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Sports Hall of Fame Killed in Senate Finance – 15-0!

I was not there but the news is great:

SB 28 Virginia Sports Hall of Fame; created, report.

02/11/16  Senate: Passed by indefinitely in Finance (15-Y 0-N)

YEAS–Norment, Hanger, Howell, Saslaw, Lucas, Newman, Ruff, Wagner, McDougle, Vogel, Carrico, Alexander, Obenshain, Barker, Dunnavant–15.



This is a great victory over the continuing attempt to subsidize private events and organizations with taxpayer dollars.  But these ideas will continue – until it is clear the people will not stand for it.

I again thank Senator McDougle for his leadership on this.  Let’s thank him and the others, too.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

If One of These State Senators is YOUR State Senator – email ’em and Ask them to Vote to Study Better Indigent Defense in VA!

If one of these senators is YOUR senator, email them right away – while snowed in is great time to do it! and ask them (politely of course) to vote for the Dance Indigent Defense Study Bill (SJ 51)!

Senate Rules


McDougle (Chairman), Norment, Hanger, Newman, Ruff, Wagner, Obenshain, Vogel, Stuart, Stanley, Carrico, Reeves, Saslaw, Locke, Dance

If you click on the name, you’ll find his or her email.  If this bill gets out of Rules, it can and should go to the floor.  I do not know yet when this bill will be discussed but I hope to be there to speak to it!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders