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RADIO FREE BRAT! Cong. Brat’s Remarks on the Floor of the US House on Executive Power; And Sandy’s Announcement I Promised you Yesterday!

From the Cong. Brat Congressional office:

Rep. Dave Brat spoke on the House floor Monday about President Obama’s illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the United States vs. Texas case being heard by the Supreme Court.

The Governors and Attorneys General of the Texas Supreme Court and 25 other states have brought this significant suit because President Obama issued an executive order that made illegal immigrants lawfully present in the U.S. – an action that he had previously stated 22 times was impossible for him to take.

“The government is handing out work permits and making illegal immigrants eligible to work in the United States as well as receive Social Security, unemployment, [and] disability benefits,” said Rep. Dave Brat. “This only hurts American citizens and taxpayers. What has Congress done about this? Not enough. The real issue in this case is not discretion but whether or not there is any limit at all on presidential power.”

“The founders recognized these distinctions and they made Congress the first branch – among equals – of the Federal government, and the most accountable branch to the American people… the founders created a system of checks and balances to ensure no individual could gain absolute power within the government.”

“Under our Constitution, the Congress is entrusted with all legislative powers – all –  including the power to establish a uniformed rule of naturalization. The founders drafted the Constitution to clearly state that it is not the president who writes the laws, Congress does. Much of the president’s job is to faithfully execute these laws passed by Congress. In fact, neither any immigration law nor the Constitution empowers the executive to authorize, let alone facilitate, the violation of the laws passed by congress.”

President Obama’s usurpation of power “is a threat to self-government itself,” Rep. Brat continued. “Our inaction time and again has expanded the administrative state and left the American people without a voice in Washington.”

Well said.  Almost a Daniel Webster moment.

Too bad two Federal judges got to decide who our representative will be.  And it’s not who we elected.  Cong. Dave Brat.  This whole thing is shameful.

No I do not intend to run against Cong. Wittman although the thought has crossed my mind.  The Libertarians would probably nominate me tomorrow and that would be a great honor.  And running for office is better than you-know-what!

But, that is not my announcement!  Why?  To paraphrase former Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen:  I know Dave Brat and I know I am no Dave Brat!  But I would join the Freedom Caucus immediately if elected.

I herewith announce instead:  As the Greatest Hanoverian said:  “I know not what others may do but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”  Well, I do not know what others may do but when I go to the polls this November, I intend to vote for Cong. Dave Brat.  I’ll write him in.  I’ll walk through a gasoline fire to vote again for Brat!  And no – neither Cong. Brat nor his office nor his campaign had anything to do with my announcement.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders