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Brand New South Carolina Poll – Trump +16 with 36.3%

It has been a while since anyone has released any new polls. The last SC poll was on 1/27, before the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary.

The new poll released by the Augusta Chronicle shows Donald Trump at 36.3% with Ted Cruz at 19.6%. Trump holds a 16.7% lead over Cruz.

As expected, Ohio Governor Kasich has fallen from his second place finish in the New Hampshire primary to single digits.

Trump 36.3
Cruz 19.6
Rubio 14.6
Bush 10.9
Kasich 8.7
Carson 4.7
Undecided 5.2

The poll shows that the three remaining “establishment” candidates Rubio, Bush and Kasich have a combined 34.2% which would put the establishment 2 points behind Trump.

With Carson at under 5% and releasing staff this might just be the last race for the Doctor.

More polls should be released in the next few days. This one shows little movement from previous polls. Will other polling firms find a different story?


Article written by: Tom White