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Welcome to ALL the New Sandy Twitter Followers – Some from the UK! YES I am for Brexit!

I just realized that I might have more Twitter followers in the United Kingdom than in the US!  (I have somewhat aggressively been seeking out UKIP members and regional/local UKIP chapters and others for Brexit – the leaving of the UK from the EU.)  I thank all those who follow me and I will encourage them to read the blog.

YES I am for Brexit.  I am for a new union of European states that would respect sovereignty and use such things as uniform national laws to integrate Europe into a useful whole.  But each nation would have a veto and foreign/European courts would have no power (other than persuasive) over the nations.

Here’s some highlights for the new readers and the veteran ones too:

Well you get the idea.  Just search for UKIP and EU and you will find lots of great articles.  Also consider searching for Nigel Farage, too.

The question I have and that the leave EU folks must insist is:  If Brexit wins that the pols will respect the decision and not try to repeat the vote until the EU gets what they want:  Yes for the EU.

But thanks for tuning in the new UK followers and keep spreading the news about Virginia Right and Brexit and UKIP!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders