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Vote Cynthia Dunbar for Republican National Committeewoman from the Commonwealth of Virginia

Cynthia Dunbar is running for Republican National Committeewoman from the Commonwealth of Virginia this weekend at the Virginia Convention.

Virginia Right! has proudly endorsed Dunbar and we believe she is the only viable choice. Her opponent is the establishment candidate that has represented division and insider politics in Virginia for far too long.

Cynthia Dunbar has the trust and endorsement of some very respectable names in Conservative politics like Ron Paul and Bob Marshall. And her list of endorsements is long.

Anyone going to the convention is well aware that in addition to the friction between the establishment Republicans and Conservatives, we have another divide between the Trump supporters and the Cruz supporters. And Cynthia Dunbar has managed to secure the endorsement of both Bill Stanley, State Chair of the Cruz Campaign as well as Corey Stewart, State Chair of the Trump Campaign. That is quite an accomplishment and proof of the Conservative appeal of Dunbar.

In looking back at Virginia Right! stories on Cynthia Dunbar, she first came on our radar back in March 2010.


Cynthia Dunbar is the elected representative to the Texas Board of Education from the Tenth district.  She was cited in the New York Times as one of several seeking to change the history and other texts to make them more balanced.  Here is her website.



I was listening to the Texas Board of Education Friday at work via the technological wonder of live streaming.  Like many meetings it was somewhat boring.  But it was music to my ears.  On Friday, May 21, 2010, the children of Texas were liberated from left-wing politically correct history and social studies texts and curriculum.

Here’s the video from Fox News with my heroine, Regent Law grad Cynthia Dunbar:

This wonderful event will also bring liberty to kids around the country as Texas texts are sold in other states.  I have briefly blogged on this before.

The Texas Board of Education has reformed the history and social studies texts and curriculum in awesomely favorable ways.  Virginia should follow suit.  What did they do?  Here are several areas where they enhanced the curriculum:

1.  A balanced approach to the McCarthy era with references to actual Communists found in the US Government like Alger Hiss;

2. A balanced approach to the Judeo-Christian, Biblical origins of American law and the struggle for liberty;

3. A more respectful treatment of the South and the Civil War;

4.  A study of how the UN adversely affects our sovereignty;

5.  More of a pro-free enterprise and free markets curriculum;

6.  Referring to the US as a “constitutional republic” and discussing the decline in the value of the dollar against gold;

7.  Retaining BC and AD rather than the politically correct BCE and CE;

8.  The doctrine of “American Exceptionalism”, that we are a special place and nation in history;

9.  A mention of people like Phyllis Schlafly and the fiscal health of Social Security and Medicare.

The left is of course outraged!  A California state senator has already introduced a bill to ban Texas texts from the Golden State:

And a recent interview:

My Interview with GOP National Committeewoman Candidate Cynthia Dunbar

Cynthia Dunbar has a long history of being on the right side of history.

Let’s vote for Cynthia Dunbar for Republican National Committeewoman from the Commonwealth of Virginia at the Convention this weekend!

Article written by: Tom White

A Sad Day Indeed. John Taylor Passes Away.

John TaylorThis was a terrible way to wake up. The world has lost an amazing warrior in the fight for freedom: John Taylor.

When I started this blog, I did not know John. But it didn’t take long before almost everyone I talked to asked “You know John Taylor don’t you?”

And I had to admit we had never met. But I became quite familiar with his work out of curiosity more than anything else. And for several months I had one person after another ask me if I knew John.

Finally, I had a chance to meet the guy, the legend, that everyone seemed so determined that we ought to know each other. John was speaking at an event near my home one Saturday morning and I would finally have an opportunity to meet him.

At the end of his speech he opened it up for questions and I asked the first question. John looked at my name tag and said “Are you THE Tom White? The one that writes Virginia Right? Ive been wanting to meet you.”

Wow! That totally blew me away. For a legend like John Taylor to say that to someone as unimportant as me absolutely floored me.

After the meeting, we talked for a good while. John was a deep thinker and a student of history and had a clarity of where we should be as a nation, where we are headed and what we need to do to survive as a nation. He had such a great and brilliant mind.

But something else I found out about John. He had a wonderful sense of humor and never took himself too seriously. He was just a down to earth guy that was put on this earth with a gift to make people understand the nation we were given and why we needed to protect our freedom.

Over the years since we met we often found ourselves at the same events and places. And we always took the time to catch up and chat about the world. And laugh.

I am honored and privileged to have known John Taylor. He was a great man and someone I admired immensely. And I know that, as I attend events where our paths often crossed, there will be one less friend in attendance in body. But not in spirit.

God Speed, John Taylor. This nation is a better place for you having been here. I will miss you, brother! We all will.

This message below was written by John’s son Caleb.

Last night, April 6th, 2016 at 10:08 PM, my father, John Taylor, passed away at Augusta Health in Fishersville, VA. For the last 20 years my Dad has fought for the freedoms that most Virginian’s take for granted. He was the man who stood in the gap against the corporatist excess that is so prevalent from both sides of the aisle in postmodern American politics. Today, my mother, my brothers and I are planning for his memorial in the capital of the state whose history he adored. I have always considered my father to be a “one-off” type of man. He acted within a framework of principle in a time when the word principle was certainly not “trending.” He strictly prescribed to the Enlightenment beliefs of our founders when many disrespect them as “dead white guys,” knowing that without the works of people like Jefferson, Madison, Mason and Washington these same detractors would be under the thumb of a continual set of overseers.

In an age when the ideals of America’s Great Experiment, nursed on the blood of Virginia’s sons, are on the verge of being extinguished, we can nary afford the loss of a single guardian. Nevertheless, our Heavenly Father has seen fit to call his servant home, leaving us with the knowledge that Virginia has lost one of its truest, fiercest and most resolute warriors.

He is survived by his wife, Lynn Taylor; three sons: Caleb, Joshua, and Zachary; and two very sad little granddaughters, Audea and Olivia, who love and miss their “Big Papaw” very much.

It is my solemn contention that the Lord required someone to anchor Heaven’s debate team.

– Caleb Taylor

The Eldest Son

P.S. – Please feel free to let others know. An email regarding the Memorial Service is forthcoming.


Article written by: Tom White

Welcome to ALL the New Sandy Twitter Followers – Some from the UK! YES I am for Brexit!

I just realized that I might have more Twitter followers in the United Kingdom than in the US!  (I have somewhat aggressively been seeking out UKIP members and regional/local UKIP chapters and others for Brexit – the leaving of the UK from the EU.)  I thank all those who follow me and I will encourage them to read the blog.

YES I am for Brexit.  I am for a new union of European states that would respect sovereignty and use such things as uniform national laws to integrate Europe into a useful whole.  But each nation would have a veto and foreign/European courts would have no power (other than persuasive) over the nations.

Here’s some highlights for the new readers and the veteran ones too:

Well you get the idea.  Just search for UKIP and EU and you will find lots of great articles.  Also consider searching for Nigel Farage, too.

The question I have and that the leave EU folks must insist is:  If Brexit wins that the pols will respect the decision and not try to repeat the vote until the EU gets what they want:  Yes for the EU.

But thanks for tuning in the new UK followers and keep spreading the news about Virginia Right and Brexit and UKIP!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Virginia Right! Endorses State Senator Tom Garrett in the 5th Congressional District

Sandy Sanders and Tom White don’t always agree on endorsing a candidate. And when we do not agree, we often personally endorse candidates. But Tom Garrett was an easy choice. Garrett receives Virginia Right’s endorsement as well as personal endorsements from Sandy and Tom.

Sandy Sanders’ Endorsement

Tom White agreed to write this together with me and we both agree:  For Congress in the Fifth District we support and thus the Virginia Right blog endorses:  State Senator Tom Garrett.  So this is my part and Tom (White not Garrett!  He’s not that kind of politico!) will write the rest.

I met Tom Garrett when he and Rusty McGuire were assistants in the AG’s office.  They had audacious goals:  Garrett was going to run for Louisa Commonwealth’s Attorney and McGuire was going to run for Hanover prosecutor.  Of course I supported Rusty and he lost the primary!  (Maybe this is not good for Senator Garrett…)  But Garrett ran against the incumbent and beat him.  Rusty McGuire became his deputy.  Now McGuire is the CA in Louisa and he’s doing an awesome job catching Internet predators.

This is the blog post about the time Tom Garrett ran for state senate in 2011.  People said:  Tom can’t win the primary and he won’t win the general election – he’s too conservative.  Well, he won the most exciting election I have ever live blogged and then crushed his opponent in the general by a 58% to 42% margin.  (And the opponent was a principal of a well-known pest control company with signs all over the place and who outspent Garrett! nearly 2 to 1!)

Garrett will beat to his own drum – not the establishment in the House!  Don’t take my word for it – ask Senator Thomas K. Norment.  Garrett boldly challenged Norment not to have both the Finance Chair and Majority Leader and even though he lost, it showed political courage.  Here’s my comment:  Garrett’s got guts!

Tom told me recently and it was for publication that he WILL join the Freedom Caucus if elected.  That ought to be a question for everybody running for Congress this year.  And NO is not an option.

So walk through a gasoline fire (if that is necessary!) this year in the Fifth and vote Garrett in the primary/convention and in the general election, too.


Tom White’s Endorsement

The 5th District is fortunate to have several good people who have stood up and offered to uproot their lives to represent their friends and neighbors in Washington DC. And anyone who stands up and offers to make that sacrifice is to be commended. But when Republicans face each other in primaries, especially in conservative districts, they all try to “out-conservative” one another. And my research into the candidates shows that is true in this 5th District race for the Republican nomination. So in a race with 5 candidates running for the Republican nomination all claiming to be more conservative and the better choice than the others it is hard to know who to believe. And it is even more difficult to know which candidate, if elected, will be a true conservative and which will be a patsy of the big spending, big government establishment that have gone hand in hand with the Democrats to create a $19 trillion debt.

But only one of the candidates stands out from the field because only one candidate has a voting record. That is Virginia State Senator Tom Garrett.

Garrett was elected to the Virginia State Senate in 2011 after serving as the Commonwealth’s Attorney of Louisa, Va. I have known Tom Garrett for 7 or 8 years and I can honestly say there is not a single vote he has cast as a State Senator that I have disagreed with. And I have applauded his tenacity as a Senator who has earned a reputation for doing the right thing from a Conservative’s point of view.

There is one thing that I detest in any elected official. And that is someone who puts the leadership of his party first, before the people he represents. Tom Garrett will face down anyone in order to do what he knows is right. As Sandy mentioned above, Tom will take on anyone to do the right thing.

Just the Right Amount of Experience

The mood of the electorate for the last couple of years has been one of anger towards the establishment and incumbent has become a dirty word. Tom has just enough experience to be able to hit the ground running and yet he is still one of us. His opponents have tried to paint him as a political insider, but nothing could be further from the truth. And I have yet to hear a single opponent criticize Tom Garrett on his voting record.

And Tom Garrett will make a welcome addition to the House Freedom Caucus to help Dave Brat combat the Republicans who have forgotten that they work for us.

Tom and I have kept in touch regularly. I have been impressed at how open and honest he is. He carried his mandate to do the right thing for the people of Louisa (NOT the criminals) into the State Senate. He is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet and a rock solid Conservative with the voting record to back it up.

I do not hesitate to give Tom Garrett my enthusiastic personal endorsement and the endorsement of Virginia Right!

I trust Tom Garrett because he has earned it!

Article written by: Tom White

Some Virginia Races Where a Conservative Could Need Some Help!

I was reviewing House races yesterday and I realized I could ask my readers to help some people who could use it:  If you are in one of those boring uncontested races, help someone else in a nearby district!

Senator Dick Black in the 13th Senate District (Parts of Loudoun and Prince William Counties) is a top target of liberals and Democrats.  Here’s a nice compendium of articles from Blue Virginia.

So, don’t give the libs the satisfaction.  Let’s see Senator Black reelected.  Here’s his website.

Speaking of the 13th District – this time in the House – let’s help my old political friend Del. Bob Marshall.  Libs really can’t stand him – so let’s make sure he wins re-election!  Go here.

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is also on the Blue Virginia list of legislators to retire and here’s part of the reason why:

But noooooo…this guy’s as big of a right wingnut as any in the Virginia General Assembly, among other things an “Agenda 21” conspiracy theorist and global warming denier. In other words, the guy’s a bit…uh, “out there,” let’s just put it that way.
Obviously, Lingamfelter fits very well into that party, which is a frightening thought in and of itself. Let’s just hope this guy loses on November 3 to Democrat Sara Townsend. –
I do not know what the writer at Blue Virginia was referring to – but Agenda 21 is only a conspiracy theory in the sense the UN is one.  We at Virginia Right can help Blue Virginia know more – click here!
Or better yet:  Go to Delegate Lingamfelter’s website and find a way to help.
Delegate Dave LaRock – He’s got two opponents!  (A Democrat and a Libertarian)  I would say consider helping Del. LaRock out – here’s his website.
Finally, help Del. Buddy Fowler who is in a potentially tough race with Toni Radler (Look at this VPAP cite:  Radler has raised MORE than Del. Fowler has!  Perhaps used for a mailing that looks like this?  Make sure we all help Buddy out!  Go here to find out more.
If you, dear reader, have an exciting race to cover – tell me and I’ll consider it.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Virginia Right! Presidential Poll: October Edition

While my tendency is to be annoyed by opinion polls long before opinions matter, it would be interesting to run monthly polls here at Virginia Right to track the ups and downs of the major candidates. So, the following poll will be open until the end of October. The results can be viewed and I’ll publish them at the end of the month. Then we’ll start a new one. Fair enough?

Who Do You Support in Republican Primary?


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Meet Erica Lawler – Independent Candidate for the 97th!

I had the privilege and honor to speak with Erica Lawler, one of two challengers to incumbent Republican Delegate Chris Peace in the 97th District and here is a precis of my interview with her:

No, she is not THIS Erica Lawler – that is Erika Lawler the Olympic Hockey player.  Erica Lawler lives in Hanover County in Old Church near the link with both King William and New Kent Counties.  Erica and her husband have a small farm and she works at William & Mary in the research office as a grants and contracts officer with additional duties in financial compliance.  Yes as a state employee Erica can run for office as her position is not under the Federal Hatch Act (some state employees that are paid by federal grant monies cannot run for a partisan office) and she got her signatures and sought to run to make sure there was competition for Del. Peace.  (I admire her for that.)  Erica saw something about Peace’s reelection and saw he did not have a primary opponent and did not have a general election one, either and that bothered her.  So she decided to run.

Ms. Lawler’s positions on the issues are not completely formed yet but Erica wants to modernize the Virginia Procurement Act to bring it into the computer age.  Erica also is concerned about the environment (she opposes the Virginia pipeline and feels that climate change is proven and must be addressed but is not sure government can make people be more concerned about the issue.  Erica is not for arbitrary term limits in that what the electoral system needs is competition instead.  She would not change the abortion laws in Virginia but thinks the attempt to regulate abortion clinics like hospitals was excessive.  She is for the ability to grow industrial hemp in Virginia.  (Ms. Lawler worked briefly for an international organization that did dleiver birth control and some abortion services in other countries to prevent terrible self-abortion techniques in developing nations.)  Erica’s husband is a former Marine Corps marksmanship instructor and she believes in the responsible use of firearms but would like to see better and more stringent efforts to prevent the mentally ill or domestic abusers from possessing firearms.  Ms. Lawler also believes the 72 hour temporary emergency protective order (that is obtained just on the word of the alleged abuse victim) should be lengthened to perhaps seven days.  She is a supporter of gay marriage and would vote to protect gays from discrimination in the workplace.  Erica has grave concerns about Common Core, SOLs and “teaching to the test” but she admits that there are issues with administrative pay in education.  Erica thinks the tax structure in the Commonwealth is “moderate” and does not seek radical changes.  Ms. Lawler would use her experience as a state employee to use as a legislator and hopes her campaign will being out more voters, whether she wins or loses.

Here is Erica in her own words on Medicaid expansion:

I’ve been so disappointed that the focus has been placed on provision of insurance rather than provision of care, care which would be markedly cheaper if the administrative headache of insurance billing, rate negotiation, and insurance code records were eliminated. When I had my daughter 4 years ago, I thought fraudulent charges had been billed to my insurance: my hospital expenses for a normal delivery of a healthy baby ran thousands of dollars but my insurance was shown as having paid nearly $5,000 more than the actual cost. This was because my health insurance company had negotiated a standard rate for hospital delivery and paid it regardless of the actual costs involved. Sometimes the hospital might come out ahead, as it did in my case, other times they’d be left footing the bill on a complicated delivery. Can you imagine if other sectors of the economy did this, like home construction? Sometimes a builder erects an eight hundred square foot house for $150,000 other times the builder has to make a 2,800 square foot house for the same price?
In my ideal world, there would be either no health insurance whatsoever so that healthcare could be provided at costs determined between doctor and patient or a single-payer system, similar to the NHS in the UK. Health insurance is an incredibly expensive middle man to maintain. In the former situation, individuals might route a set percentage of income to a health savings plan much as is currently done and then a debit-type card used to pay the care provider when medical services are needed. The latter situation is pretty self-explanatory. Realistically, though, neither of those is likely to happen in my lifetime. The fact that Virginia relied upon the federal marketplace for insurance under the Affordable Care Act was regrettable, in my view, because the subsidies that support purchase of plans are now being scrutinized as to their ultimate constitutionality. It’s going to pull the rug out from under many people if they are scrapped, almost like a bait and switch. I wish there were a more reliable way for low to middle income families in Virginia to access health care, a means that wasn’t dependent upon the federal government’s whims. Virginia’s SCHIP helps in some ways, but more people than just children need routine care. I’m not sure that Medicaid expansion in Virginia is the best means to accomplish this because, again, the reliance is upon the federal government’s standards which may not respond to Virginia’s health needs. 

I thought this was well said.  (Not sure I agree with it but I was impressed enough to get her okay to quote it in full as is.)  I look forward to a forum or debate between all three candidates.  I might even suggest to Tom white that we at Virginia Right do the debate.

If you want to help Ms. Lawler, go to this email address:

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders