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If Only Richmond had a King William Tea Party to Deal With the Schools!

How do you like this ad:

You should see this ad shortly in King William.  Is this effective:  I heard second-hand that one person refused to run for a KW office because his wife did not want to see her husband’s name on those “damned signs”.  Good.

King William County can be the Virginia Carroll County MD.  Hat tip to Bob Shannon for the okay to run this ad.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Fraudulent Language Becoming Common Among Public Officials

By Bob Shannon Central Garage

I left the Joint BOS & School Board meeting Tuesday evening feeling elated. It was quite a contrast to the night before and the surreal atmosphere shamefully brought on by just such use of the now common fraudulent language being employed so public sector officials insure they get their way, facts be damned. Puzzled for years when I would hear that school/county employees hadn’t had a raise in XXX years , after sitting in the very room just months before witnessing the raises given to both county and school employees, I just could not understand how they could make those statements knowing they were false………until Tuesday night when I finally figured it out.   What I am about to describe is “ learning a new language”

If my Boss gives me a pay raise of $100 a month, and consequently my phone bill that same month increases $100——well according to their “ interpretation” I did not get a raise ? Yes, that is correct I received an “ offset” a new word created in the Bizzaro world of the public sector. In the Power point presentation by Deb Stickly it states that school employees hadn’t had a raise in XXX years ? One is reminded of the old adage , “ it’s takes years to build your integrity and minutes to destroy it” But heh, isn’t it her job to carry the message after all ? report pdf

Visit this site which tracks annually for each locality the changes in school employee salaries and any raises /adjustments PAY ATTENTION TO PAGES 17—19 where you will read the commentary box by each county ( info submitted by the schools ) Under King William you will read the following quote:   “all teachers received a salary step increase plus a salary scale adjustment of 2-4%. In addition the division increased all salaries to account for the increase in employee VRS contributions from 1-5%”   ????? Confused—so was I

The term “offset” and understanding how the public sector mindset works, if the schools give their employees a raise to “ offset” the increase in say for example health insurance premiums, according to their language………that wasn’t a pay raise—that is an offset ? Catching on yet ?

If the county /schools give out a pay raise to “offset” the required contributions to VRS, …..well that isn’t a pay raise ….that is an “ offset”

Next time your company gives you a pay raise, if you are also experiencing any other expense increasing simultaneously , go tell your employer of the new LANGUAGE,

“ boss I haven’t had a raise in XXX years” “ No Joe, I just gave you a raise last month” “ But Boss, that was just an offset”… “ Joe, find somewhere else to work, maybe the public schools”


Article written by: Tom White

Did they miss the election in King William?

elections-have-consequencesBy Bob Shannon Central Garage

Our critics portend to speak for others , is it possible that the local TEA Party indeed represents the views of those very voters who sent 3 sitting Supervisors packing ? Perhaps these same folks who use terms like “ we” when referencing just who wants higher levels of spending each year might consider that their views are the ones that are out of lockstep with the KW public, if the election results are to mean anything.

One of the most disturbing tactics our opponents are employing is the obviously insincere attempts at flattering Supervisor Stephen Greenwood, coming from individuals who never supported Supv. Greenwood, yet today use thinly veiled reference’s , stating that Greenwood has demonstrated a willingness to serve the majority of residents in King William. Does Mr. Mills mean the majority that threw out the tax and spend crowd, or what constitutes the majority as he defines it , or wishes it were. Can this man count ? Did he watch the MAJORITY of voters who declared they had enough ? Voters moved the Oligarchs cheese.

Greenwood has a record of advocating for spending cuts . Mr. Mills and Wagner insult the intellect of both Greenwood and voters with their thinly veiled efforts at manipulation. Our group has always supported and admired Supv. Greenwood, and I don’t recall either of these gentlemen being there . Stephen is too smart to fall for their disingenuous deceit. Through two election cycles I collected signatures, put out yard signs and worked the phones for Greenwood, I don’t recall Mr. Mills or Wagner being a part of that effort. I’ve witnessed Greenwood take on Tom Redd, and Trent Funkhouser, along with Travis Moskalski. Greenwood is the only one on that last Board with any principles . Our groups admiration is sincere and long standing, unlike these Johnny come lately’s .

Wagner splits hairs when he states…. “ Greenwood in his four years on the board has done an exemplary job holding the other board members in check by voting time and again to cut spending, however his fiscal conservatism was not and is not based on the agenda of the TEA Party “. NEWS FLASH Mr. Wagner—our agenda as you say is just that fiscal conservatism. The TEA Party “agenda” that these critics rail about apparently found favor with the voters,

Readers with the interest that are following all of this might just ask this one question. Isn’t it interesting that those advocating for “ unsurpassed services and excellent education” are more often than not the same ones who hide behind every corner of the tax code they can find to minimize their own contributions to these services they claim so dearly to care about. Now there’s an AGENDA.


Article written by: Tom White

Two or Three or so More Ideas for Ambitious Politicians!

Some of this will be review for my legislative readers and some might be new but try out these ideas for next session:

  • Term Limits – the GOP should simply sign on to Del. Rasoul’s bill (actually a state constitutional amendment) on term limits.
  • Initiative and referendum – yes there are states with ridiculous ballot questions (California and Ohio come readily to mind) but there needs to be a check on the legislature – I am told by Bob Shannon that term limits in the 15 or so states where they have it only have come about when the voters placed it on the ballot and passed it.  We need that safety value.
  • Ending non-judicial foreclosure.  If you want to stand up for the little guy/gal – let’s insist we have some sort of judicial foreclosure procedure – let a judge – even if it is General District Court only – by a standardized form – review the procedure and ensure it is right.  My hero, Henry McLaughlin, an attorney downtown, has won a case or two at the state supreme court showing how laws were not followed by mortgage companies (I used to say that mortgage companies were one of the best arguments for communism I know of!); so it ought to be passed.  Several years ago, Senator McEachin introduced (and I blogged in support of it!) a judicial foreclosure bill to apply to future mortgages but if it is consistent with the Contract Clause of the Constitution (can’t be a constitutionalist and break it when convenient!) some sort of summary oversight could be added to the procedure to make sure the mortgage foreclosure procedure was followed.  Give that power to General District Court with appeal to Circuit Court upon payment of a bond.
  • Administrative salaries in higher education – I read that VCU is about to hive off a NINTH vice president.  I thought when I read it (because I read a Heritage Foundation report I got from Bob Shannon) it’s too much administration in higher education (and probably in primary/secondary ed too) and then I went to this site and found that approximately the top fifty (Let’s capitalize that for emphasis:  I said TOP FIFTY) employees at VCU earn over 200k a year (I think the governor earned about 200k last year although that might not include use of mansion and perks associated therein)  Where’s the liberal outrage at income inequality in the public sector?  The libs are all ready to rage at CEOs making 200 times or some number like that the lowest guy/gal on totem pole and that is none of their business.  But this is mostly if not all taxpayers’ money.  And the colleges always want more tax dollars and to also raise tuition, too.  Some ambitious pol in the legislature could ride this issue all the way to the governor’s mansion and beyond perhaps.  Because parents all over but especially in Hampton Roads and NOVA hate tuition hikes.  Set up a temporary subcommittee on appropriation, budget or education committees and subpoena the college presidents and simply ask them:  Do you need fifty people over $200k?  Really?  How about other areas of waste in higher ed?  I’d set up (buy it if I had to at my expense) at 800 number for anonymous reporting of waste and fraud in higher ed.  You’d get a lot of cranky stories but a few nuggets might emerge.  How about dorm fees for example?  How about perks for senior professors?  And budget cuts tend to fall on the backs of the ordinary people working there.
  • Reform of divorce laws – again support the little guy or gal!  We need to consider ditching fault, shortening separation periods, more standardized forms, abolishing the loss of spousal support if the party is at fault (usually adultery), discouraging spousal support altogether except for limited times or special circumstances (long marriage and educational disparity perhaps) and maybe this bill is a step in the right direction (although largely symbolic) that Delegate Albo came up with to replace visitation with the term “parenting time”.  I am not sold on all these ideas but especially Republicans need to consider it.

It will not violate the grand larceny threshold if the pols “steal” these ideas for the good of the Commonwealth.  Stand for the right, support guns, pro-life, lower taxes and regulations etc. but help the little guy/gal and we can win elections.  Who’ll do it?

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders