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Del. Rasoul’s Political Party Bill will be in Elections Subcommittee Tuesday 7:30 AM!

The bill to open up the state political system from Del. Sam Rasoul will be debated at 730am next Tuesday (October 9) in the House Elections Subcommittee.  Here are the Elections Subcommittee members:


House Privileges and Elections
Sub-Committee: Elections


Ransone (Chairman), Landes, Fowler, Adams, Sickles, Torian, Cole


Tuesday, 7:30 a.m., 9th Floor Appropriations Room

It might be good to contact them.  It may be difficult for me to be there that early with taking kids to school etc but I do support reducing the percentage from ten to five percent.  Feel free to politely contact these delegates and let them know how you feel.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Del. Jennifer McClellan Signs On to the Statewide Indigent Defense Study Bill

Good News!  I just heard that Del. Jennifer McClellan has co-sponsored the statewide indigent defense study bill:


SJ 51 Comprehensive indigent defense system; State Crime Commission to study.

Where’s a Republican co-sponsor?  I do not know the deadline on it but I’d say contact Senator Dance and let her know you are on board!

In the meantime, can thank Del. McClellan (and the other co-sponsors) by clicking on her name and sending her office an email.

It is in Senate Rules chaired by MY senator:  Ryan McDougle.  Could you let him know that you’d like to see better indigent defense services in Virginia.  Here is his site for info.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders