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Bad News for Cruz: His Lead in TEXAS Cut to ONE POINT in New Emerson Poll!

A brand new poll just came out for the Texas Primary, who will hold their vote on Tuesday March 1, 2016, aka “Super Tuesday” and it shows Ted Cruz who adopted Texas as his home state holding a one point lead over Donald Trump.

The poll, by Emerson  shows:

Boston, MA – With less than a week until the Texas GOP presidential primary, Senator Ted
Cruz is edging out his two chief rivals, with Cruz having 29% of the vote followed by Donald
Trump at 28% and Marco Rubio at 25%, according to an Emerson College tracking poll
released today. Ohio’s John Kasich is at 9%, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson comes
in fifth, with 4%.

Texas has 172 delegates and they will be distributed proportionally based on the results of the primary. Cruz needs a big win in Texas as his campaign has begun floundering after falling into 3rd place in the last 3 primaries: New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. The polls have shown Cruz up by as many as 8 points in the previous poll.

The Emerson poll was conducted after the South Carolina Primary and before the conclusion of the Nevada primary. As expected, Donald Trump is showing momentum after a victory in New Hampshire and South Carolina and that may be reflected in this poll. The effects of a huge win in Nevada have yet to be polled, but Trump is leading in Marco Rubio’s home state of Florida by 21 points in the Real Clear Politics averages with the latest polls being conducted prior to both the Nevada and the South Carolina Trump victories.

Trump also has a 5 point lead in Ohio where Ohio Governor John Kasich was expecting a win. And again, the polls were taken prior to the SC and NV Trump victories.

No matter how the candidates not named Donald Trump spin things, all of them as in trouble even in their own states.

Tuesday will tell us a lot about the nominee. Many pundits are already calling this race over. And it may well be. But Super Tuesday is do or die for all of the candidates. A big day for Trump will ensure he has the nomination as momentum builds with each victory.

Article written by: Tom White