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Cruz Supporters are Heaven’s Gate Cult 2.0


Honestly, it is the darnedest thing I have ever witnessed. And now we have come full circle. Do you remember the Heaven’s Gate 1.0 wacko’s?

On March 19–20, 1997, Marshall Applewhite taped himself speaking of mass suicide and asserted “it was the only way to evacuate this Earth”. After claiming that a spacecraft was trailing Comet Hale–Bopp, Applewhite persuaded 38 followers to commit suicide so that their souls could board the supposed craft. Applewhite believed that after their deaths, an unidentified flying object (UFO) would take their souls to another “level of existence above human”, which he described as being both physical and spiritual. This and other UFO-related beliefs held by the group have led some observers to characterize the group as a type of UFO religion. In October 1996, the group purchased alien abduction insurance to cover up to 50 members at a cost of $10,000.[32]

These seemingly normal people were led astray by a false prophet, or false god, take your pick. They were so smitten by the cult experience that they actually believed that there was a space ship coming to rescue them hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet that visited the Earth in 1997. These people completely threw reason and logic out the window to follow their cult leader and actually believed that the way to board the space ship was to commit suicide.

So fast forward almost 20 years and that same phenomenon is playing out with a Canadian born candidate and his Cuban born father now leading, what for all intents and purposes, is the Heaven’s Gate 2.0 cult. These cult members hold rallies that look more like an Appalachian snake handling circus than a political rally.

Have a look at the video below and you will see what an extremist Canadian Ted Cruz and his Cuban father really are.

I was waiting for the Cruz supporters to run up and down the aisles babbling in tongues about a space ship hiding behind the White House or something.

There is a reason Ted Cruz has lost most of the Evangelical vote. Evangelicals are not fringe extremist cultists who subscribe to the extremist views of Rafael and Ted Cruz. They are not taken in by the “god cult” that the Cruz campaign has become.

To be honest, the Cruz Cult is the Heaven’s Gate 2.0 cult of today. The cult members claim the moral high ground but spew hatred towards anyone that does not go along with the extremist views of their messiah. To them, Cruz is Christ.

I have never seen the amounts of venom and hatred come from any true Christian group like I have from the Cruz cult.

So think long and hard before you are taken in by this snake oil salesman maned Ted Cruz. He is NOT what he pretends to be.

Hopefully now you understand how every one of Ted Cruz fellow Senators have come to despise him. He is not normal in the sense that most of us understand. I believe in Freedom of Religion and do not seek to deny his extreme views of Christianity. He is free to practice whatever he wants.

But what I do fear is this cult mentality that Cruz brings to the table. And the fact that his cult members attack anyone that does not share the views of these extremists. This man is far too extreme to ever become president. So before you accept his views as truly Christian, you need to look at the TRUE Ted Cruz and understand that his views are far outside the mainstream. He follows Dominion Theology:

Dominion Theology is a theocratic ideology that seeks to implement a nation governed by Christians ruling over the rest of society based on their understanding of biblical law.

And to speak directly to the whack jobs that are the Cruz family:

Dominion theology is also known as Christian reconstructionism and theonomy. Dominion theology states that biblical Christianity will rule all areas of society, personal and corporate. Christian reconstructionism reasons that society will be reconstructed by the Law of God as preached in the gospel and the Great Commission. Theonomy is a post-millennial view believing that all of the moral laws contained in the Old Testament are yet binding today.

The misguided Dominionists believe that they have been “anointed and chosen” to “bring in the Kingdom” of the Lord Jesus Christ. This heresy is not found in the Bible. The Bible says in Revelation that the Kingdom will only come when the King, Jesus Christ, returns at the Second Coming. And it will not happen one moment before the return of Jesus Christ. 

Rafael Cruz indicated that his son Ted is among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as “kings” to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the “Seven Mountains” mandate, and “bring the spoils of war to the priests”, thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth”, from the “wicked” to righteous gentile believers. They believe that they are working to “bring in the Kingdom” right here and now instead of waiting for it as the Bible says with Jesus Christ.

They have seized upon this verses in an attempt to prove their end times transfer of wealth heresy:

“A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” Proverbs 13:22 (KJV)

Now where, in your wildest imagination, do you see God saying that there will be an “end times transfer of wealth” in that verse? Well, if you are a typical, lying Prosperity Gospel preaching Christian swindler, you see it rather clear. But this is one of the core teachings of Ted Cruz’s brand of Christianity.

So if you are looking for a Cult leader as the next President, and you believe that Ted Cruz is Jesus, by all means vote for this false prophet. And deal with his nasty disciples who are so swift to judge and condemn you if you are not their particular brand of extremist crazy.

Ted Cruz makes the Taliban look like sissies.

And while there are no snakes used at any Ted Cruz rallies I have seen, don’t doubt for a second that Ted Cruz is truly a Serpent of Satan.

I would prefer that you vote for Donald Trump, but please avoid Ted Cruz at all costs. Trump took the Evangelicals in South Carolina because they have figured out that what I am telling you is the absolute truth.




Article written by: Tom White