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Sandy’s (Sort of) Live Blog of the Ted Cruz Rally in Mechanicsville! (PS: I Think Cruz is Right about Whether he Supported Legalization in ’13)

I tried to live blog from the Mechanicsville Ted Cruz rally at Life Church (right across the street from my church – Hope Community Church of the Nazarene!) but I could not find a Internet connection BUT my bloggers’ credentials were accepted and I got to see a real Presidential candidate press conference. I thought I recognized a few faces but I really was a tiny observer.

First I met Shak Hill (would have shaken his hand but I am fighting a cold) and he is impressive in how he carries himself. Glad to finally meet him.

I was ushered into a press conference and it was exciting.  Senator Cruz came in with Santa Claus and they bantered a bit and then Cruz made a short statement and took questions. He said the omnibus budget bill was a betrayal (I think that is the word he used.)

When he took questions, the place erupted for questions – I was a bit in awe – little ol’ blogger me at a presser for a Presidential candidate. I didn’t have a chance for a question.

There was a huge issue about whether Cruz stood for some sort of legalization of illegal immigrants and he denied it. He said that there was a one page amendment (I think I did find that amendment – it was 2013 after all.  Here is the potential amendment.) that said no illegal immigrant could become a citizen. The general tone of the press is that Cruz is wrong. But Cruz replied that [Senator Marco] Rubio was for amnesty and he is not – Cruz used this term:

Ted is telling the truth – Marco is not!

Nice phrase. Very effective.

Here is the text of the amendment I think the Texas senator was referring to:

SA 1323. Mr. CRUZ submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by him to the bill S. 744, to provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes; which was ordered to lie on the table; as follows:

On page 1076, strike line 20 and insert the following:


Notwithstanding any provision of this Act or any other provision of law, any alien who, after entering or remaining in the United States while not in lawful status under the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.), was granted legal status under section 245B of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as added by section 2101, including aliens described in section 245D(b)(1) of such Act, or blue card status under section 2211, regardless of the alien’s legal status at the time the alien applies for a benefit described in paragraph (1) or (2), shall not be eligible for–

(1) any Federal, State, or local government means-tested benefit; or

(2) any benefit under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Pub. L. 111-148).


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, aliens granted registered provisional immigrant status under section 245B of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as added by section 2101, including aliens described in section 245D(b)(1) of such Act, and aliens granted blue card status under section 2211 are permanently ineligible to become naturalized citizens of the United States, except for aliens granted asylum pursuant to section 208 of such Act (8 U.S.C. 1158).

It is difficult to be completely sure but I read this Cruz amendment as being anti-citizenship and not a positive authority for legalization of illegal status.  This amendment says if the illegal immigrants get legal status, they cannot be a citizen.  Ever.  And illegals cannot get welfare benefits or benefits under Obamacare.

Cruz also said Senators Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions agree with him on this question. Cruz accused the press of trying to start a “cage match” and the Establishment wants to divide the conservative voters so they win. But the conservatives are beginning to unite behind his campaign.

Can you win the general election, one reporter asked and Cruz said that millions of disaffected conservatives, Christians, and Reagan Democrats will return to the polls to vote for Cruz. He promised to stand for the ordinary lunch pail worker in places like Ohio and Michigan.

The senior pastor at Life Church made a short but fiery statement supporting the question: Why in a church? Because churches have been used since the beginning of American history for the cause of liberty.

The pastor then introduced former AG Ken Cuccinelli and Cuccinelli indicated his support for the candidate right here in Mechanicsville.

Cuccinelli introduced the senator and told some stories about him, one of whom was the sovereignty case (I cheered and others in the press around me did not like it) and I wrote about that here and another article here.  I got the blog to endorse Cruz for Senate from Texas [Ron Paul was not running!] way back then!

Cuccinelli also indicated he gave the maximum personal contribution to the Cruz campaign.

They are showing a video about the senator.  There is certainly some excitement in the hall for Cruz coming forward to speak. I do not think I will get to meet him. (Of course I met Governor Jindal and Mitt Romney and they lost so maybe I better not try! Cruz was on the other side and I can’t shake his hand anyway!)  [Blogger’s note: I DID meet Senator Cruz – did not shake his hand but got his autograph and spoke with him for a minute.  I also said hello to Cong. Brat, too!)

It took several minutes for Cruz to work his way through the crowd and now he is at the stage

He thanked Ken Cuccinelli for his support. Said he would have made a great governor. The people are still standing and Cruz just introduced Cong. Dave Brat who got a huge ovation (me too! The press corps may be hating me right now!) “Dave and I spent all morning in Washington, D.C., and we’re glad to be back in America!” Great laughter and applause.

Cruz started in on the Democrats: We have a wild-eyed socialist and we have Bernie Sanders!

The venue for the next Democratic debate: They’re holding it at Leavenworth – so Hillary will know it well! Tremendous applause and laughter for that line that I did not join – well I chuckled a bit!

Look forward to January 2017 – the first day of a Cruz Presidency – he promised a recession of every illegal, unconstitutional executive order from the Obama years

The second thing is to ask Justice to investigate Planned Parenthood and the horrible videos and to prosecute “any and all criminal conduct” found. Department of Justice should be beyond political reproach. Tremendous ovation!

Third: End religious discrimination in the US – specifying the military and the case against the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Fourth: Rip up the Iran nuclear deal! Huge applause for this. “Under NO circumstances will Iran ever acquire a nuclear weapon!”

Fifth: The US Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem. Tremendous applause – I joined in!

That’s Day One!

There are 365 days in a year, four years in a Presidential term and foru more years in another Cruz term.

We will repeal “every word” of Obamacare (I am for that but I am too busy writing!) and also instruct the Department of Education that “Common Core ends today!” And we will secure our borders and end sanctuary cities. 360 jurisdictions that are sanctuary cities will lose “every penny” of Federal aid, pass Kate’s Law and no more welfare for illegals.

We will rebuild our military and keep our promises ot every solder, sailor and Marines. Including the right to keep and bear arms by our military so the jihadists will get “the business end” of a firearm from a dozen Marines. The President will say the words: Radical Islamic Jihad and we will “utterly and completely destroy ISIS”

Will work to reform the EPA, the Consumer Protection agency and the “alphabet soup” of regulatory agencies so they do not kill jobs.

Will pass fundamental tax reform – a simple flat tax – “every American can fill out your taxes on a post card” and abolish the IRS! Convert the IRS employees to border patrol.

This is “basic common sense” – live within your means, don’t bankrupt your kids, a

It is 1979 all over again! Exact same countries – Russia and Iran – are threats again. No wonder Jimmy Carter likes what President Obama is doing! (A fair amount of ironic applause here) But Reagan came in and there was a renaissance of American opportunity.

I am optimistic! A wave of revival and renewal is sweeping this nation.

NYTimes says – Cruz cannot win – the DC elites despise Cruz! That is why I ran! Take back our nation! Cruz is wrapping up. Closed with this: Freedom is not an abstract concept – Cruz talks about his father – fought in the Cuban Revolution and was jailed by Batista and tortured. He was released and came to USA with $100 and started working for fifty cents a hour as a dishwasher. Today he is a pastor and tours the USA preaching the Gospel. This is a story – commonplace – some it is us, some is our parents and others long long ago but we all came from someone who gave up what he had for freedom and opportunity. Rafael Cruz said, “I had a place to go to (the USA) but we dare not lose our freedoms here! Nowhere else to go! Establish that shining city of a hill that is America! God bless America!

Some observations:  Yes I agreed with just about all of it; I am still of course for Jim Gilmore as long as he is in the race (he will very likely be on the Virginia ballot according to this report!) but I am very interested in Cruz.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders