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Fatal Attraction? Virginia Attorney Realtor To Explain Unhinged Reign of Terror to Jury in Martha Boneta Case


Fatal Attraction? Virginia Attorney Realtor To Explain Unhinged Reign of Terror to Jury

Timothy R. Dabolina, Richmond Virginia

On Tuesday, January 19th, Patricia Thomas wearing fluffy mink fur trim, appeared smug and at times made scornful faces during a court room hearing in Fauquier County, Virginia. Patricia Thomas, the defendant, is an attorney and realtor in Middleburg, Virginia.

Martha Boneta, owner of a family farm located on the edge of the Shenandoah Valley in Fauquier County about 55 miles west of Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit against realtors Philip and Patricia Thomas for Conspiracy and Tortious Malicious Interference for abuse and harassment. Thomas, an attorney, used her personal law firm in her capacity as an agent for her husband’s real estate firm in a land grab scheme that included years of harassing behavior. The elaborate mile long documented web of shameful tactics spun by the wealthy land barons who coveted Boneta’s farm is exposed for all to see in documents filed with the court in a lawsuit filed by Boneta:

The defendant, Thomas, will now have to explain why she used her position of power for her own personal gain in a failed land grab plot. In addition to a trail of evidence that reads more like a Stalker Episode on Forensic Files, Thomas also made a hysterical 911 call about the farmer’s animals, contacted all of the farmer’s neighbors, multiple government agencies, interfered with Boneta’s mortgage and was the architect of an organized attempt to force the farmer off of her land. Even more creepy, Thomas collected pictures of Boneta, her personal home, vehicles, farm and animals and kept records of Boneta on social media.

The obsessive persecution of Boneta sounds like a scorned mistress’s revenge. Thomas sent a picture of an abused horse, but wait for it…. the picture Thomas sent was taken from an internet website of a horse in Australia. Meanwhile, the Boneta family farm is located in Paris, Virginia. Thomas also made fabricated reports about Boneta’s Ostrich. The only problem is that Boneta has never had an ostrich.

Documents show that Attorney Thomas spent hours, days, weeks and months over the course of several years trying to destroy the farmer’s business and cause problems for the farmer in her county by making bizarre reports to numerous government agencies. The magnitude of evidence shows a disturbing pattern of greed unhinged with temper tantrums when Thomas did not have her demands met by government agents to act as surrogates for Thomas’s harassment.

Enter Rhonda Sherwood, the “personal assistant” who also lives in one of Thomas’s multiple rental properties. Sherwood, signed and submitted an affidavit complaint about Boneta to zoning. TheMartha2 affidavit was authored by Thomas and resulted in Boneta’s farm being shuttered.

The horrific actions of Thomas had consequences. The farm was shut down numerous times with extraordinary damage to the farmer’s business likely costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Saying their multi-year, well-documented harassment of a local farmer does not mean they “should have to be dragged through protracted, expensive litigation,” this powerful Virginia husband-and-wife real estate team has put forward a novel argument in their defense: We should not be held liable for the pain and financial loss we inflicted on our neighbor; she should suck it up because our acts were a mere “irritation and distraction.” Could this be Virginia’s first Affluenza defense? – See more at:

How dare the rubes stand up to landed gentry! Small wonder that Boneta has been awarded one of America’s most Amazing Women for her struggle that is the subject of an award-winning documentary, “Farming in Fear.” Click to watch now.

Unlike the fictional movie drama “Fatal Attraction”, the Thomas reign of terror has hurt real people and devastated a family that just wanted to be left alone to farm in peace.

Article written by: Tom White