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McDougle Expungement Bill Passes Senate Committee!

While we are talking about my senator – Ryan McDougle – I am pleased to see his expungement bill pass a senate committee.  Here’s the story from the R T-D:

Sen. Ryan T. McDougle, R-Hanover — a law-and-order conservative leader and chairman of the Senate’s Republican caucus — acknowledged to the Senate Courts of Justice committee on Wednesday that historically he has been reluctant to support legislation expanding expungement of criminal offenses.

But McDougle, a lawyer and a legislator since 2002, said he’s begun to see on a daily basis that the real-life impact of some laws passed in the General Assembly is far more significant than what lawmakers intended. He noted that one of his clients, a medical student, had trouble getting a residency because of one charge of underage possession of alcohol.


Of course, there should not be an absolute prohibition of alcohol for those 18-20 years old – that was the result of meddling by the Federal Government egged on by do-gooders – that is a pure state issue.  But this bill shows vision.  Thanks Senator McDougle!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders