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They’re BACK! Some of my Many Detractors! Let’s cover the comments so far…

I can only warn Del. Peace – he may become more popular than sex like Bill Janis is!

I got many comments on the contested race in the 97th.  Now in the interest of disclosure, I felt I ought to say which camp I am in (I do admit I did not know about Erica Lawler at the time I advised Chris of my intentions.  I also will say that I already have committed to working hard for Del. Buddy Fowler in his rematch with Democrat Toni Radler.) and all of a sudden I got comments.  Tom White’s going take me off the UKIP beat and make me cover local races!

Lets take a few comments for analysis.

Bob S. accused me of not knowing enough about the other candidates.  He’s partly right.  But I had researched Nathan Cox.  And I did not know about (as I stated above) Erica Lawler at the time.  Of course I can keep an open mind but I also tend to vote and favor the Republicans (although not always – see Clement, Whitt and Sarvis, Robert) in general elections.

Now Chris Peace’s voting record is movement conservative for the most part.  (Peace had 80% in 2014, 89% in 2103 but 55% in 2012 from the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and 100% from the Family Foundation.)  Any fault I could raise is that he might not seek out issues like I do to champion.  Maybe I can influence him toward that study of the statewide indigent defense system and maybe better divorce laws.  Also term limits and initiative and referendum in the Commonwealth.

Thanks for coming by Bob S. (not Robert Shannon by the way):

There was a supporter of Cox coming by and then we have the third rail in local politics – appointments to commissions in Hanover County.  Jordan W. criticizes Del. Peace for his wife, Ashley being also on the Hanover Planning Commission.  I think it is a point to bring out.  I would not encourage my spouse to serve on a board like this (and she wouldn’t) even if there was no smoke or fire.  And I have not seen/heard of any smoke or fire arising from that appointment made not by Chris but by Supervisor Elton Wade.  Now I still regard Wade as a paragon of integrity but some disagree based on the ill-fated and misleading “crossing guard” fiasco and Wade’s admission he made a promise to place Norm Sulser on the school board.  I do not believe there was a deal – what would the parties gain/lose?  It is true it could be the political version of an arranged marriage between European princes.  But again, where the proof?

It remains to be seen if the voters find this a compelling reason to vote against Peace or vote again [for] Peace.  Thanks for coming by, Jordan W.

But Jordan W. in his/her second post gets in MY LANE and nearly causes a fender bender with this:

Well that should get his attention- the man who wants to be a judge and is sucking up to his Delegate who unfortunately in Virginia appoints the judges.

Sandy – your moral compass is tilting as a result of your desire to be a judge.

Eddie Whitlock wants to be a judge and got in the state senate race as a spoiler for HIS DELEGATE BILL JANIS. The plan was for Whitlock to peel off just enough votes in a 3 way race to insure Janis would win the senate seat. Eddie would get his judgeship for being such a good establishment GOP Soldier. They never saw Dunnavant, her lobby money, and Stosch’s endorsement coming. The rest is history.

Don’t be a suck up to Chris Peace- you used to be above that.

Let me start with the Whitlock thing:  I am not aware of any judicial ambition concerning Whitlock.  Running against the ultimate winner is not usually a winning strategy to garner a judgeship.

Now I think if you asked Del. Peace he’d say I have been respectful but not always a wanton cheerleader for him every time.  How about this article that arose when Chris asked me to look into this issue (raised by a Tea Party sign) of whether the delegate voted to expand Medicaid in a prior budget.  Here’s the post – I said well, maybe yes and maybe no.  Both sides can argue they are right.

Now if I were to “suck up” to Chris, I’d written exactly what he wanted.  Now no one said I was wrong on my post.  Furthermore, I am sure in the matter of judges, most delegates and senators try to do their best on it.  (I am not unaware of politics in judicial or other appointments and to some extent it is true that it is by the grace of God we get good judges.  But most of the time they get it right.)

I think I would not want to endorse Robert Sarvis or give good ink at this blog to libertarians if I was just sucking up to legislators to become a judge.  Finally, there is presently no vacancy in Hanover nor statewide and may not be for years to come.


I am sure Chris wasn’t crazy about this in this very blog post:

It is good for the electoral system for there to be opposition (even if sometimes it is nice to see no opponent for a cycle or two for a candidate you like) and I hope these campaigns (including Delegate Peace) will bring forth new ideas and engage the electorate.  Have at it!

Let’s move on…

Sydney Moser says Del. Peace has an opponent because he did not do enough to fight sludge and is in effect a lobbyist for Smithfield.

Now I have heard this charge and I asked Chris about it and he said this was simply not true.  There is another side to the Q but it remains an open question – a respected environmental lawyer that I know versus the Attorney General of Virginia – until presented to the voters.

Finally, Supervisor Wayne Hazzard is encouraged by Mr. and Mrs. Green Jeans to get the county to sue DEQ to stop industrial sludge.  That is out of my lane!  Talk to your supervisor about that.

In sum, let’s keep it clean and I encourage the candidates and their supporters to apply the Other Whitlock Test:  Would Eddie say it and if not – don’t do it!





Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders