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How Trump, Cruz and Rubio could UNITE the GOP

This is such an interesting idea that I had to get it out to the blog.

The Republicans must unite to defeat Secretary Hillary Clinton and unless they want to do something bold at an open convention like nominate former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, they better find a way to unite.  But there has been tremendous rancor between Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

Here’s my two cents:  Trump offers the VP spot to Cruz at a three way meeting with Rubio in attendance.  (It might be difficult to get all three together secretly but it can be done.)  BUT, the kicker is that Cruz will ultimately be nominated after the inauguration to the vacant Supreme Court spot formerly held by Justice Scalia and then the Congress will be asked pursuant to the 25th Amendment to elect Rubio to the VP spot.  The Establishment gets Rubio as VP so provided the GOP wins and keeps both houses of Congress, Rubio is in and would be up in 4/8 years to run in his own right.  They also get rid of Cruz for good:  He’s on the SCOTUS.

The Trump Cruz ticket forms immediately; Rubio endorses it and then the new slogan of the unity ticket is:

Make America Great Again for a New American Century

The way each candidate walks back their prior comments is to push party unity and that our differences are tiny compared to the radical agenda Hillary has.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders