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Why KW School Board Chairwoman Kathy Morrison should resign immediately

By Bob Shannon Central Garage

Any elected official has an ethical and professional obligation to ensure anything they put their name on is truthful, credible and fact based. What appeared on the KW County School Website ( attached ) is none of those. Ms. Morrison elected to use exaggerated claims under a scenario that both she and the members of the BOS know isn’t true. This was indeed a shameful example of what happens when anyone challenges expenditures of the public’s money. It might also explain why it was pulled from the school website within hours of it’s posting.

Throughout 2015 a contested and very public discussion took place over County spending, to include the School Systems Budget Excesses. These excesses were best exemplified by a widely circulated comparison between Nottoway County Schools and King William County Schools. Nottoway has 6 schools and some 300 more students, to King Williams 4 schools. Nottoway had a school budget last year of 19.9 million vs. King William 25.7 million ( these numbers were taken from each County’s websites) The Debt Service cost from 2015 , the amount of money allocated in each budget for servicing past school debt was 2.3 million in KW County, and $230,000.00 in Nottoway, ( 1/10th what is was here ) clearly indicating which School Board has a more frugal approach to debt and spending someone else’s money.

Even allowing for the 2.3 million in Debt Service Costs King William’s 4 Schools are spending $90,000.00 a week more than Nottoway. You need not be a budget expert to recognize something is terribly wrong. The County Schools do a very good job, this isn’t a criticism about the quality of the schools, just one of Leadership not watching tax payers dollars.

Voters paid attention and voted out 3 sitting members of the BOS after weighing the merits of the public discussion. Ms. Morrison demeans Supervisor Hansen & Supervisor Ehrhart for simply following the wishes and intentions of voters who said ENOUGH !

It is incumbent that someone sitting as the Chair of the School Board display impartiality and honesty in all of their public assertions. Whatever Ms. Morrison’s politics are , are her business. It is however a different story when she allows her personal political beliefs to be injected into what should be a fact based honest discussion on the spending of tax dollars. As such Ms. Morrison should immediately resign from her position on the School Board.


Article written by: Tom White