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Endorsement: Tom White Endorses Jim Herring for Henrico GOP Committee Chairman

I know both Jim Herring and Eddie Whitlock and they are both good and honorable men. These two gentlemen are in a face-off for Chairman of the Henrico County Republican Committee.

But there has been a development the last couple of days that is about to rock the GOP establishment and it involved the Republican Party of Virginia and the work they are doing to sway this election and that of another friend running for State Central Committee.

The long tentacles of Eric Cantor have slithered into this race I am sorry to say. And the Virginia “Conservative” Network, the VCN. And these are the folks, if you don’t know, that support Cantor and his big money (screw the little people) fat cat bankers.

Jim Herring is a great guy with a big personality and is truly a “high energy” people person. And most of all, he is NOT backed by the establishment. We just tossed a Cantor loyalist from the Hanover GOP Committee. And we need to make the purge statewide.

Listen to this interview with John Fredericks on his radio show with Ron Hedlund. He exposes the shocking details of what is going on behind the scenes at RPV. And anyone that supports ANY candidate backed by these people is simply not interested in making Virginia a better place.

Listen to this:



Article written by: Tom White