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Mechanicsville Walmart Profiled, Discriminated Against Young White Couple

My son and his fiancee went to Walmart in Mechanicsville today to buy groceries. They are regular customers there and shop at least once a week. Usually several times a week.

Now I’ll be honest. I would rather have a root canal than shop at Walmart and avoid it when I can. It is too big, too crowded and I always leave that place feeling like I have just spent hours at the State Fair. To me, it is a tedious ordeal and I am not a Walmart fan. And if you actually have to interact with the employees, you often hit a level of rudeness that you can find no place else on Earth. Not all of the employees are rude, but I inevitably seem to find the ruse ones.

But the younger generation seems to set the bar lower than us older folks. So my son and his Fiancee are Walmart regulars.

But after the treatment they received today, that may change.

After they finished the shopping, they proceeded to the self checkout line. There was an employee who’s job is to direct the shoppers to the shortest line. And he looked at my Son and his Fiancee and told them they had too many items for self checkout. They told me the employee was a young black man.

Mary (not her real name), told the man that she she didn’t feel like putting up with anyone and was just going to use the self checkout. The Walmart employee then proceeded to a second Walmart employee who’s job it is to oversee the self checkout area. This woman, also black, was told by the man to “keep a close eye on these people. They have a lot of groceries and look like they are up to no good.”

My son and “Mary” both heard this and then the register they were preparing to use suddenly turned off and the female employee told them they had to come over to the register by her. And she told another employee she was watching them to make sure they didn’t steal anything. My son noted that there was another customer checking out at the self checkouts who had more items than they did, and they were unconcerned about her. She was black.

My son and “Mary” were both humiliated and were sure they were profiled because they were white. And they walked out of the store distraught and certain they were discriminated against because they were white.

When they told me what had happened, my son was shaking and “Mary” was in tears. And after listening to them recant their experience, I can say it is highly probably that their race was a factor, given the fact that another shopper “of color” was not subjected to the same harassment and discrimination, not to mention the humiliation.

I was upset with this, to say the least. They didn’t know what to do about it and I offered to call the manager and let him or her know what transpired. So I dialed the number for the Mechanicsville Walmart and asked to speak to the manager. The lady that answered the line asked me what this was concerning, and I gave her a brief rundown. She promised to get me straight to the store manager. The line rang another 10 ir 15 times and bounced back to the lady that answered the phone. She put me through a second time and it also bounced back. And a third. On the 4th try I said I would be up there in 2 minutes.

So the three of us headed to Walmart and we walked in with cameras rolling at my suggestion.

The first employee we spoke to was the black guy that initially started the chain of events. I asked him if he was the store manager (he wasn’t) and then I told him I understand he was the one who harassed my son and his fiancee. And I asked him i this was racial, if he picked them to scrutinize and if that was a racist statement he made. He said he “wasn’t sure about that”. And then he tried to blame the woman who he told to watch them. And I asked him where I could find the store manager. He pointed me towards the middle of the checkout area.

On the way to find the manager, my Son pointed out the woman who was watching them and made the comment, according to my son and “Mary” about moving to the registed beside her so she could watch them.

I confronted her with those statements and as you can see in the video below and she denied them – at first. But the sudden “attitude” was unmistakable. But at the end of the video she admits to the manager that she was told to “watch them”.

Is this racism? Profiling? Economic discrimination, or an element of each?

In this day and age where we are inundated by aggressive campaigns like “Black Lives Matter” and buzz phrases like “White Privilege”, both of which are nothing more than a media driven, activist financed license to discriminate against white people with the blessing of the “Politically Correct”, most of us that are not brainwashed by public schools these days recognize this behavior as reprehensible. I have been on this earth long enough to remember the racism against blacks. I was able to read the “White’s Only” signs on the Water Fountains in the Downtown stores. And on restaurants. And I never understood it then and I still don’t.

I may be old enough to remember that sad time in America, but I was far too young to have participated in any such behavior and I am the son of a man that started his career with VEPCO, the power company in Virginia climbing polls until his shins were rubbed raw for $100 per week.

I own a business and my first employee was black, because she was the best one for the job.

But whatever the reason, this is intolerable. “Mary” is working weekends and working hard to finish High School and get a diploma. My son graduated and works in a restaurant chained to a hot stove. These are good kids and they do not deserve to be treated like this by anyone – least of all a business that is taking their hard earned and very limited money for profit.

The female employee admitted to the manager (when she finally arrived) that she was, indeed, told to “watch these two”. And the manager promised to get to the bottom of this.

I should also point out that the black lady that was helping us locate the manager was truly saddened and horrified by what happened to my kids. And her sorrow was from her heart. So this may be a matter of employees acting without the direction of management. A few bad apples.

(Video Processing. Will be available shortly.)



Article written by: Tom White