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More People WOULDN’T Vote than WOULD Vote for These 7 GOP Candidatese

Ok. The really big news is that Trump is killing everyone else in the polls by a huge margin. Trump brings in 35.4% in the Reuters Polling rolling average.

The rest of the candidates are, frankly doing horrible.

Second place, such as it is, belongs to Ben Carson, but only at 12%. Trump nearly triples Carson.

Third place is Marco Rubio at at 10.5% followed by Ted Cruz at 9.7%.

Jeb Bush is in 5th place with 8.4% and Chris Christie follows with 4.8%.

7th Place is held by people who wouldn’t bother to vote at 4.7% which means that Fiorian (3.6%), Huckabee (2.9%), Santorum (2.4%), Paul (1.9%), Graham (1.6%), Pataki (0.7%) and Gilmore who does not even register at 0%.

Article written by: Tom White