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I Don’t Support Marco Rubio but he NAILED One Debate Question!

I am not endorsing Marco Rubio; I am sticking with Governor Gilmore but I turned the debate on (I watched most of the undercard and thought Gilmore did best with Huckabee a close second) and Senator Rubio got a question that alluded to him as the “savior” of something – the Republican Party I think and he nailed it when he opened up with this (A paraphrase):

“There was a Savior and it isn’t me – Jesus Christ is the Savior and He died for my sins.”

I was thinking (one time I helped an attorney on an appeal and I was called the “savior” and I felt convicted by the Lord that I better deal with that and I said something very similar to that legal assistant) what will Rubio say about that?  And he nailed it.

Rubio is a fabulous speaker and I do not understand why he has not done better.  Probably the association with NY Senator Schumer and the immigration mess has hurt him.  Maybe his polished skills are a detriment in this outsider year.  (Too bad Ron Paul is not ten years younger – he’d be right in the mix this election.)

But Rubio’s confession of Christ Jesus as Savior when he was called the “savior” of the GOP, is something I thought was right and wonderful!  Yes I know he wants the huge evangelical vote in Iowa and other places but it was the right thing to say.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

The REAL Answer to the Incarceration Issue

I have written about overcriminalization and incarceration.  But laws and legislation can only do so much.  The issue is primarily spiritual.

Let’s hope and pray for a Holy Ghost revival in America and around the world.  That will certainly help!  Here is where to find out more about trusting in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  And if you are interested in a church home, go to this, the denomination I am a member of – the Church of the Nazarene.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders