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Hillary Clinton: In Her Own Words


By Bob Shannon King William

Hillary Clinton made an appearance with Brett Baier on Monday evening allowing the Fox News Commentator to ask her questions as well as take questions from the audience. I suspect Clinton knowing she was in a favorable audience added to her confidence she could pull this off without a sweat. Her answers to several questions left me pondering how a nation would ever allow such a person to be even considered for this office.

When asked what she plans to do on health care she ran off the usual slogans, typical defense of the Affordable Care Act and how she wanted to “ lower co-pay’s , deductibles and other out of pocket expenses by “ making insurers provide more free services”

Even low information citizens by now have read the numerous reports of the insurance companies who signed on to participate in these government run exchanges are losing their financial shirts, a number of them deciding to end their participation all together. The cost shifting scheme ( which is what the ACA is ) by the folks who designed this horrible legislation has run its course and the increase in health insurance premiums have been well documented. Yet, here you have a candidate for President openly spouting such utter nonsense. Secretary Clinton knows better but she has a campaign strategy that is designed for a certain type of voter that has little economic intellect and believes in free lunches, her core supporters.

When asked about college tuition she again spouted the same tired lines about the burden of debt college students carry today and how she would promote “debt free tuition” . Secretary Clinton is too clever by half suggesting that tuition costs , born by students for 75 years is now going to be born by just whom , the new Debt Fairy ? Perhaps she has a new cabinet level position in mind….Department of Debt Fairy. Why not , her entire life has been made up of myths , lies, & deception. What harm is there in throwing in a few fairies.

Bob Shannon King William

Article written by: Tom White