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From the Thank UKIP Department: The Racist BNP has lost 99.7% of it’s Support and is Now Not a Legal Political Party!

This is a great story in the Daily Mail:

The BNP is removed from the official list of political parties after its vote collapsed by 99.7 per cent and it failed to pay £25 fee

I can say this is primarily due to the rise of UKIP (where you cannot even become a member of UKIP if you ever were a member of the British National Party, among other parties and groups) as a legitimate anti-EU libertarian-leaning sovereignty party.
So raise up a sweet tea in salute (The Brits might say, Hear!  Hear!) of UKIP that has now driven the BNP out of British politics.  I doubt the left will offer that toast.  But I do!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders