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West Virginia Passes Right-to-Work – YES West Virginia did1

There are a few headlines I never thought I’d ever write at this blog:

  • Ron Paul elected President
  • UKIP wins a national election
  • West Virginia votes in Right-to-Work

Well, UKIP DID win the EU parliament elections in the UK but Dr. Paul was not elected President!

Here’s the headline and sample paragraph of this article from the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

WV right-to-work, prevailing wage vetoes overridden


West Virginia will become a right-to-work state on July 1, 2016, and the state’s prevailing wage will be repealed 90 days from when the bill is enrolled, sometime in mid-May.

The state Senate voted 18-16, along party lines, to override Tomblin’s veto of right-to-work legislation (SB 1) and his veto of a bill to repeal the state’s prevailing wage law (HB 4005). Every Republican voted in favor of overriding the governor’s vetoes and every Democrat voted against.

The House of Delegates voted 55-43, with solely Republican support, to override the prevailing wage veto and 54-43, again with solely GOP support, to override the right-to-work veto. On both measures, eight Republicans voted with Democrats to uphold the vetoes.

The West Virginia Constitution requires only a majority in each chamber to override a veto.

I am a bit breathless that West Virginia – Wild Wonderful West Virginia – will become a Right-To-Work state.  I think it is safe to say this is very unexpected.  This is not an anti-union position.  I am told that my grandfather George Wesley Hobbs (also was elected to the Auburndale City Council) started a local of the bricklayers union in Florida.  Rather, Right to Work ought to be a Constitutional Right.

But we have seen some amazing advances in this area:  Wisconsin, Michigan and now West Virginia.  (Right to Work also has passed the Missouri legislature but was vetoed by Governor Nixon, a Democrat.)
Conservatives ought to try to visit West Virginia this year or support a WV business or merchant.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders