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Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam, the Media’s Governor…Really.

Good grief! Did you tune in to Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam’s press conference a few moments ago?  The short of it was Northam saying that when informed by his staff of the photographs in the yearbook, he owned up to it, made a video and put out a statement owning up to being the man in the image of two guys, one in Blackface and the other dressed as a Klansmen but…..

And that’s when Northam lost everyone except his Virginia neighbors, i.e., the media.

Northam went on to say that he did not see the photographs until “after” he owned up to the photographs and that, in fact, he never purchased a year book but since Northam was on the subject of blackface, in 1984, he dressed up and colored his face to look like Michael Jackson for, I believe it was, a “Halloween party.”

What was that, you ask? Yeah, Coonman in 1984 colored his face and dressed up like Michael Jackson.  From thereon, the press conference was nauseating harkening me back to when the media would ask Barack Obama snowball questions like, “Boxers or Briefs, President Obama?”

In the end, Northam who made sure that the whole country, even though he said that he was addressing Virginians, knew (a) he was not stepping down from the governorship; and (b) that he had Black friends.  He even offered to do the Moonwalk…the Moonwalk.

Couldn’t resist. Had to throw that in just to bring it all home.  How lucky are those who tuned in to Northam’s press conference that he didn’t go there?

Breitbart News by Nick Nolte

You see, most of the reporters who work in Washington, DC, do not live in Washington, DC; they live in Virginia. This should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the left.

On paper, Washington, DC, should be a haven, a Leftist Utopia. After all, D.C. has been exclusively run by Democrats for decades. In fact, since the creation of the Office of the Mayor of Washington, DC, in the early 1970s, only Democrats have held that office. There are no eeeevil Republicans stopping D.C. Democrats from instituting their utopian policies, and yet…

Northam fooled no one and his constituents, i.e., the media ate it up while doing everything possible to cover their governor’s six.  THEY FAILED but that will not stop them from delivering a wad of fake news when reporting on the press conference who failed to vet this man.

…But where the hell were the media during the Virginia governor’s race?  There are probably over a thousand so-called journalists who reside in Virginia. The far-left Washington Post has an entire section devoted to Virginia. Moreover, not only was Northam running to be the media’s governor, the race itself was a big national story… And no one, not a single member of the media, sought to properly vet Northam, bothered to go back to his college days, bothered to track down a publicly available college yearbook?


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Below is a very short clip of Northam’s press conference (which is about as much as anyone can stand):

Northam plans to investigate by use of facial recognition to find out who the men are in the photograph.  How does that work? Using facial recognition to identify a man wearing a KKK outfit?

Unfortunately (or not) for Northam and what he fails to realize is that he is the white man that he and his fellow bureaucrats at war with. This is (a) not his season and (b) the discussion that the Democratic Party wants to have right now or through 2020 on the subjects of race and infanticide.  Therefore, the calls for Northam to resign will continue unabated.

The left’s message to Ralph Coon Northam, “time’s up, dude.”

Message to the Democratic Party, “thank you for Coonman. Let him stay around, at least through 2021.”

One more thing, this aged well…or did it?

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Fatal Attraction? Virginia Attorney Realtor To Explain Unhinged Reign of Terror to Jury in Martha Boneta Case


Fatal Attraction? Virginia Attorney Realtor To Explain Unhinged Reign of Terror to Jury

Timothy R. Dabolina, Richmond Virginia

On Tuesday, January 19th, Patricia Thomas wearing fluffy mink fur trim, appeared smug and at times made scornful faces during a court room hearing in Fauquier County, Virginia. Patricia Thomas, the defendant, is an attorney and realtor in Middleburg, Virginia.

Martha Boneta, owner of a family farm located on the edge of the Shenandoah Valley in Fauquier County about 55 miles west of Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit against realtors Philip and Patricia Thomas for Conspiracy and Tortious Malicious Interference for abuse and harassment. Thomas, an attorney, used her personal law firm in her capacity as an agent for her husband’s real estate firm in a land grab scheme that included years of harassing behavior. The elaborate mile long documented web of shameful tactics spun by the wealthy land barons who coveted Boneta’s farm is exposed for all to see in documents filed with the court in a lawsuit filed by Boneta:

The defendant, Thomas, will now have to explain why she used her position of power for her own personal gain in a failed land grab plot. In addition to a trail of evidence that reads more like a Stalker Episode on Forensic Files, Thomas also made a hysterical 911 call about the farmer’s animals, contacted all of the farmer’s neighbors, multiple government agencies, interfered with Boneta’s mortgage and was the architect of an organized attempt to force the farmer off of her land. Even more creepy, Thomas collected pictures of Boneta, her personal home, vehicles, farm and animals and kept records of Boneta on social media.

The obsessive persecution of Boneta sounds like a scorned mistress’s revenge. Thomas sent a picture of an abused horse, but wait for it…. the picture Thomas sent was taken from an internet website of a horse in Australia. Meanwhile, the Boneta family farm is located in Paris, Virginia. Thomas also made fabricated reports about Boneta’s Ostrich. The only problem is that Boneta has never had an ostrich.

Documents show that Attorney Thomas spent hours, days, weeks and months over the course of several years trying to destroy the farmer’s business and cause problems for the farmer in her county by making bizarre reports to numerous government agencies. The magnitude of evidence shows a disturbing pattern of greed unhinged with temper tantrums when Thomas did not have her demands met by government agents to act as surrogates for Thomas’s harassment.

Enter Rhonda Sherwood, the “personal assistant” who also lives in one of Thomas’s multiple rental properties. Sherwood, signed and submitted an affidavit complaint about Boneta to zoning. TheMartha2 affidavit was authored by Thomas and resulted in Boneta’s farm being shuttered.

The horrific actions of Thomas had consequences. The farm was shut down numerous times with extraordinary damage to the farmer’s business likely costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Saying their multi-year, well-documented harassment of a local farmer does not mean they “should have to be dragged through protracted, expensive litigation,” this powerful Virginia husband-and-wife real estate team has put forward a novel argument in their defense: We should not be held liable for the pain and financial loss we inflicted on our neighbor; she should suck it up because our acts were a mere “irritation and distraction.” Could this be Virginia’s first Affluenza defense? – See more at:

How dare the rubes stand up to landed gentry! Small wonder that Boneta has been awarded one of America’s most Amazing Women for her struggle that is the subject of an award-winning documentary, “Farming in Fear.” Click to watch now.

Unlike the fictional movie drama “Fatal Attraction”, the Thomas reign of terror has hurt real people and devastated a family that just wanted to be left alone to farm in peace.

Article written by: Tom White

Bill Bolling: A Case Study in Classic Delusional RINO-ism



We have a lot of RINO’s in Virginia. And in the nation as a whole. RINO’s – Republicans in Name Only – are responsible for the leftward lurch of the Republican Party. And one thing I have noticed is that they all believe themselves to be Conservatives and they all believe they are moderate Republicans. I am convinced that they actually do really believe this.

But I think the area where they are fooling themselves is in the way they measure the terms moderate and Conservative.

Their measuring stick is not based on the Constitution, nor is it based on a constant and stationary point on the political spectrum. Rather, it is based on the current position of the Democrats. They self-define Moderate and Conservative as being just a little to the right of the Democrats (and the media). And I think even the RINO’s would quickly admit that the Democrats are and have been racing to the left at such a pace that they are now indistinguishable from Socialists. Or Marxists, take your pick. And a valid argument could be made that they have moved so far to the left that Socialism and Marxism are almost Conservative values as far as the Democrats are concerned. Certainly the Democrats consider their far left Party of today to be the new mainstream, which is constantly in motion leftward.

So the Republicans, many of whom are staunch followers and lovers of Ronald Reagan, have become followers, constantly moving left. Ever chasing the Democrats further and further to the left in an effort to remain moderate, as measured by the Democrat’s political position du jour.

And when the RINO’s stop and take a look at where most of the people in the Republican Party are politically today from the vantage point of their constantly leftward moving position, they see those of us who have stood our ground, or misguidedly followed the RINO’s to the left for a while and corrected our course, as far right wing extremists. They believe we have moved to the right, when it is they who have moved.

It is impossible to know if the RINO’s position on Conservatives is one of deception or delusion. Or perhaps a combination of both.

Politicians in general are masters of deception. For example, Eric Cantor delivered his speeches about smaller, limited government, balanced budgets and Conservative principles with aplomb. He sounded sincere and fooled a lot of people for a long time. But when you examined his record you understand that politicians are quite accomplished in saying one thing and doing another while using sleight of hand show votes to fool the people at home. Cantor would point to dozens of votes to repeal Obamacare, for instance, none of which ever stood a chance of becoming law, while funding the Health Care Leviathan as keeper of the purse. And Paul Ryan has already mastered this art as he points to the legislation to repeal Obamacare and de-fund Planned Parenthood that he sent to Obama’s desk. Which was promptly vetoed. And now Ryan promises a veto override that has exactly zero chance of passing.

More theater. More show voted that mean nothing. But they fool the people at home.

The RINO’s are fooled at least.

Eric Cantor was shown the door last year. We know what he was doing.

Now it would be incorrect of me to write that the Republican Party has become more conservative since Obama came into office in 2009. A lot of us were blindly following the Republican leadership as they chased after the Democrats sprinting to the left. A lot of sleeping Republicans woke up and realized we were following so called leaders who were not leading, but rather were following the Democrats down Socialism Highway.

We put on the brakes and went back to the starting blocks. Back to the old time Conservatism of Ronald Reagan. And yes, we shunned the Progressive “Conservatism” as redefined almost daily by the RINO Contingency of the Republican Party.

But this weekend, I was astonished to read a Facebook post by Virginia’s former two term Lt. Governor Bill Bolling.

Bolling is one of those RINO’s who has been drifting left for years and seems blissfully ignorant of his leftward lunge. Perhaps it was more subtle than a lunge. We can just call it a leftward drift.

Now Bolling has come to despise those of us that are true Conservatives. He is oblivious of the fact that he has been in hot pursuit of the now Socialist Democrats in an effort to remain a moderate mainstream Republican. You see, he believes the equally Socialistic Media that says Republican must be “moderates” in order to win elections. Bolling has reached a point in his political prism that he finds Democrats like Terry McAuliffe more his politically ideological mate than the Conservatives in his own party. He even shunned Conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli (along with many of his fellow RINO’s) and at the very least put up no resistance to the McAuliffe victory. At worse, he helped the Democrats win.

So does it really come as a surprise to learn the Bolling also despises GOP front-runner Donald Trump and runner up Ted Cruz? It shouldn’t.

Bill posted this on Facebook Sunday:

Bill Bolling FacebookWhen I saw that, I headed straight for the comments section to have my say on this delusional post. Ronald Reagan would have demanded Bolling be kicked out of the party.

Bolling and the candidates he has supported have put this country $19 trillion in debt, nearly 1/3 of the nation is not working and the entire country is a racial and political powder keg on the verge of a meltdown.

The “fears” that he is talking about and the “division” in America are due to the policies his RINO buddies have allowed. Or instigated. Amnesty, refugees, illegal aliens, debt and a massive federal government are the RINO legacy. And the candidates that support these atrocities are not responsible candidates, they are irresponsible big government Progressive Republicans who will do nothing to change the spiral of destruction we are in, but will support the status quo.

Bolling is completely incapable of understanding that the appeal of Trump and Cruz by Republicans is a complete and utter rebuke of the “moderate, mainstream” Republicanism that has guided America to the brink of total destruction. Since Reagan left office, Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger were the direct cause of the Clintons and Obama.

Debt, wars, death and destruction has been the path America has been sprinting down. Be a Bush or a Clinton or an Obama. America has lost her soul since Reagan left.

You can blame it on the Democrats all you want, but without the assistance and acquiescence of the Republican Party that Bill Bolling thinks has been responsible this could not have happened. His “responsible” candidate, no doubt another Bush or Rubio, or worse, would indeed be responsible. Responsible for more debt, wars, death and destruction. His “responsible” candidates will not do a single thing to reverse the course we are on.

Yea. That was what I wanted to say. But you know what? I didn’t have to. Dozens of people had already responded and said it all. And much more. And there were a few RINO’s that agreed with Bolling, but they were a tiny minority.

Here are some of the responses. I will leave out the names, but this post is still up on Facebook. See for yourself here.

  • People are discouraged with politicians.
  • The people are trying to send a message, they’re tired and want change, real change not just words
  • How can anyone vote straight party lines when you tells us one thing an do another.People are so fed up with the status quo and the do nothing Washington takes care of themselves an not the voters shame on you.Its not fear that is driving people to Trump its Washington. He has enough money he can’t be bought like so many in Washington.97000 people are no longer in the work force,Welfare is thriving.It pays to be illegal.Veterans aren’t being taken care of,500 day wait to be evaluated .This country is a mess.I’m sick of the politicians double talk .Hopefully term limits will be set on these lifer dead beats
  • If the Republican Party would listen to the people instead of business as usual and doing nothing but trying their job.
  • That’s what ALL politicians do Virginia, tell people what they WANT to hear. How many other jobs can you work for 2-6 years and come out a millionaire.
  • Ted Cruz is the True conservative here. The Republican establishment is afraid of him.
  • The Republican party needs to get its act together and quit acting like Democrats. People are tired of being lied to.
  • Cruz isn’t a conservative. Not when he supports govt. overreach instead of the citizens in Oregon.
    The Republican party will continue to be a party of losers as long as it tries to be the same thing as Democrats, except for taking stands on social issues that are backward and turn people off. Republicans say one thing, but they govern exactly like Democrats. People know this. And people are angry enough that they’re willing to hang their hopes on a guy like Trump – who might well build the fence, but he’ll be just as statist as the rest.
  • What they say about Trump they used to say about Reagan in 76
  • The party can’t get out a message to save it’s life. LIke it or not, Trump’s been the loudest message ever heard.
  • Bottom line is most Americans are tired of the establishment, myself included…the narrowing margins are ridiculous, John Boehner is a disgrace, Paul Ryan isn’t much better, the RNC is out of touch, and the old guard on both sides care more about their respective political affiliations than the American people. In response to what most Americans fear, their fear is real and continues to be validated….that’s what happened to the party.
  • It is because Trump and Cruz are saying the things we are all seeing.
  • I think the GOP is a lost cause due to it’s lack of leadership
  • America is tired of the PARTY no matter which side you are on! They care about America not the PARTY! If the Congress, Senate and President did the same we wouldn’t be in the state we are in and going down the road we are going! We are all tired of our elected officials just wanting to do what is best for themselves! Trump is a business man and really knows more about dealing foreign Gov.s than any other candidate that I have seen! I agree it is scary but the raod we are on isn’t getting America anywhere but wrecked!
  • I do not believe anyone in our party loves Mr. Reagan and what be stood for more than me, but remember he was the outsider when be ran, the establishment wanted Bush. I don’t think the problem is with what the party finds conservative, it is what the establishment t wants to call conservative. Like it or not Trump is simply brave enough to say what most of us are thinking and the pc police tell us we cannot. I will also remind you, Trex was sent to Washington as a VP so the political establishment could nuetralize him. He seems to have been OK as President.
  • Bill, I can answer that question. We’ve been ignored for 4-7 years and we are in search of a leader. It doesn’t appear anyone can bring a stop to the Socialism agenda on the current team…..
  • The party left Reagan a long time ago.
  • The Republican party is to blame for Trump. They were given a shot in 2010 and have done nothing. Said they needed the Senate. We gave them the Senate and they have done nothing. They just keep giving in to obama without anything in return and he keeps blaming them for all that’s broken. We want someone that will stand up for our values. Is there risk? Yes but at this point no one is stepping up. Bush has shown us just how weak he is. The people like Cruz and Paul have been demonized by the mainstream GOP. Let’s face it, it is time for change.

And there are many, many more.

You see, Bill, you represent the failures of the last couple of decades. Your Milquetoast brand of “Conservatism” is an ever changing experiment in redefinition. People have blindly followed the GOP for years. Like robots (or Cantor Zombies) marching to the polls, voting straight Republican and expecting things to get better. Expecting Republicans to keep their promises. Can’t you see it? We have supported losers like McCain and Romney. We supported “W” and he managed to make Obama appealing. Nothing will change if we nominated Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich or any of the RINO pack. It will be more of the same.

Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina have had such appeal because they are not moderate mainstream Republicans who are responsible for the state we find ourselves in.

We tried it your way. We followed you. In your second administration Republicans were given the three top offices in Virginia. We ended up with the largest tax hike in Virgin9ia history and a governor who is praying the Supreme Court will hear his corruption case and keep him out of jail.

In 2010 we gave Republicans the House and took the gavel from Nancy Pelosi. In 2014 we added the Senate to the Republican column. And what has changed?

Nothing! Not a damn thing.

John Boehner squandered his power and it became his downfall. The Senate has done absolutely nothing. Paul Ryan gave Obama everything he dreamed of and more. Pelosi and Harry Reid marveled at the stupidity of the Republicans cave on the Omnibus bill and wouldn’t have dared to spend money that recklessly. Your “responsible” RINO’s were ridiculed by the likes of Pelosi and Reid for their spending. And it was not even Conservative spending. It was the left’s bucket list.

And Cruz is being rewarded for having the stones to shut down the government over Conservative principles. And what do you do, Bolling? You ridicule him. You promise Dave Brat that you will not forget his “betrayal” in voting against Boehner. Brat actually listened to the voters, something the 7th District was not accustomed to under the Cantor machine.

The people who are supporting Trump and Cruz want a candidate that will address the problems facing America.

We have a president now who is proud of leading from behind. But what Americans find even more disgusting than “leading from behind” is leaders who chase Democrats.

We are fed up. We have watched the RINO Republicans fail to deliver on a single promise over and over again.

This time we have choices. This time we have an opportunity to actually elect a candidate that won’t cave in as soon as he is elected.

You may remember Conservatives who vote against the status quo, but America remembers the lies and broken promises you “moderate” Republicans have inflicted on her.

And God willing the Republican Party will soon turn back to the true Conservatism that is Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

Article written by: Tom White

Cruz Campaign Capitalizes on Carson’s Inexperience

Senator Cruz continues to capitalize on Dr. Ben Carson’s inexperience, gaining ground against Carson in Massachusetts. In October, Massachusetts polling data showed Trump with 48%, Carson with 14%, Rubio with 12%, and Cruz with only 5%. In one month, Trump has dropped to 32%, Rubio up to 18%, Cruz at 10%, and Carson dropping all the way to 5%. Now, this early polling in Massachusetts isn’t a good gauge of anything in a vacuum, but considering what we’re seeing in other polls, it appears that Senator Cruz is directly siphoning off votes from Carson.

AP_ted_cruz_jt_150321_16x9_992Obviously, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson share the same constituency; so whichever candidate’s campaign seems the most formidable will likely be the campaign with all the votes at the end of the day. While I have tremendous respect for Dr. Carson and while his campaign staff has proven to be remarkable fund-raisers, they have done a very poor job crafting a clear message. Rand Paul, whom I also respect and support, has suffered from the same lack of message. Over the last few weeks the Rand team finally looks to have simplified its message and to have begun demonstrating why Senator Paul, and no one else, ought to be the Republican Nominee. Too little too late I’m afraid.

The success of the Cruz Campaign can be found in its’ consistency. Republicans are looking for a conservative candidate that walks the walk, and that’s Ted Cruz. That’s been his message from day one. Why is Ben Carson running for President? Why is Ben Carson the best candidate in the Republican field? No one seems to have an answer to those two questions, least of all the Carson Campaign, which is a serious problem. Carson’s support is still strong nationally, because he’s a brilliant man with an admirable character and it’s just hard as heck not to love the guy. However, as he delves into the policy alongside the Governors and Senators, he looks inexperienced.

Why is this important for Cruz in Virginia?

Surprisingly (and I’ve heard few people discussing this) a Mary Washington University Poll in early November showed Carson leading the field in Virginia with 29% of the vote. Trump is in second place in Virginia with 24%. Rubio had 11% and Cruz had 10%. I would imagine, if the same trend holds true in Virginia as it has in Massachusetts and Iowa, we will see Senator Ted Cruz skyrocketing in Virginia. Rubio, Cruz, and Trump could actually be very close together come the next round of Virginia polls. So keep an eye out.

Unfortunately for Carson, candidates who begin these steady, across the board, decreases in their poll numbers, rarely survive. Voters write these candidates off and quickly jump to their next favorite candidate. In both the case of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the number 2 favorite is typically Senator Cruz. With the Republican and Democrat Parties and everyone in the television and print medias targeting Trump, it is hard to imagine Trump hanging on. That isn’t right, by the way. No candidate should lose support because of what the Political Parties say or how viciously the media goes after them. If you agree with a candidates policies, what do you care what the media says? However, this has been the trend over the past several elections. No candidate has survived the blitzkrieg The Donald is facing. Of course, no other candidate has been Donald Trump.

We’ll see what happens. The holidays will speed us through the rest of 2015 and come January 2nd, the primary season will be in fifth gear. Should be fascinating.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Sandy’s ARTICLE on Better Ballot Access OUT Today in Style Weekly!

It’s OUT!  And it’s so much fun to have my name in print again (and I even get a small stipend – enough for a nice dinner for the best looking most wonderful girl in the world!) but the message is clear and compelling:

Here it is at Style.

Couple of highlights:

Virginia has some of the most restrictive ballot-access laws in the nation. Either a political party must get 10 percent of the vote in a statewide election, not counting ones for president, or each statewide candidate for that party must get 10,000 signatures.


All these uncontested elections in Virginia might be nice when the candidates are favorites of yours without opponents, but they’re corrosive to the process in that the incumbents feel less accountable to the people. Such elections also prevent candidates from having mandates when they go to Richmond. Uncontested elections discourage voting even for the occasional contested race on the same ballot.

Read my solution at Style but it is a party-based petition concept.  It is out this week starting today.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

AG Herring Announces $4 Million UPS Settlement – UPS Announces Rate Hike – Virginians Get Screwed

What a tool Virginia elected for Attorney General. This demonstrates the Classic liberal “Progressive” thought process better than anything I can think of off the top of my head.

I just received an email from AG Herring in which he crows about milking UPS – the delivery service that we all use – for $4 million because some state packages arrived late after our tax dollars paid for the faster service.

I admit on the surface that it seems UPS took money and failed to deliver as promised, happens to me all the time. And going after them is a natural response.

Herring wrote in the email:

“Virginia taxpayers paid for guaranteed delivery times and UPS failed to live up to their end of the bargain,” said Attorney General Herring. “We’re working every day to defend the rights of Virginia consumers and their government against corporations that improperly profit at the expense of taxpayers.”

So while the state gets their share of the loot from UPS – a whopping $240,000 for 10 years of late packages (2004 – 2014) what do the taxpayers (and the state) get?

A UPS price hike.

UPS announced yesterday that it has rolled out its 2016 rate increases.

Big Brown said that effective December 28, UPS Ground rates and accessorial charges will head up by an average of 4.9 percent, and UPS Air and International services and accessorials, including UPSAir Freight rates within and between the United States and Canada will increase by an average net of 5.2 percent. And rates for UPS Freight, the company’s less-than-truckload (LTL) segment, will increase 4.9 percent and take effect on October 26.

UPS also said that surcharges for Over Maximum packages and tables for Ground Air and International fuel surcharges will increase on November 2, and on January 4, 2016, it said there will be a charge for the company’s Third-Party Billing Service. For the Third-Party Billing Service, UPS bills shipping charges to a party other than the shipper or receiver, with the third party required to have a valid UPS account number and must have agreed to accept the charges.

Company officials said that rate and surcharge tables are geared to address the impact of increased costs and changing demand for select UPS products and other market factors.

Note the underlined portion in the sentence above. Any idea what the “select” products are? How much you want to bet they are the same products UPS was just forced to pony up $4 million for?

This always happens when government looks out for the little guy.

So your next order from Amazon or EBay will be more expensive.

Thanks Mark Herring. For nothing!!!

Article written by: Tom White

VIDEO: Martha Boneta Documentary – Farming in Fear – MUST SEE

Must see video about the trials and tribulations of Virginia’s favorite Farmer who has battled unbelievable forces to simply farm her land.

An AMAZING Documentary.

Article written by: Tom White

STOP Medicaid Expansion: We Must RE-ELECT Delegate Buddy Fowler

Last night, in Beaverdam, Virginia, the Patrick Henry Tea Party hosted a fantastic candidates forum with Delegate Buddy Fowler, Jr and his Democrat opponent Toni Radler for Delegate, 55th District. Many issues were discussed: Higher Eduction, Taxes, Sludge, the 2nd Amendment, local Food Freedom, Common Core, the troubling behind-closed-doors meetings of the Hanover Board of Supervisors leading to the end of Proffers, Education Funding, Coal Subsidies, a new Nuclear reactor in Lake Anna, Campaign Donations, and the Convention of the States. But the most important difference between these two candidates is their positions on Medicaid Expansion.

Expanding Medicaid in Virginia is Toni Radler’s central plank. Radler argued that Virginia loses 2 billion dollars a year by refusing to expand the entitlement, adding that Medicaid Expansion would also bring thousands of new, high paying jobs to Virginia. Increasing education spending was her second biggest issue, arguing that future job growth in Virginia depends on higher spending on Education by our State government.

Delegate Fowler remains committed to preventing Medicaid Expansion in Virginia, arguing that it would end up consuming our State budget in the years to come. When Toni Radler confirmed that she would not vote for tax increases, Delegate Fowler argued that she would have to if she expanded Medicaid in Virginia. Mr. Fowler also demonstrated that increasing education spending is only half the battle. The most important focus, and his focus over the last two years in Richmond, has been to get more education dollars into our classrooms.

Buddy-FowlerWhile Delegate Fowler represents my interests on the vast majority of issues, it is his opponents promise to bankrupt Richmond with Medicaid Expansion that makes this election crystal clear. We cannot afford to lose a single vote in the House of Delegates on this issue. We all know that Governor McAuliffe is committed to finding some way to expand Medicaid, and putting Toni Radler in the House of Delegates would do exactly that.

Therefore, not only do I endorse Buddy Fowler for Delegate, it is absolutely imperative that the citizens of Caroline, Spotsylvania, and Hanover in the 55th District get out to the polls on November 3rd, and cast their vote against Medicaid Expansion and reelect Buddy Fowler to the House of Delegates.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Request For TEA PARTY Action: Ensure A Conservative On Virginia Ballot!

Like most young men who major in Philosophy, I am the son of a father who is considerably more intelligent than I – the following idea was his and it’s genius.

Virginia TEA PARTY’S – It has come to my attention that conservative candidates have been reaching out to TEA Party’s to help secure enough signatures to get on the ballot in Virginia. Here is the suggestion: get as many signatures for as many conservative candidates as possible to ensure that as the whittling down of candidates begins, Virginia will have at least one Conservative to vote for come the primary.

While working on a separate, unpublished, article, I marveled at the opportunity Virginia has to engage, truly, the best this Republican Party has to offer in 2016. There are so many great candidates, so many great conservative candidates – shouldn’t we be working hard to ensure that we have as many of them on the ballot in Virginia as possible? Who knows who will still be standing when it’s our turn to vote in a Republican Primary.

I ask that every TEA Party Leader in Virginia, reach out to the campaigns of every conservative candidate in the Republican Party, and to work tirelessly to ensure that they get the 10,000 signatures they need to get on the ballot in 2016. Surely, we don’t want a repeat of 2012!


In 2012, we watched conservative after conservative crash and burn under media scrutiny, hype, and chicanery. Let’s ensure this doesn’t happen in Virginia in 2016. This is something the TEA Party is uniquely qualified to accomplish. I leave it in your hands.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

A New Republican Party

In a conversation with a fellow libertarian, we discussed the impact of the civil war within the Republican Party. We brain-stormed solutions, but nothing quite seems feasible, as neither of us can imagine a way to defeat Wall Street, K Street, and the Military Industrial Complex, and all the good old boys running the show in the Republican Party.

The conservative grassroots has put up a number of excellent candidates, but Mitch McConnell succeeded in living up to his promise to crush the TEA Party. Every week there are more examples of just how powerful the Republican Party really is and just how far they are willing to go to abuse the Republican Base.

The Republican Party doesn’t seem interested in their voters. Why should they be? Republicans vote republican regardless of how Republicans behave in office. There is no reason to put up with or to compromise with real conservatives or constitutionalists.

Now the Republican Party is reaching new heights of aggression, stripping conservative congressmen of their committee chairs, sending a clear message that any power or position a Republican Congressman holds in Washington DC depends upon their obedience to Leadership. They are no longer allowed to represent their districts.

The Republican Party is the physical manifestation of the concept of Profit over People. Thankfully, the grassroots republicans, the conservatives and constitutionalists, haven’t given in or up in the face of defeat after defeat. What surprises me (and many libertarians) is that the grassroots runs gentle on rhetoric. Where are the articles entitled, “It’s Time to Purge the Republican Party” or “We Will Crush the Establishment!”?

Sometimes I am curious just how capable of justifiable rage the Republican Base actually is; the ability to drop everything and commit themselves to the utter devastation of their primary and principle enemy, the men and women who run the Republican Party.

This is why I encourage Libertarians to get involved in Republican Politics, because the conservatives and constitutionalists need all the help and firepower they can get. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner serve as bodyguards to Obama and Wall Street, and as relentless advocates for K Street and the Chamber of Commerce. The Republican voter never enters into it. The Republican Voter is nothing, is simply expected to fall in line and to keep voting for these corrupt politicians.

I can’t think of more than one Republican Congressman from Virginia that deserves to keep their position in Washington D.C. Why do we let the rest of them remain? I don’t understand. Why would any Virginia conservative or constitutionalist give money to anything other than those we seek to defeat the Republicans serving Virginia today? Has Rigell or Wittman or Goodlatte done anything worthy of your votes?

Frankly, I don’t care who you replace them with, just replace them. And what in the world is going on in John Boehner’s district? How in the world does that man get reelected?

And McConnell? What in the world was Rand Paul thinking campaigning for that scorpion?

To the grassroots, I say this: Keep fighting and keep fighting hard. This Republican Party needs purging. The corrupt must be sent packing, The only way you’ll ever get a chance to challenge the Democrats is if you get rid of all the Republicans who refuse to oppose them, who trade the integrity of their party for backroom deals and personal wealth and power.

Mark Levin is right. We need a new Republican Party. We need a Republican Party capable of fighting for limited government, American values and culture, and Constitutional integrity. The Republican Party, as it exists today, is nothing by a big government corporatist machine preventing their members from representing, in Congress, the individuals that comprise their districts back home.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker