SHOCKER: Feminists admit Hillary incompetent to be president

Yes, that caption is click bait exaggeration, but actually only by a little. Feminists have not said explicitly that Hillary is too mentally and emotionally weak to be president. They have, however, said it implicitly by saying that, to the extent she didn’t completely destroy Trump during the first debate, it was because she was struggling under the severe handicap of dealing with his sexist conversational style.

In other words, they’ve pretty much admitted that the woman seeking to lead a country and to do battle on Americans’ behalf at home and abroad can’t handle dealing with men. They’re just too overwhelming for her.

If you doubt my take, get a load of the whiny feminist headlines that have taken over my Facebook feed, thanks to my living in a Blue enclave:
Stephen Colbert calls out debate double standard:

Stephen Colbert blasted the different expectations for the presidential candidates in their first debate in a live “The Late Show” Monday night.

“Hillary (Clinton) had to be confident without smug…commanding without shrill,” Colbert said.

I don’t see anything “shrill” about Hillary. She hectors, rather than shrieks. Remember this:

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The need for Trump to strategize, practice, self-discipline and not take the bait.

So confident is Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media that many of us are (a) wondering if the mainstream media watched the same presidential debate Monday as the rest of us; (b) wished that Donald Trump had actually prepared for the debate; and (c) not allowed himself to fall for the obvious.

The obvious being that Donald Trump likes to speak of his achievements and goes after anyone who contests them with a vengeance. So what’s the problem?

It is that trait, as we witnessed Monday night, that Lester Holt and Clinton used to bait Trump, who as they expected, allowed himself to become sidetracked.

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Good News and Bad News from the Richmond Mayor’s Race

I probably will not endorse in the Richmond Mayor’s Race.  If I were required by law to vote for Mayor of Richmond, I would probably vote for Jack Berry since Jim Ukrop, a hero of mine for running his grocery store with Christian values, likes him.  (It appears that Berry supported the downtown stadium in Shockoe Bottom, however, and I do not support that boondoggle.)

But Style Weekly, the great urban alternative newspaper I read frequently, had 300 word or less blurbs from each hopeful (including Bruce Tyler who just dropped out of the race) and these words were in one of the candidate’s blurb (emphasis added by me):

In my administration we will:

• Expand the Mayor’s Youth Academy to employ 1,500 Richmond Public Schools students per summer;

• Enhance community policing to strengthen the bond between our public safety officers and the good people they protect;

• Expand the rapid transit system to include the Jefferson Davis Highway and Chamberlayne Avenue arteries;

• Sell blighted homes to contractors who make new homes available to low-income citizens;

• End foolish giveaways of public money on bike races and breweries and put those millions into our schools;

• Automate city services, saving time and money

So why isn’t Sandy helping this candidate?  It’s Joe Morrissey.  Now my dear friend Corey Fauconier, Communications Director of the state Libertarian Party, who wants me to run for AG as a Libertarian (I cannot tell you how honored I am to be suggested like that!) is helping Morrissey.  He thinks Morrissey is a fighter who will fight for the city.

So I am glad one hopeful is bringing up the issue but I am sorry about who is doing it.  (I also like the blighted homes idea and wish Morrisssey would go further – look into privatizing the RRHA!  The government should not be a slum lord.)


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

The Bookworm Beat 9/29/16 — the “election” edition and open thread

I expended most of my authorial energy today attacking PBS’s Frontline show The Choice 2016, which purported to delve into Hillary’s and Donald’s character to help inform people in advance of the election but which was, in fact, a Hillary hagiography and a Donald hit piece. Still, there are a few more election-related articles I’d like to share with you.

Fact checkers are disguised Progressive advocates. One of my hopes in writing my challenge to the PBS “documentary” is to expose the fact that, even when the Left purports to deal in truth it lies. Nowhere is this point made more obvious than when it comes to the whole genre of fact checkers, almost all of whom are hardcore Progressives. Don Surber makes this point patently obvious when he looks at the way fact-checkers handled Bernie’s statements about black unemployment and Donald’s more accurate statements about the same issue. Fact-checkers are deliberately manipulating data in advance of the election.

Speaking of Don Surber and media bias, I’ve been wanting to tell you forever that you should buy Don’s meticulously researched book retelling the way in which the media — including many in the conservative media, I’m sorry to say (myself included) — were completely wrong every step of the way during the Republican primaries. Don saw from the beginning that Trump was mapping out a new route to the nomination.

The word people, however, the ones to whom exquisitely chosen phrases matter most of all, as well as the usual Leftist political hacks, who cannot understand fed-up Americans, couldn’t see that at all. With almost six weeks left before the election, Don’s book will help you understand what you’re reading in both mainstream and conservative media. The books is called Trump the Press: Don Surber’s take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race, and is priced at a very reasonable $2.99.

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And the Left’s War on traditional values wages on

Does the left hold anything sacred? Sure, Leftism, and the complete destruction of America Dave Blount nails it

Progressivism represents a war of total eradication against American culture. There is not a single tradition that will not be perverted into grotesquerie and then swept away. For example:

A high school in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Bethesda, Md. has eliminated the traditional roles of homecoming king and queen in favor of a completely gender-neutral “homecoming court.”

Instead of choosing one boy and one girl to be crowned after an upcoming homecoming football game, students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase (B-CC) High School will simply choose two students to be honored regardless of their gender. The winners could be a traditional boy-girl duo, but they could also be two boys, two girls, or even two people who both reject the gender binary entirely. Finalists will have the option to be crowned as a “king,” “queen,” or generically as “royalty.”

Jacob Rains, head of the school’s student government, said it was an opportunity to move beyond an oppressive tradition

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I’m A Racist!


By: Mike McDaniel   I am a racist. I know because Hillary Clinton said so, and she has been a First Lady, a Senator from a state where she never lived until required by law to establish a residence, and a Secretary of State. She also flew millions of miles and accomplished… uh, she accomplished… uh… Well, OK. She didn’t accomplish anything except flying—and lying—pretty much constantly. But lying takes a lot of energy, so she can’t possibly be sick, right?

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Hillary Clinton’s Endgame: a Third Term for Bill Clinton?

During Monday night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton, provided a glimpse into what is in store for the nation and its citizens should she become president.

After pointing out Barack Obama’s failed energy policies, role in our national debt crisis, job loss, and the economy, Donald Trump asked Clinton why after 30 years is she suddenly thinking about solutions? Clinton’s response is scary and a warning to America.

TRUMP: Hillary, I’d just ask you this. You’ve been doing this for 30 years. Why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? For 30 years, you’ve been doing it, and now you’re just starting to think of solutions.

CLINTON: Well, actually… [Interruption]

TRUMP: I will bring — excuse me. I will bring back jobs. You can’t bring back jobs.

CLINTON: Well, actually, I have thought about this quite a bit.

TRUMP: Yeah, for 30 years. [Interruption]

CLINTON: And I have — well, not quite that long. I think my husband did a pretty good job in the 1990s. I think a lot about what worked and how we can make it work again…

TRUMP: Well, he approved NAFTA… [Interruption]


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The scoop on Week 3 of Dancing With The Stars

Yes, I know you’ve been dying for your weekly Dancing With The Stars update. Monday night’s show was a rushed one because it had only an hour due to the debate. In that hour, the twelve remaining stars were divided into competitive pairs that had to do the same dance. The couple in the pair who got the highest score could not be disqualified this week.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened — and who got kicked off Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night. As before, I’ll present the stars in alphabetical order by first name, but I’ll leave until the end who won in the head to head pairing and who had to go home. I wasn’t overly impressed by anybody’s dancing, but I wasn’t under impressed either.

Amber Rose and Maks danced a salsa to JLo’s “Big Booty.” It was fun to watch because both Amber and Maks were shaking their booties for all it was worth but, as the judges noted, the dance was not a salsa. Amber continues in my mind to be a bit of a non-entity, but a hardworking one, and I always admire that quality. That’s part of what makes Dancing With The Stars fun to watch. Amber competed against Maureen McCormick.

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay danced a waltz that was just lovely. It’s amazing seeing a huge football player so smooth and graceful. And as I’ve said every week, Calvin has a glow. He competed opposite Terra. As to that pairing, for those unfamiliar with Dancing With The Stars, it may have seemed like a bit of a cruel joke but it actually made sense. All of the other pairs matched people with similar dancing levels. This pairing matched two people who both have dancing handicaps: Calvin is huge and Terra is tiny.

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