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I Don’t Support Marco Rubio but he NAILED One Debate Question!

I am not endorsing Marco Rubio; I am sticking with Governor Gilmore but I turned the debate on (I watched most of the undercard and thought Gilmore did best with Huckabee a close second) and Senator Rubio got a question that alluded to him as the “savior” of something – the Republican Party I think and he nailed it when he opened up with this (A paraphrase):

“There was a Savior and it isn’t me – Jesus Christ is the Savior and He died for my sins.”

I was thinking (one time I helped an attorney on an appeal and I was called the “savior” and I felt convicted by the Lord that I better deal with that and I said something very similar to that legal assistant) what will Rubio say about that?  And he nailed it.

Rubio is a fabulous speaker and I do not understand why he has not done better.  Probably the association with NY Senator Schumer and the immigration mess has hurt him.  Maybe his polished skills are a detriment in this outsider year.  (Too bad Ron Paul is not ten years younger – he’d be right in the mix this election.)

But Rubio’s confession of Christ Jesus as Savior when he was called the “savior” of the GOP, is something I thought was right and wonderful!  Yes I know he wants the huge evangelical vote in Iowa and other places but it was the right thing to say.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders