages between FBI agents expressing their concern that the FBI upper management had a monomaniacal, and obviously wrong, fixation on Trump and supported Clinton. I’m including only a few of the text messages here but all of them are devastating.

The messages have a few abbreviations and codes. The agents refer to the Flynn investigation as either “Crossfire” or “Razor.” “FOIA’d” means a request from members of the public for government documents under the Freedom of Information Act. “NSL” or “nsl” refers to a National Security Letter, which is a subpoena demanding documents. It does not require a judge’s authorization. Also, I’ve highlighted pertinent language for clarity. The highlights are not in Sidney Powell’s brief.

In the following four images, you can read as unnamed FBI agents chat with each other about the fact that Flynn was clean, that management insisted on keeping the case going, and that the agents were pretty clear that (a) management supported Clinton and (b) management was intentionally (and without basis) gunning for Trump:

In sum, these agents knew something bad was going on. Did they take advantage of the whistleblower statutes that, to this day, protect Eric Ciaramella, who blew a false whistle regarding Trump’s Ukraine phone call last summer? Of course not. Did they quit their jobs on principled grounds? No way. Did they try to signal their concerns to leadership? You must be joking.

Here’s what they did: They bought insurance. And it wasn’t only these two chit-chatters who bought insurance — it was the entire department and, moreover, they bought the insurance on the taxpayers’ dime:

Did I call it or what? I said all along that the rank and file FBI agents would not speak up. The pressures of maintaining a middle-class lifestyle, especially when living in an expensive area like D.C. and the surrounding suburbs, would outweigh any moral considerations.

Let me say again that, much as I feel disdain for the choices these employees made, I’m not sure that I would have had the moral fiber to do better. I’d certainly like to think that, if I saw the Federal Bureau of Investigation plotting a coup against a duly elected president, I’d speak up, but I don’t know. I can imagine myself thinking, “I’ve got a Mortgage, college funds, insurance payments, car payments, a house in a good neighborhood with good schools,” and a whole laundry list of other things (and people) dependent on my salary and, even more importantly, my benefits. I can then imagine telling myself that the FBI management must know what it’s doing, that everything will work out or, maybe, that I should have the taxpayers buy me insurance to protect all my middle-class concerns.

Middle-class fragility is real. This isn’t like that stupid “white privilege, white fragility” garbage that Critical Race Theory spouts. CRT holds that whites will viciously protect their turf to make sure that all the various non-white groups don’t take from them. Nonsense. Middle-class people aren’t driven by race fear. They’re driven by mortgage payments fear. And these FBI agents were willing to go along with trying to overthrow an elected president to keep paying those mortgages.

Shame on them! And, God willing, if I ever face that kind of moral dilemma, I hope I make better choices.

“I Was Never An ‘Evil Monster’ Until You Decided That I Was…”
DECISIONS, DECISIONS! – Pelosi “divinity” –

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“I Was Never An ‘Evil Monster’ Until You Decided That I Was…”
An unwelcome site ^ | 9-24-20 | TylerDurden

Posted on 9/24/2020, 7:26:52 PM by dynachrome

“I was never an evil monster until you decided that I was…

I never cared if you were ‘gay’ until you started shoving it in my face, and the faces of my children.

I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming my race for your problems.

I never cared about your political affiliation until you started to condemn me for mine.

I never cared where you were born until you wanted to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems.

I never cared if you were well-off or poor, until you said you were discriminated against, when I was promoted because I worked harder.

I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine, until you said my beliefs were wrong.


My patience and tolerance are gone.

I’m not alone in feeling this way, there are millions of us who do and we have had enough!”

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Inflated Covid-19 Numbers

“I ain’t ‘bout to adapt to the wack s***

You n***** got dat wack s***

we got dis…..”


Billy Danze

M.O.P. (Mash Out Posse)

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Working from home, I get to listen to the news all day as my grandmother is watching television. The report from the time I sit down to my Mac Book Air is that “200,000 Americans have died from Covid-19.”

It is plastered across the television from the early morning, mid day, evening into the late night. At 7 am, 12 noon, first at 4, live at 5, 6, 7, and late night 11. But, the issue is that  many of the American people are NOT fact checking. According to the CDC website out of the 200,000 that the mainstream media is reporting have passed away from the Covid-19 virus, in reality 6% passed away from the virus. The other victims being included falsely in these inflated numbers had pre existing medical conditions. Why do people who consume the mainstream media report not fact check. Maybe people are too busy, maybe people do not really want the truth, maybe as Jack Nicholson said in the 1992 movie A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!!!”

Six percent of two hundred thousand does not look as sensational. And then on top of the inflated numbers, the media want the public to blame one man, President Donald J.Trump. The more I sit and listen the more I sit dumbfounded and shaking my head. I have been an essential employee since Covid-19, I have been on the front line. Washing my hands, wearing masks, wearing gloves, coming directly home and changing my uniform. I have no pre existing medical conditions. Many people in the Commonwealth of Virginia State office did contract the virus. As a Supervisor, I had subordinate employees walk off the job or fail to report for work. As a Supervisor I just did what I needed to do in order that the shift would be covered.

I feel the same level of frustration that my brother Billy Danze does in his hardcore delivery of 187. Why does the fake stuff get so much pump and the real need to remain independent and underground? And why do the people not search out an alternative to the mainstream especially when the information is not speaking truth with fact. I guess that is the reason that we have publications such as Virginia Right to provide a different perspective to the readers.



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Pop star Lizzo said that the “body positivity” movement is “commercialized” and has yet to “normalize” women sizes 18 and over in a recent Vogue interview.

Lizzo said that women featured in the “body positivity” movement are not big enough, and “girls with back fat, girls with bellies that hang, girls with thighs that aren’t separated” are not being featured often enough.

Flash!! LIZARD:

It’s because to me you’re disgusting and unhealthy. I do not want to look at you.

Lizard -
Lizard –



YOU give them their power.

YOU earn them the shekels.

YOU make them popular.






Bail project organizer **Holly Zoller**… delivered riot equipment in a U-Haul ahead of tonight’s violence.

Bail project organizer **Holly Zoller**… delivered riot equipment in a U-Haul ahead of tonight’s violence.