Hillary’s not corrupt; she’s just stupid and incompetent

A friend who really wants to persuade me that Hillary is an honest woman who is being defamed by a whacked-out, jacked-up, vast Right Wing conspiracy, sent me an article from Politico Magazine purporting to explain the “real” story behind Hillary’s server, her emails, and all those BlackBerry’s and laptops. It is a masterpiece of dissimulation that avoids any mention of pay-for-play, BleachBit, immunization deals, people without security clearance having access to materials that were manifestly classified, lies to the American people and, of course, all the laws that Hillary directly violated.

According to the article, Hillary is a naif, surrounded by more naifs, working in a State Department that habitually circumvented security requirements. There is no corruption, just ineptitude and dysfunction. The problem for my Progressive friend is that reading this take on Hillary did not leave me reassured that Hillary is qualified to be president. It’s not a trade up to go from a candidate who is malignantly corrupt and dishonest to one who can learn neither skills nor laws, and who is incapable of managing just one government division, let alone an entire country.

You don’t just have to take my word for it. Here are a few examples from the article that detail Hillary’s stupidity, her staff’s stupidity, and the State Department’s dysfunction (which, presumably, it was Hillary’s job to remedy):

Together, the documents, technically known as Form 302s, depict less a sinister and carefully calculated effort to avoid transparency than a busy and uninterested executive who shows little comfort with even the basics of technology, working with a small, harried inner circle of aides inside a bureaucracy where the IT and classification systems haven’t caught up with how business is conducted in the digital age. Reading the FBI’s interviews, Clinton’s team hardly seems organized enough to mount any sort of sinister cover-up. There’s scant oversight of the way Clinton communicated, and little thought given to how her files might be preserved for posterity—MacBook laptops with outdated archives are FedExed across the country, cutting-edge iPads are discarded quickly and BlackBerry devices are rejected for being “too heavy” as staff scrambled to cater to Clinton’s whims.

Translation: Hillary is a disinterested executive who cannot handle modern technology and who keeps her staff busy handling her whims, rather than affairs of state. She also headed the government’s most important department during a technological revolution and did absolutely nothing to surf the revolution, rather than to drown under its weight.

The assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, Eric Boswell, later stated he never received any complaints about Clinton using her personal BlackBerry inside the secure area, but that among the State Department team there was some “general concern” that Clinton’s team might use the BlackBerrys that they’d relied on so heavily during the campaign. His team made clear that the devices were prohibited.

Yet something was going to have to change: Hillary Clinton, after all, didn’t know how to use a desktop computer. A BlackBerry was her lifeline. As Cheryl Mills told FBI agents later, “Clinton was not computer savvy and thus was not accustomed to using a computer, so efforts were made to try to figure out a system that would allow Clinton to operate as she did before DoS.”

Translation: The woman who wants to run our country through both good times and bad is too stubborn and stupid to develop beyond her BlackBerry, even when national security is at risk. She would neither give up an unsecured means of digital communication nor learn a secured one. I understand that, the older one gets, the harder it is to master technology. But Hillary isn’t trying to figure out how to view pictures of her grandchildren. Instead, we’re being given proof that her brain is too age-addled to take on new, high-level responsibilities in dynamic situations with world-shaking consequences.

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You’re The Only One That Can Stop Me!

Molly Hudgins credit: foxnews.com
Molly Hudgins
credit: foxnews.com

By: Mike McDaniel   Some will surely refer to this extraordinary situation and say “See? No one needs guns in schools!” Fox News reports:

A Tennessee school counselor is being called a hero Thursday after convincing a teenager to handing over a loaded handgun.

A 14-year-old boy went to Sycamore Middle School on Wednesday asking to speak with counselor Molly Hudgens, according to WKRN-TV.

Authorities said he told her he was having problems and was going to kill teacher and a police officer, but no students; he told her she was the only one who could talk him out of it.

She did.

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Hillary Mum on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Is it a coincidence that although Hillary Clinton has heralded Barack Obama’s legacy achievement, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare that these days Clinton never mentions it on the stump?

Washington Examiner by Byron York

She doesn’t promise to expand it. She doesn’t promise to protect it. She doesn’t extol its benefits. She just doesn’t mention it.

There’s no doubt Obamacare is in trouble. Enrollment in the exchanges has fallen far short of projections. The purchasers of policies have turned out to be older, and in need of more care, than expected. Major insurers are pulling out of the exchanges altogether. Premiums are going up. Deductibles are skyrocketing, meaning many are left to pay most of their healthcare costs themselves.

Here’s one all-too-common headline, from Bloomberg on Friday: “Near ‘Collapse,’ Minnesota to Raise Obamacare Rates by Half.” The situation is being repeated around the country….

Continue Reading — Hillary Clinton goes silent on Obamacare

Hillary to the rescue or change of heart?  Excerpt from her campaign website:

  • Defend and expand the Affordable Care Act, which covers 20 million people. Hillary will stand up to Republican-led attacks on this landmark law—and build on its success to bring the promise of affordable health care to more people and make a “public option” possible. She will also support letting people over 55 years old buy into Medicare.

And yet not a word about those mean old Republicans as related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

  • Expand access to affordable health care to families regardless of immigration status. Hillary will expand access to affordable health care to families regardless of immigration status by allowing families to buy health insurance on the health exchanges regardless of their immigration status.

Talking points, merely talking points.  Massachusetts tried that and on the state level, it failed. FAILED!


Progressives OWN the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and no matter how Hillary who just months ago owned up to defended the train wreck, Hillary Care and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are forever entwined yet it is suddenly an inconvenient subject at and inconvenient moment for Hillary who would say anything to get elected.

While Hillary is mum on the train wreck, Obama after eight years of never taking responsibility for anything (no matter what he says), lays the blame for its failure, where else? On Republicans even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was written with changes made to the legislation upon which the Affordable Care Act would reach its stage of collapse as Obama’s term ends.

In an interview with the New York Magazine, Obama omitting any discussion about the deception of stupid American voters blaming the GOP stated:

….They’re eminently fixable problems in terms of strengthening the marketplace, improving the subsidies so more folks can get it, making sure everybody has Medicaid who was qualified under the original legislation, doing more on the cost containment. But you hit a point where if Congress just is not willing to make any constructive modifications and it’s all political football….


Healthcare insurers are running for the hills.

Aetna who lost $430 million in 2014 is just one of more than 3 dozen healthcare insurers walking away or reducing their presence on the healthcare exchange beginning January 1, 2017 is will sell only individual plans in 242 counties down from 778 in the states of Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and Virginia.

United Health Group, the largest healthcare insurer in the country announced earlier this year that it will exit the majority of the healthcare exchanges. In addition, Humana is cutting back on its services and Blue Cross and Blue Shield who exited several healthcare exchanges in 2015 is in the process of severing its connections to the Obamacare exchange.

Healthcare insurers find the cost of Obamacare unsustainable. They were promised that the healthy and the very young would purchase plans thereby those with pre-existing conditions which has proven a total failure since the “healthy” and “very young” would rather pay the penalty than purchase Obamacare. Duh!


The lack of healthy people making payments in the interim makes it impossible for the companies to shoulder the burden of their unhealthy customers. Because companies aren’t allowed to screen for pre-existing conditions, they have a harder time predicting costs and expenses. Only the biggest health insurance companies are surviving in the current business climate — and even they’re finding it tough to make ends meet.

Continue Reading

In light of the above, the choices for consumers of healthcare insurers are become more limited at the same time that the cost of healthcare plans and deductibles are skyrocketing.

While Hillary and Lester Holt at last Monday’s presidential debate baited and distracted Donald Trump with “stupid stuff,” the so-called advocate for women, mothers and grandmothers never touched on the subject of healthcare.

Even though, Obama three weeks ago met with the heads of the remaining healthcare insurers on the Obamacare exchange supposedly seeking ideas as to what can be done to strengthen the Obamacare exchange, because after all the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is Obama’s signature legislation, must reach a happy ending at least until his memoires are published.

Stumble, Hillary, stumble.

Like I said, an inconvenient subject at an inconvenient moment.

Hillary Clinton, the babbling brook, pretty much dismissed everything this woman had to say. According to the Ohio Health Insurance exchange, neither InHealth Mutual, Aetna, and All Savers/UnitedHealthcare will offer healthcare plans in the state of Ohio next year and as of March of this year, in spite of an enrollment 212,046, the cost of purchasing healthcare insurance on Ohio’s exchange increased by 12% from what it cost the prior year.

Since 2013, Obamacare has pushed up premiums in the state of Ohio 91% yet Hillary instructs the voter in the above video to return to the Ohio healthcare exchange to keep looking for that which is not there. Such a non-answer.


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Is President Obama reading my blog?

Trump is coming under the same attack that Palin did, not particularly because of their politics or accomplishments but because in the minds of the self-styled elite that populates Progressivism, Trump and Palin “are not one of us.” For people who value form infinitely more than substance there can be no greater indictment than failing “virtue signaling.” Today, I’m asking myself whether Obama read my post.

Why? Because I’m seeing the same headline everywhere:

To read more about Obama’s statement, please go here.

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Hillary’s sheeple revel in their mindless ignorance

In 2008, when a Progressive friend expressed absolute horror that Sarah Palin was on the Republican ticket, I asked him to tell me why she was less qualified than Obama. After all, unlike Obama, Palin had experience governing. With his back against the wall, my friend uttered the worst indictment he could think of, and it had nothing to do with Palin’s abilities: “She’s not one of us.”

As someone who is by birth and upbringing “one of us,” I know exactly what he meant. The “us” people have all attended prestigious schools, whether public or private or large or small.

The “us” people always laugh at the cartoons in The New Yorker, and they often read the articles.

For news, the “us” people all go to the New York Times, where they read the front page and the style section. They feel smug about the fact that they’re entirely comfortable with the LGBTQI marriages now announced on the wedding page. In the car (and they all wish they could have a Tesla), they listen to NPR. In the evening, during or after dinner, they watch NBCCBSABCPBSCNN, but not Fox. If they’re edgy, they watch MSNBC.

The “us” people always make sure to see the movies that “everyone” is talking about. And when they say “everyone,” they don’t actually mean that. They mean the reviewers at The New York Times, NPR, and other select, sophisticated outlets. If those reviewers say a movie is important, the “us” people will rave about it too, no matter that the plot was unintelligible, the dialogue mumbled, and the message ugly. “It’s important, don’t you know.”

Rather peculiarly, given their snobbery (especially about education), the “us” people think that the opinions of Hollywood actors, many of whom are minimally educated and all of whom live peculiar, cloistered lives, surrounded by unimaginable wealth and unseemly yes-men, are valuable advocates for the “us” crowd.

The “us” people believe passionately in climate change (never mind that none of the predictions have borne fruit) and think it’s a brilliant thing to phase out fossil fuels as quickly as possible. (After all, they’re Tesla drivers.) The little people at home and abroad who depend on fossil fuels for food, protection against temperature extremes, and all other aspects of their basic livelihood will just have to adapt. Mother Gaia is more important.

The “us” people agree with Hillary that all white people are racists — except that each individual member of the “us” people knows in her heart-of-hearts, just as Hillary knows in the shriveled, blackened mass that once was her heart, that this indictment doesn’t apply personally to her.

The “us” people passionately support abortion. As Obama, the King of “Us” so beautifully expressed it when speaking of his young daughters in 2008, “if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

The “us” people travel extensively abroad and always come home talking about how much better “abroad” is than America. If it’s Europe, it’s more cultured and sophisticated; if it’s the Third World, it’s more genuine and less materialistic. If the “us” people are really lucky, they grew up in a cosmopolitan home with non-American parents, entitling them to look down upon American culture, despite having been born and raised in America.

Although the “us” people travel extensively abroad, they never go to the Midwest unless on business. After those trips, they always explain that the cities were unexpectedly nice (“and so clean”) but that the people are yokels (“but really nice”). Moreover, those “us” people who happen to have grown up or gone to school in the Midwest, make sure to say how grateful they are for having been able to escape the stifling confines of flyover country.

In the 1990s, the “us” people all watched The West Wing and congratulated themselves on being able to keep up with Aaron Sorkin’s coked-up, rapid-fire dialogue — and, more importantly, they revered the president and staff who tirelessly, week after week, in the vacuum of our TV sets, advanced perfect Progressive policy.

I needn’t bring up more examples. It’s enough to know that the “us” people are sophisticated, cultured, educated, and Progressive.  They are not Alaskan born and raised Sarah Palin with a degree from Arizona State. They are, instead, Barack Obama, with his edgy, multicultural background, his fancy Hawaiian private school, and above all his Ivy League credentials — never mind that his transcripts have had to be hidden lest they reveal either that he was a sub par student or that he leveraged himself into those schools by falsely claiming to be a foreign national. And like Obama, they aren’t troubled by facts; it’s enough to be “one of us.”

The “one of us” dynamic is obviously class-based, with the division being one of culture, rather than lineage. That’s why, even though Hillary and Bill emerged from the political swamp in Arkansas (definitely not a “one of us” state), they were still shiny sophisticates because Hillary went to Wellesley and Yale, and Bill went to Yale and got a Rhodes Scholarship (a very racist thing to do, in retrospect).

To read more, please go here.

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A Running Feel-Good Story for 10-02-16

Roth (L) and Kibbet (R)
Roth (L) and Kibbet (R)

By: Mike McDaniel   This, gentle readers, is surely one of the feel good stories of the year. The moral: don’t try to outrun collegiate distance runners. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports:

Arizona senior Collins Kibet, born in Kenya and a top 800-meter runner who won the Pac-12 championship in 1:47.23, walked into one of the team’s hotel rooms and was surprised to see that his teammates hadn’t packed their bags and their belongings were strewn about.

To read the rest, go here…

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VICTORY! Laps With UK Flag Reported at Sandy’s House Today! UK Will Repeal the EEC Act that Binds it to the EU! Hungary Also Votes on EU-related Legislation!

This headline alone is worth a victory lap!

The prime minister proposes her Great Repeal

(Sunday Times [pay wall])

How about this?  One more lap I think…

Brexit begins: Theresa May takes axe to EU laws

(Sunday Telegraph)

And this editorial headline:

The Great Repeal Bill is a bold move by Theresa May

(Also Sunday Telegraph)

So, what’s the fuss, Sandy?  Why are you dancing around waving the Union Jack?  Because liberty is on the march today in two nations in the EU.

The Great Repeal is a bill that will repeal the enabling act that is the foundation of EU authority in the United Kingdom, the European Communities Act of 1972.  Let’s quote the Prime Minister (from the Telegraph):

She said on Saturday night: “We will introduce, in the next Queen’s Speech, a Great Repeal Bill that will remove the European Communities Act from the statute book. That was the act that took us into the European Union.

“This marks the first stage in the UK becoming a sovereign and independent country once again. It will return power and authority to the elected institutions of our county. It means that the authority of EU law in Britain will end.”

Sounds good.  One more sweetened tea for me.  Now the Secretary of State (no not THAT one!) for Exiting the EU (Isn’t this a wonderful title?) MP David Davis elaborated in the Telegraph:

“EU law will be transposed into domestic law, wherever practical, on exit day,” he will say.  “It will be for elected politicians here to make the changes to reflect the outcome of our negotiation and our exit. That is what people voted for: power and authority residing once again with the sovereign institutions of our own country.”

Now the UK can and will maintain as domestic law some of the EU rules, but the reports I am reading say that the EU courts will, after the Great Repeal, not have authority over the UK.

There is a fly in the ointment – not all Tory MPs are on board (from the Sunday Mail):

Former business minister Anna Soubry criticised the Article 50 timing as giving more power to the EU in the negotiations.

She conceded her constituents in Broxtowe had narrowly voted in favour of leaving the EU. But she suggested she may not vote for the repeal legislation.

‘Do I now put aside everything I’ve ever believed in and vote for something that I don’t believe in as a Member of Parliament?’ she told ITV’s Peston on Sunday.

‘This is a really important constitutional question. I stood on a very clear platform when I stood to be the member of Parliament for Broxtowe that I was in favour of staying in the European Union. It’s been my long-held belief all my life.’

Now what about Article 50?  As I understand my reading, the Article 50 invocation will be timed to supplement the Great Repeal.  PM May says this in the Mail:

 ‘But yes, I will be saying in my speech today that we will trigger (Article 50) before the end of March next year.’

It is not entirely clear if Great Repeal will pass.  There will be hostility by the Labour and LibDems and some Tories, too.  Also the House of Lords need to come along.  This entire process could even trigger a General Election.  Some Tories want it to happen.
Maybe this is best explanation from the Telegraph:
At some point early next year, Mrs May will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the two-year process to withdraw Britain from the EU. But she must also ensure that parliament votes through the Great Repeal Bill. The Bill will need to come into effect on the day Britain formally leaves the EU. It will convert existing EU law into British law and, in theory, ensure a smooth transition.

So my UK readers who want Brexit to work need to keep their MP apprised on their feelings (politely and civilly always!) – in person if you can!  UKIP members should be ready for an election but also ready to be good constituents.

BUT this is a nice victory for today.  There are many fights to go.  When it is all over, let’s remember that Nigel Farage and UKIP were able to bring the victory (of course the Lord gets all credit) and the UK can be free.

What about Hungary?  There is a referendum on the ballot that is expected to pass widely that basically says that Hungary will defy the EU quota on refugees.  Now it is distasteful to say refugees are unwelcome.  It offends my sense of compassion as a follower of Christ.  But let’s distinguish between the Christian duty to help those in need and the ability of a nation to take care of its own people first before you take in more to help.  Some nations have better immigration laws for temporary havens than say the US.  Eventually the goal ought that most of the Syrians end up back home.

The issue for me in Hungary is liberty and sovereignty.  The EU is a superempire not built on the consent of the people.  It needs to be replaced with a loose confederation of states working together.  So this vote, as distasteful as it might be, is a small victory for sovereignty.  So is your vote November 8 for Donald Trump.



Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Five blog posts you need to read today

A View From the Beach looks at Science vs Feminism 

Laura Parson, a student in the university’s education department, reviewed eight science class syllabi at a “Midwest public university” and said she discovered in them a hidden hostility to women and minorities:

Initial exploration of the STEM syllabi in this study did not reveal overt references to gender, such as through the use of gendered pronouns. However, upon deeper review, language used in the syllabi reflects institutionalized STEM teaching practices and views about knowledge that are inherently discriminatory to women and minorities by promoting a view of knowledge as static and unchanging, a view of teaching that promotes the idea of a passive student, and by promoting a chilly climate that marginalizes women.

90 Miles From Tyranny has the new face of Racism

Read the Rest Here

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John Legend speaks out on guns, foolishness ensues

Celebrities of all stripes feel compelled, I suppose, to speak out on social issues. I am fine with that, I just wish they would take being well-informed as seriously as they take speaking out.

The Breakfast Club host DJ Envy said, “You travel a lot. You’ve been to Toronto, you’ve been to Japan, and you notice when you go to a lot of these countries, people are not allowed to have guns.” Legend interjected, “Yes, and their murder rates are way lower. Their suicide rates are lower, too, because when people have guns, they end up using them.”

Odd that he mentions that. Canada’s suicide rate did not fall after Canada went with stricter gun laws. And to the comment that people end up using guns if they have them. Hmmm, if that were true, then why are the 300,000,000 guns in America not being used constantly? Legend might also look at the homicide and violent crime rates in America. They are far, far lower than many nations with highly restrictive gun laws.


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What Trump Should Say in Third Debate

Since I am trying out (according to one of my basket full of wonderful readers) for the Judson Welliver Society (and I would be thrilled and honored to write speeches for President Trump or President Johnson) I herewith suggest what Mr. Trump should do in the next debate, by subject matter:

Any subject involving women:  Say something like this – It has been an article of faith in Secretary Clinton’s campaign that I hate and mistreat women.  Well, Secretary Clinton might find this interesting:

(Show the magazine cover from the 70s showing a young Trump with women constructions workers on his left and right)

I was one of the first in the construction industry to give women what they deserve: A fair chance.  Even on the Clinton News Network-

I am sure, amid illegal laughter, that this will not pass without a comment:  The What?

CNN – the Clinton News Network – now they did a hit piece on me a few weeks ago and they find one of the women I hired years ago and she did not like me for some reason but she had to admit – we treated her just like one of the guys – exactly what should happen!

Then bait her with this:

Didn’t Governor Pence do great the other day in Virginia?  If Lord forbid something happened to me like I choked on a Big Mac, Governor Pence would be a great President.

Now if Secretary Clinton says:  Yes and Governor Pence wants to take women and gays back to the Nineteenth Century – he’s against reproductive and for discrimination against gays, etc.  Mr. Trump should say this:

Now this is why you should not vote for Secretary Clinton:  She would appoint justices to the Supreme Court who favor abortion, are against gun rights – I’ll probably get nine million Pinocchios for this but she will appoint justices who will deny individuals their gun rights.  And who will take away free speech in politics.  And restrict religious liberty.  And I can only say they can throw all nine million Pinocchios to that hot place where I am told you go if you say “Two Corinthians” again!

Illegal laughter again…

I say to Secretary Clinton – name your potential appointments to SCOTUS.  I did.  Tell the American people who you like for the Supreme Court.

Let’s turn to taxes:

I will not disclose my tax returns until Secretary Clinton discloses the 33,000 emails and the speeches to Goldman Sachs!

More illegal laughter and cheering!  If Clinton says something like “Ask Vladimir Putin – he’s your friend and you suggested he interfere in the election…”  Trump should lower the boom:

I asked President Putin and he said he doesn’t have ’em!  (Illegal laughter)  But let’s stop these unproven allegations about Russia and they are dangerous in light of laws to punish individual Russians and Russian companies for human rights violations.  Do you support the Magnitsky Act, Secretary Clinton?

Then in the closing – bore in on the point:

Secretary Clinton wants you to focus on shiny objects like beauty queens and name-calling to distract from her record, her failure of accomplishment and her character.  But we need to focus on the issues.  So I ask Americans of all kinds – Millennials, baby boomers, generation Xers, and others I left out ought to ask one thing:  Are you better off then 8 years ago?  And if not, vote for me to help make America Great Again.

Game, set and match to Trump!  Now if we can only win the Ryder Cup…



Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders