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I (not the blog) ENDORSE Eddie Whitlock for Henrico GOP Chair!

I am proud to have gotten to know Eddie Whitlock, first he is an attorney for the business I work for.  Second, I got to know him better in the state senate primary and I liked two aspects of his campaign:  He sought to run a positive and inspiring campaign and second, the Whitlock Test:

As your next senator, I will oppose any spending that does not pass The Whitlock Test: First, is the spending for a core function of government? If it is not, I will oppose it. Second, does the program provide a service that is unavailable from the private sector for less money or impractical for the private sector to provide? If the private sector should be doing it, I will oppose the spending. Third, is the spending at the lowest level needed? If not, I will oppose it.

(From this article at the R T-D)

I love the Whitlock Test; I told Eddie I’d steal it if I ran for delegate or whatever.  It’s great.

I know some will say why are you in Hanover involving yourself in a Henrico race?  I do not have to endorse in every race (I support UKIP in the UK and I am not even remotely British!) but I offered to help Eddie and help him I will.  I think he is best for the Henrico GOP.  Henrico needs to become less blue and more red.  Whitlock might be the best face for the GOP to win others to become Republicans.  His personality is favorable for that.

Eddie also has this:  The Whitlock Plan.

The Whitlock Plan-1

I have giving it similar to a light skim and it seems ambitious.  If Whitlock can accomplish even some of this Plan, he’ll be a successful chair.  Therefore I support him.  Let’s hope I am not the kiss of death.  I know this will light up the blog but I have always kept my own counsel and I beta to my own drum.  Consider Eddie Whitlock Tuesday night.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders