The Wuhan virus has accelerated existing trends

The Wuhan virus has sped up existing processes, such as hastening inevitable deaths, changing the business world, and exposing the left.

You’ve probably read that 94% of Wuhan virus deaths happened to people who already had compromised health, whether from extreme age or diseases that were already putting stress on their bodies. Statistically, the members of that 94% cohort were more likely to precede the rest of us in death, even without the virus. What the virus did was to grossly, and tragically accelerate the process.

Learning the above data made me realize that the Wuhan virus has been an accelerant in many areas of American life. That is, it’s presence in America resulted in existing trends suddenly exploding into warp speed. Or for those of us who still remember long-playing records, the Wuhan virus took trends that were proceeding at 33 1/3 RPMs and ramped them up to 78 RPMs.

First, as noted above, the virus struck people who were fragile because of advanced age or ongoing health conditions, but weren’t facing imminent death, and killed them.

Second, the virus speeded up the move to telecommuting. I’ve been telecommuting since the early 1990s. The technology then was already good enough for me to do my legal research online and email my word product to my clients (all of which were law firms).

Over the years, it’s gotten even better. Back then, I had to get my court filings to the clients at least 24 hours in advance so that my clients could create the multiple hard copies needed for filing with the court and sending to opposing counsel. Now, the briefs never even become hard copies, while all the evidentiary documents are instantly scanned. Many courts don’t want paper filings. The valiant bike messengers who used to keep San Francisco legal practices afloat by whizzing through traffic to get last-minute filings to the courthouses became unnecessary.

I’ve just given you one anecdote about one field. However, the Wuhan virus suddenly turned the white-collar world into a telecommuting world. Take this story about Pinterest, one of the many entirely online businesses that realized that office space is an unnecessary expense:

Pinterest, a social-sharing site popular for pinning recipes, home inspiration and more, has canceled its large San Francisco office lease.

The lease was for 88 Bluxome, a high-rise complex to-be-constructed near Pinterest’s existing San Francisco headquarters. The company cited a shift to work-from-home due to the coronavirus pandemic in its decision. Pinterest will keep its current city offices, however.

“As we analyze how our workplace will change in a post-COVID world, we are specifically rethinking where future employees could be based,” Pinterest  Chief Financial Officer Todd Morgenfeld said in a statement Friday. “A more distributed workforce will give us the opportunity to hire people from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences.”

The termination fee for the 490,000-square-foot office space is $89.5 million, Bloomberg reports

In New York, it’s currently a big question whether the highrises that have stood vacant for months will ever fill again. This article notes that New York office towers emptied before — after the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic and after 9/11 — only to fill up again. Back then, though, telecommuting was not an option. (Even in 9/11, the technology wasn’t the same as it is today.) Also, back then, big-city mayors (at least, Democrat big-city mayors) hadn’t welcomed crime and intentionally driven out the middle and the monied classes.

Third, the virus speeded up the left’s antics. Antifa is nothing new. When Trump was elected, Antifa mobs started flexing their muscles in Berkeley and Oakland. Those were warm-ups. The dislocations of the Wuhan virus was like the starting gun for the Antifa mob. They were warmed up and waiting on the starting blocks for the signal. I’m willing to bet that what’s helped their virulence is the fact that a lot of people who previously had jobs are now getting money for free. This is especially true for teachers and criminals, both of whom have seen a diminution in their work thanks to the Wuhan virus:

Fourth, alternatives to disastrous public schooling have gotten a giant kickstart. Parents have been unhappy with public schooling for a long time, but it was always easier to keep the kids in the schools while hoping for the best. With schools refusing to teach, parents are opting for pods, tutors, and homeschooling. Many are discovering that their students are doing very well when they’re removed from the pathologies of public school. The ones who were beginning to run with a bad crowd aren’t, because there are no more crowds, let alone bad ones. Parents who were dismayed by leftist indoctrination are enjoying its absence.

Fifth, Americans got a really swift look at the Democrats’ dark heart thanks to its Zoom convention. If it hadn’t been for the virus, the convention as televised would have looked like an energetic, ebullient affair. We would have had endless crowd shots of visually diverse people happily screaming their support for Kamala and Biden. There would have been speeches complete with applause and balloons and all sorts of happy stuff.

For their convention, though, the Democrats opted for grim settings, dark colors, and small spaces. Not only was the convention visually terribly depressing, but the depressing speeches without applause lines became even grimmer. And then there was the fact that, without a visually diverse audience that the TV cameras could pan (Look at all the black people! Look at all the Hispanic people! Look at all the people with rainbow flags!), it became very obvious that the people leading the Democrat party are mostly old and white.

As the Republican convention showed, it didn’t have to be that way. Republicans opted for visuals that were expansive, bright, and uplifting. In addition, they chose diverse speakers, rather than the Democrats’ tried-and-true reliance on diverse spectators. Americans were treated to people white people, black people, Native American people, Hispanic people, handicapped people, and more, no longer on the floor cheering, but on stage speaking. And they didn’t speak about misery and hate. They spoke about an American unity premised on values and hard work.

I don’t think those fundamental differences in vision would have been so obvious with traditional conventions. That was something else useful that the Wuhan virus accelerant exposed.

Sixth, the Wuhan virus is speeding up the inevitable, and much to be desired, demise of American colleges and universities. These institutions have been ground zero of the leftist takeover of America. If you’re wondering why corporations not only paid obeisance to Black Lives Matter, but also paid millions in hard cash, it’s because their managerial ranks are filled with graduates of those colleges. All of the worst ideas in society today were incubated in American colleges. Readers know that I’ve been complaining for years about how much they cost, how little they teach, and how completely they indoctrinate.

Thanks to the virus, though, the colleges are afraid to re-open. They’re holding online classes, but refusing to give tuition refunds for all the social, hands-on, in-person experiences the kids aren’t getting. The refunds should also cover all the infrastructure costs the colleges and universities aren’t incurring.

Parents who see what their kids are learning are going to realize that they’re paying for nothing or for worse than nothing. Instead of encouraging kids to go to college, parents will start urging kids to get a job or learn a trade. They’ll realize that the knowledge colleges once had something of a monopoly on is freely available online.

The parents of boys will be grateful that their sons are no longer constantly at risk of being accused without due process of sexual assault. And all those parents who mindlessly believed that fake statistic that 1 out of every 4 college women will be sexually assaulted will no doubt be happy to have their daughters safely at home.

That’s six things that got sped up thanks to the Wuhan virus, and they’re all fundamentally important. Do you have more ideas?

Image: Speed (cropped), by Ton Boelaars. CC-BY-2.0.

BLM Threatens to Rip President Trump from White House: “We About to Go Get that MotherFucker!”

#BidenRiots:BLM Threatens to Rip President Trump from White House: “We About to Go Get that MotherF***er!”

[ Whatyou can riot and kill people but you can’t say, “motherfucker???” -Jaf, ed.]

This is the Democrats’ platform.

BLM Threatens to Rip President Trump from White House: “We About to Go Get that MotherF***er!”

Most people don’t realize the Black Lives Matter organization is a Marxist anarchist group.

By David Harris, August 30, 2020:

The three black lesbian founders, 2 of them self-proclaimed trained Marxists, proudly promote black advancement, transgenderism, the dissolving of the traditional “nuclear” family, and women supremacy by ending male-dominated environments, to name a few.

They identify their members as “Comrades”, the standard form of address in the Russian Armed Forces and Police of Russia.

From their website:

“We are unapologetically Black in our positioning. In affirming that Black Lives Matter, we need not qualify our position. To love and desire freedom and justice for ourselves is a prerequisite for wanting the same for others.”

“We engage comrades with the intent to learn about and connect with their contexts.”

We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead.

We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.

We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.

We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).

Now the BLM street activists may or may not be behind all of them, but we do see they are anti-white violent activists who feel entitled to take from white Americans, forcing everyone to lift their fist for Black Lives Matter, and are demanding the end of police departments.

Charlie Kirk put out a Tweet featuring a video clip of The Black Lives Matter leader from Utah, who made it to Washington DC for a rally and march on Friday.
(Rand Paul said they were funded and sent here from out of state!)

During his time with the microphone, the Utah leader of Black Lives Matter John Sullivan called on BLM to “rip Trump from the White House!”

He called for a “Revolution!”

That’s what they want.
That’s where this ends.

BLM will be able to grow as long as our culture tolerates it.

With less than 13 percent of the population and with the most annual abortions per capita, they will either be allowed to terrorize communities or if different leaders take over, or they can connect with church leaders and others who can work things out peaceably and locally.

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Why Do We STILL Own the Tennessee Valley Authority?

Well WHY?

President Trump mentioned in his nomination acceptance speech Thursday an obscure Federal New deal-era agency that reminded me of my early days in politics (from this Breitbart article):

“When I learned that the Tennessee Valley Authority laid off hundreds of American workers and forced them to train their lower-paid foreign replacements, I promptly removed the Chairman of the Board,” Trump said. “And now, those talented American workers have been re-hired and are back providing power to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia.”

“They have their old jobs back,” he said.

Here’s my question: Why are we owning a power generating company? (Please Jo Jorgensen, steal my idea!) It’s not a new idea: An early hero of mine: Senator Barry Goldwater called for the privatizing of the Authority in the 1964 election.

The purpose of the Tennessee Valley Authority is to provide electrical power to a region that during the Depression sorely needed it.:

The Tennessee Valley Authority is a corporate agency of the United States that provides electricity for business customers and local power companies serving 10 million people in parts of seven southeastern states. TVA receives no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. In addition to operating and investing its revenues in its electric system, TVA provides flood control, navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system and assists local power companies and state and local governments with economic development and job creation.

It even has it’s own police force!

Wait for it: The editorial board of the Washington Post agreed with President Obama that the TVA sale ought to be looked into:

Times have changed. Today, President Obama, arguably the biggest proponent of activist government to occupy the White House since Lyndon B. Johnson beat Goldwater, is entertaining TVA privatization. His fiscal 2014 budget notes that “[r]educing or eliminating the Federal Government’s role in programs such as TVA, which have achieved their original objectives and no longer require Federal participation, can help put the Nation on a sustainable fiscal path.” The budget calls for a “strategic review of options” — including selling off all or part of it.

That is enough for me to have to lay down for a few minutes. The evil Post and the former President on the same side as Blogger Sanders? Barry Goldwater, call your office! (That phone bill from heaven might be prohibitive.) Time to lay down again. Maybe I did not read it right? The senator from Tennessee said no way:

The chilliest responses to Mr. Obama’s idea came from Republican lawmakers who represent Southeastern states that enjoy lower-than-average electricity rates, thanks to the TVA. “It’s one more bad idea in a budget full of bad ideas,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.).

If you wait long enough, the hostages love their captors. But there is a principle here. The Federal government ought not be in the business of providing electrical power. I am thankful that FDR did show some concern for the South after being ravaged in an unconstitutional war and occupation and then basically left alone for over a half-century. And I can even see a temporary measure being fine.

Maybe the situation is not so wonderful. See this post from a more clean energy advocacy site:

TVA has long touted and been given congratulations on its low rates. But rates are not the whole picture. As a customer, you pay a bill, not a rate, and bills in our region are among the highest in the nation. You have probably wondered more than once, “Why is my electricity bill so high, and what can I do this month to lower it?”

Rates or bills: A serious study ought to be done to take the TVA private.

But it is time to defund the TVA. Yes even the TVA Police. Take it private. Add to it PBS. Maybe Amtrak. Certainly much of the Federal land in the West (and East, too) that is not necessary. Apply the proceeds to the COVID response debt. Not to the general Treasury. (Remember when the winner of the last three Presidential elections – didn’t win the office – but won the battle for ideas – Ronulus Magnus II said to the famous question – what Federal agency would he cut first after one of two others mentioned some obscure agency: “Let’s start with the departments” and mentioned Education, Energy and Homeland Security and that answer led shortly to the famous “9/11” mini-debate with former Mayor Giuliani.)

By the way, historical footnote (my regular readers know I love historical footnotes and Stan Scott especially will like this one) on the origins of the TVA:

Part of the TVA holdings were bought (at least under threat of eminent domain) from a company named Commonwealth & Southern (sounds like a railroad, doesn’t it!) and the CEO of Commonwealth & Southern was a Hoosier named Wendell Willkie. That’s right. That same Wendell Willkie that switched parties and was the Republican nominee against Roosevelt in 1940. I recommend this book on Willkie and I marvel why this fascinating story hasn’t been made into a movie.

“It’s a Good Life” — the left is narcissism in action

A Democrat victory in November will soon find us all living in the ultimate narcissistic world in that famous Twilight Zone episode, It’s a Good Life.

I’ve spent time in the company of narcissists, so I know how they operate. One of the things that’s most irritating about them is that, in their own minds, they never bear any responsibility for anything negative. No matter what it is, it’s the other person’s fault. The perfect example is something a long-ago boyfriend told me regarding our fights over things both inconsequential or serious: “They’re always your fault.”

When I demanded an explanation, he said that the problem was that I disagreed with him and, worse, that I voiced disagreement. There would not be any fights, he said, if I just kept my mouth shut.

Think about that: In the narcissist’s world, any disharmony is the other person’s failure to conform to his facts and his outlook. Every narcissist is Anthony Freemont, the little boy in the famous Twilight Zone episode, It’s a Good Life. That’s the one in which Anthony (played by Bill Mumy) has the powers of a god, for he can read minds, as well as create, transform, and destroy anything. In the village over which he holds sway, the people may only give voice to happy thoughts or he will horribly alter or destroy them. They live an existence of horrific fear, one made worse by the silence imposed upon them even in interactions with each other.

The notion of a narcissism that, if unfettered, can quickly turn into Anthony Fremont’s physical and mental dictatorship struck me with particular force today. The reason? I read about why Mary Trump, Donald’s nephew, is “heartbroken” by Trump’s nomination speech:

Mary Trump, whose scorched-earth book about her uncle and his troublesome ascent to the presidency remains high on best-seller lists, said she struggled to make sense of the president’s “bizarrely convoluted messaging,” but highlighted his blaming of political opponents for his own failures, negligence on coronavirus, disregard for ethics and his divisive rhetoric.

“It’s as if he thinks Joe Biden is president now and we have to save the country from Joe Biden,” she said. “If the country is a place of division and decadence as he describes it, then I would think that’s down to him, as he’s currently in the Oval Office.” (Emphasis mine.)


She also said the address was a kick in the teeth for anyone wanting to make the country better. She noted, in particular, her uncle’s portrayal of peaceful anti-racism demonstrators. He sought to cast them as violent mobs while declaring himself the “law and order” president. An apparent white vigilante who was photographed at a Trump rally in January was charged with shooting three protesters, killing two, but president nevertheless pointed to protesters as the problem.

That emphasized language is the essence of narcissism. In their own minds, leftists like Mary have no agency when it comes to disputes. They are always innocent. To the extent there’s discord, it’s because the other side refuses to abide by their facts, their values, and their rules. Having caused discord (unhappy thoughts) they must be punished. Also note that, in Mary’s case (and in the case of the Yahoo! News “journalist” who wrote the linked article), one of the specific reasons Trump is causing that specific discord by even mentioning violence in connection with those peaceful protests:

Because we don’t live in the leftist bubble, we know that those “peaceful anti-racism demonstrators” have been anything but peaceful. We’ve watched the violence spread unabated since the beginning of June. Downtown Kenosha was turned into a war zone in just three nights. Portland has been the site of warfare, including rockets, arson, lasers intended to blind, heavy projectiles, and germ warfare (for that’s what fecal-filled balloons are — bags of germs). Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP (aka the home of “the summer of love”) was the site of three murders, one of which is the basis for a $3 billion lawsuit. Minneapolis may take decades to recover from the more than 1,500 buildings, most of them once functional businesses and many of them black-owned, that are now piles of ash.

As for the claim that a “white vigilante” killed two peaceful protesters, even the prosecution’s charging documents set out facts for a perfect case of self-defense. It’s doubtful any criminal defense lawyer has ever seen that kind of thing in the charging documents. There are several theories for this, one of which is that the prosecutors are preemptively protecting themselves against the inevitable outrage when the case is dismissed. Another of which is that the reason the prosecution instantly charged Rittenhouse wasn’t cowardice but was to position him in such a way as to protect the mob from going vigilante on him.

As for the claim that Kyle Rittenhouse is a “vigilante” or “white supremacist,” Lin Woods, who has effectively represented Nick Sandmann, is licking his chops at the thought of taking on the politicians and media figures making that charge. It’s high time that private citizens stop being martyrs to leftist defamation and Lin Woods seems to be the general leading this counterattack.

When the left is in charge, we are all living the dystopian It’s a Good Life that narcissists with unlimited power impose on those unlucky enough to be in their orbit. Keep in mind, too, that It’s a Good Life is an allegory. Back in 1961, everyone understood that the episode was really about socialism in the 20th century, from Hitler’s National Socialism to the Soviet Union’s communism.

I’m so frightened of that future that I now conclude just about everything I write by urging people to vote for Trump. He is a brash, bold, often crude, sometimes vindictive person, but he is not a narcissist. Instead, he’s a visionary genius.

Trump’s the man who disagrees with the press in public but does nothing to them. Obama, as you may remember, spied on the press, whether the press he attacked (Fox news) or just any media (AP). That’s narcissism. Trump is just BIG. Big is not a clinical defect.

If Biden wins and, worse, the left takes Congress, there will be nothing between you and an Anthony Fremont/It’s a Good Life world, one in which anything you say or two can be tracked and punished through the alliance of government and Big Tech. And remember, no matter what goes wrong, it’s all your fault. The narcissists in power are never wrong. They are always right and all fights, divisions, disagreements, and mistakes are on you.

Ron Paul Fully Vindicated!

Non-Intervention lifted up; Endless wars condemned at GOP Convention!

As I was breathlessly reading and listening to the speech by Ambassador Richard Grenell, I had a tiny bone to pick with the ambassador (Speaking on ambassadors, wasn’t Ambassador to the OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] on John Fredericks’ radio show fabulous? I would love an invite to the Gilmore Christmas party!) over one thing he said referring to Donald Trump the candidate as the sole voice for a America first and non-interventionist foreign policy.

But Ambassador Grenell, right about so many things, failed to consider why there was a receptive audience for Trump’s view.

It was Ronulus Magnus II – former Texas Congressman Ron Paul. (Ronulus Magnus I is former President Ronald Reagan) I remember well when I heard first that Cong. Paul was going to run for President – early 2007. I knew Cong. Paul was an idealistic libertarian representative and I had read his views on the Kosovo war – yes he was against it. I knew that and I was thrilled.

Paul’s foreign policy views were viciously attacked by the neo-cons in the GOP. And two more globalist candidates were nominated. It seemed like it was vain. The low point was eight years ago when the Mitt Romney convention refused to follow the rules and allow Paul’s name to be placed in nomination.

But this week, we are hearing breathless words from the GOP convention. Ronulus Magnus II’s son, US Senator Rand Paul, cited this (from Breitbart, emphasis mine):

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says he is proud of the job Trump has done as president even though he doesn’t always agree with him. * * * Paul praises Trump for not wanting to fight endless wars and leaving blood and treasure in Middle East quagmires. He says Trump is the first president in a generation who wants to end wars instead of starting them. Paul points out Biden voted for the Iraq War, and he says he fears Biden will choose war again and spill our blood and treasure abroad. He says to vote for Trump if you hate war like he hates war or hate sending billions to build the infrastructure of other countries.

And Wednesday, Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg (ret.) said:

“When President Donald Trump took office, decades of failed foreign policy had crippled us. He faced wars without end in sight, creation of failed states like Libya and Syria, a past that allowed a terrorist caliphate to grow, and leadership in Washington that allowed our military to atrophy while we spent trillions of dollars abroad instead of investing at home,” Kellogg says. “President Trump has reversed the decline of our military and restructured our national security strategy. With historic investment and vision, our military is now better equipped, better resourced and better manned than any military in the world.”

It’s breathless for me. I can hardly believe I am hearing/reading it. In fact, it seems some to many of the neo-cons seems to have moved to the Democrat Party! Check out this PAC – 43 Alumni for Biden! And over 100 McCain staffers are supporting the Dem.

Maybe all of these men and women are not neo-cons. But it is amazing that this Bush officials PAC for Biden says this:

43 Alumni for Biden is a registered Political Action Committee formed to support and elect Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Principles matter more than politics. That’s why we, a group of alumni who have served Republican legislators, governors and presidents, are choosing country over party this November. We worked for W. We support Joe.

I suppose the principle of gun rights or pro-life or constitutionalist judges doesn’t matter for them.

Now I know Dr. Paul does not agree with the President and he has even rejoined the Libertarian Party. That’s great. But know this – fellow Paul-supporter – you are part of a great movement for liberty. Paul’s ideas are spreading throughout the world. Go have that sweet tea!

Agatha Christie — the Nostradamus of the year 2020

To rest from politics and riots, I’m reading Agatha Christie’s 1970 Passenger to Frankfurt. It’s a meh novel but is a superb 2020 prophecy.

Agatha Christie was born in 1890, Torquay, England, meaning that she came of age in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Nevertheless, thanks to almost five decades of writing murder mysteries, I believe she is still the best-selling novelist of all time.

I happen to be a huge Christie fan. I started reading her books before I even hit my teen years, so you’d think I would have aged out of them, but I haven’t and, in fact, when I’m tired or find the world a bit overwhelming, I like re-reading her books. They’re “comfort reading.”

It doesn’t matter to me that I know “whodunnit.” Her mysteries are usually quite clever. I also like the world she creates. I like the English “types” that people her world, and am willing to tolerate the fact that her early books sometimes used racial stereotypes, often ugly ones, about Jews, blacks, and other decided non-English or Western European peoples.

Christie was a creature of her time, writing about a world she understood, rather than someone deliberately advancing racist or even genocidal tropes. Unlike today’s snowflakes, I have enough perspective and knowledge to handle a few flies in the ointment.

Christie died in 1974. In the last few years before her death, her books were not as carefully plotted but, in some ways, they were more interesting than her old books. Christie was dismayed by the leftist revolutionary fervor in the late 1960s. Indeed, she’d been aware of it even earlier, with hints showing up in books from the late 1950s and early 1960s. She was a stalwart, upper-middle-class late Victorian Englishwoman and, having lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, and the Cold War, had no liking for communism or any type of societal instability.

All of this came to full flower in her strangest book, 1970s Passenger to Frankfurt. In some ways, it’s almost more of a free-form essay about the attacks on Western society in the late 1960s. I read Passenger to Frankfurt not long after it was published, so I must have been 11 or 12 then. I didn’t like it because it wasn’t a conventional cozy English mystery. Instead, she has her main character, Sir Stafford Nye join a crusade of people dedicated to world stability, which means exposing the mastermind behind a worldwide cabal trying to attain total power. The background is the actual escalation of violence all over the world in the late 1960s — crime, rioting, student uprisings, etc. When I last read the book, maybe in 1972 or ’73, it didn’t work for me at all.

When I re-read Passenger to Frankfurt now, though, I was struck by the fact that much of what Christie writes perfectly describes 2020 America, right down to Soros and the tech billionaires helping to foment the revolution. Let me just quote some passages I marked, none of which will give away the ending should you choose to read the book:

What is being promoted, you must understand, is the growing organization of youth everywhere against their mode of government; against their parental customs, against very often the religions in which they have been brought up. There is the insidious cult of permissiveness, there is the increasing cult of violence. Violence not as a means of gaining money, but violence for the love of violence. That particularly is stressed, and the reasons for it are to the people concerned one of the most important things and of the utmost significance.


What a world it was nowadays, he thought. Everything used the whole time to arouse emotion. Discipline? Restraint? None of those things counted for anything any more. Nothing mattered but to feel.


Don’t you remember in 1919 everyone gong about with a rapt face saying Communism was the answer to everything. That Marxist doctrine would produce a new heaven brought down to a new earth. So many noble ideas flowing about. But then, you see, whom have you got to work out the ideas with? After all, only the same human beings you’ve always had. You can create a third world now, or so everyone thinks, but the third world will have the same people in it as the first world or the second world or whatever names you like to call things. And when you have the same human beings running things, they’ll run them the same way. You’ve only got to look at history.


There a lot going on [in the USA] that’s very interesting indeed. Especially in California —

“Universities?” Sir Stafford sighed. “One gets very tired of universities. They repeat themselves so much.”


[Monsieur Poissonier] was a member of the French government to whom the word “student” was anathema. If he had been asked he would have admitted to a preference for the Asian ‘flu or even an outbreak of bubonic plague. Either was preferable in his mind to the activities of students.


“As for the magistrates,” said Monsieur Grosjean, “what has happened to our judicial authorities? The police — yes, they are loyal still, but the judiciary, they will not impose sentences, not on your men who are brought before them, young men who have destroyed property, government property, private property — every kind of property.


“Do we contemplate, can we contemplate a corrupt state subsidized from some outside source?”

“In Italy too,” said Signor Vitelli, “in Italy, ah, I could tell you things. Yes, I could tell you of what we suspect. But who, who is corruption our world? A group of industrialists, a group of tycoons? How could such a thing be so.”

All of that’s almost weirdly prescient, isn’t it?

Older Americans in the late 1960s and very early 1970s, who were watching play out the same things that caught Christie’s imagination, responded in 1972 by giving Nixon a sweeping mandate. Had he remained president, without Watergate, the world would be very different.

In 2016, the anarchists and power-seekers didn’t wait for an actual Watergate. They sought to create one out of whole cloth — and failed.

It’s to be hoped that, in 2020, Americans will again look at the creeping chaos and put the brakes on by voting for Trump. Moreover, I believe that Trump is too smart, having dodged the crocodiles for four years now, ever to slip into Watergate mode.

If we can win on November 3, I think we’re safe. If not, the worldwide revolution that Christie envisioned, one using Marxism as a vehicle for raw power-seeking, could become real.

Oh, and regarding Christie’s disdain both for students and the left’s push for feelings over facts, this video seems apropos:

(By the way, regarding that young man in the video, if he’s wise, he’ll break up with his girlfriend really fast. Someone that stupid and that emotion-driven is very dangerous in a relationship. Of course, looking at his meek metrosexuality, either he’s as bad as she is or he’s already “broken.”)

Image: Man burning his draft card at an anti-War protest in Washington, D.C., 1970 (cropped). (No known restrictions on publication.)


PS, I spelled “BlTCH,” above, using an “l” instead of an “i.” Looks good, right?  :)


White tongue

White tongue is the result of an overgrowth and swelling of the fingerlike projections (papillae) on the surface of your tongue. The appearance of a white coating is caused by debris, bacteria and dead cells getting lodged between the enlarged and sometimes inflamed papillae.

Causes of papillae hypertrophy or inflammation include, for example:

  1. Poor oral hygiene
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Dehydration
  4. Smoking or other oral tobacco use
  5. Alcohol use (excessive)
  6. Mouth breathing
  7. Low roughage diet (eating mostly soft or mashed foods)
  8. Mechanical irritation from sharp tooth edges or dental appliances
  9. Fever

Examples of conditions associated with white patches or other discolorations of your tongue include:

  1. Use of certain medications, such as prolonged use of antibiotics that may bring on an oral yeast infection
  2. Oral thrush
  3. Geographic tongue
  4. Leukoplakia
  5. Oral lichen planus
  6. Mouth cancer
  7. Tongue cancer
  8. Syphilis
  9. Immunosuppression caused by such diseases as HIV/AIDS

Causes shown here are commonly associated with this symptom. Work with your doctor or other health care professional for an accurate diagnosis.

Feb. 03, 2018



Important: It doesn’t matter whether Jacob Blake was armed

It’s a myth that the police who shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha acted righteously only if he was armed. They had a reasonable fear he was deadly.

Democrats, anarchists, Black Lives Matter folks, and other Marxists are certain that the police who shot Jacob Blake were racists. That’s their justification for destroying Kenosha, Wisconsin, which I’ve been told is essentially a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. These leftists are evil, as evil as any other rampaging socialists, be it Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kim Jong Un, or the French mob in the late 18th century.

People on the right, though, aren’t doing much better. Tucker Carlson, whom everyone should listen to every day, nevertheless made a major error on his Tuesday night show. He insisted that the only important point before taking offense at Blake’s death is knowing whether Blake was armed:

So the question is, did Blake have a gun in the car? That is the central question.

I’m sorry but Tucker is wrong. The issue isn’t whether Blake was armed. The issue was whether the police, in the second before they opened fire, had a reasonable belief that he could and would shoot them. On the facts, their belief was completely reasonable. Blake was wanted on a warrant, he had a history of sexual assault, he had a history of threatening people with weapons, he’d just violently resisted arrested (whether with a knife or not does not matter), he’d apparently proven resistant to the taser, he was ignoring orders to stop, and he was reaching into the car.

When I saved the photo at the top of this post, I entitled it “Jacob Blake asks to be shot.” That’s because, against all orders, and with police pointing a gun at him, he not only opened the car door, he bent over. People do that when they’re about to pick up something . . . like a loaded gun. Blake was either on drugs, insane, stupid, or begging for suicide by cop.

Based on everything that came before Blake reaching into the car, it was emminently reasonable for the police to believe that he was reaching for a weapon with which to kill them. Again, let me show you the videos revealing that police have about 2 seconds to determine whether someone who is resisting arrest, refusing orders, and acting irrationally is about to kill them:

Sadly, John Hinderaker wandered into a similar error when he assumed that Blake just wanted to run away:

Not surprisingly, the facts of the incident are still unclear. But we know there were arrest warrants out for Jacob Blake, and evidently police officers were trying to arrest him. Blake resisted, wrestling with two of the officers–I think we can tell that from the poor quality video embedded above–and, freeing himself, attempted to get into the vehicle (his, I take it) to leave the scene. When the officers failed to intercept or restrain Blake, they shot him.

That looks harsh on the video, but I’m not sure what police officers are supposed to do if they try to arrest a suspect pursuant to warrants for, among other things, sexual assault, and the suspect resists arrest, wrestling with the officers, and then disregards the officers’ instructions and manifests an intent to drive away from the scene. Should the officers say, “OK, never mind”? That apparently is the position of Black Lives Matters and many liberals, including the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin. (Emphasis mine.)

A man with a violent history, who is wanted on warrants, who has already fought with police, cannot be assumed to head for a car just to drive peacefully away. The only reasonable assumption police can make is that this man is heading for a weapon with which to shoot police, his family, or innocent bystanders.

It’s bad enough when the left gets things wrong. It’s downright dangerous when conservatives get things wrong too. Here’s the rule of thumb, whether you’re law enforcement or anyone else: If the person has violent history, including threatening people with weapons; is resisting clear directions; violently resists arrest; and is about to put his hands where you can’t see them, you are not unreasonable if you think he’s about to shoot either you or anybody else, and you decide to shoot first. The question is whether, in the seconds leading up to the shooting, your conclusion is the same that a reasonable person in the same situation could make.

And no, I’m not a criminal defense attorney, but this is a tried and true doctrine of American common law. People don’t have to wait to die. They can act if they’re reasonably sure they’re about to die.

Kim’s BACK! She Probably Won’t Win BUT This Will Shake Up The Race…

Forget Now That Interview With This Little ol’ Blog…

I wrote some (even the coveted Sanders the blogger endorsement!) about GOP Congressional candidate Kim Klacik. I actually wondered if she might pull out an upset in the special election (sometimes special elections produce weird results) and it was possible the same two (Kweisi Mfume for the Dems) would meet in the general election.

I even reached out to Kim’s campaign for an interview with this little ol’ blog! Well, the odds might be slim on that now:

Kim’s back and spoke at the GOP Convention last evening. It was a powerful evening – many fine speakers and it obviously set off the media!

Here is the Breitbart article on Klacik with video embedded in it.

And Kim nailed it! A highlight or two:

“Let me remind you the Democrats have controlled the part of Baltimore City for over 50 years and they have run this beautiful place right into the ground,” Klacik said. “Abandoned buildings, liquor stores on every corner, drug addicts, and guns on the street — that is now the norm in many neighborhoods.”

“Joe Biden believes we can’t think for ourselves — that the color of someone’s skin dictates their political views,” Klacik said. “We’re not buying the lies anymore — you and your party have neglected us for too long.”

The Breitbart article had over 1400 comments as of about 6 pm Tuesday evening. Kim’s Twitter post on Baltimore had over 27k comments, 159k retweets, and 312k likes. I am told that this is very good for turnout.

Let’s see if I can get it on this blog:

Hey I did it! I might make it to tech Cretaceous yet! One more tweet:

There goes the Virginia Right interview…You go Kim Klacik! If you do not win, move to Virginia and let’s find you a office to win!

How to stop all these “spontaneous” riots where “an innocent black man” has been mishandled or shot by the police.

An Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51


Hiya Kids!

Froggy The Gremlin
Froggy The Gremlin


A way comes to mind—how to stop all these “spontaneous” riots in the USA where “an innocent black man” is always mishandled or shot by the police. You know, all that “burnie-burnie down” stuff? The rioting and other mostly peaceful protest activities?

Or as it is done by Donald Trump. Because sometimes Trump gets a gun off the Secret Service and goes out and secretly shoots “folks.” Or, he runs the gun into Chicago where he gives it to lawless, supporter-white-men, who are posing as innocent black men.

Oh. “The RULES.”

Here ya go:

Froggy’s RULE #1: The police should never interfere with anything a black man is doing, no matter what it might be: just let him do it.

Froggy’s RULE#2: Never under any circumstances arrest or make physical contact with a black man. Ever. (Reinforces RULE #1, above.)

That way, there can never be transgression or harm against the sacred person of a black man. This would be similar to the current practice of avoiding harm or contact with the sacred body of a Muslim man.

Oh, I know, I know, there are those who would say, “But, Jeff! We can’t allow that! What if something (inspired by demonic, Christian. white males) goes wrong?”

The answer is clear.

Froggy’s RULE #3: Either (or both) Black Lives Matter and a mostly peaceful representative of ANTIFA could ride with the police, and tell them everything what to do.


In other words, the police would not—and could not, under local and state law—make a single move without the approval of BLM or ANTIFA.

Or maybe of CNN, or of NPR, or some other expert source.

Et, La Voila!

The Problem is sol-ved!