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Good News from Green Party Leader Jill Stein: The Waste of Time in Paris was a…well…Waste of Time!

I do not often agree with likely 2016 Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein (I admire her greatly for standing for what she thinks is right but she is usually wrong) but I do agree with this from her final report from the Waste of Time (COP21) in Paris:

(PARIS) “The United Nations climate summit (COP21) has failed to take the action necessary to prevent global climate catastrophe,” said Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein as she prepared to depart Paris, where she had participated in several COP-related events.

According to Stein, “The voluntary, unenforceable pledges being produced by COP21 are entirely insufficient to prevent catastrophic climate change. Scientific analysis shows that these pledges will lead us to 3 degrees Celsius global temperature rise – and that will be catastrophic.”

I am glad that we did not try to bind the world or the US to unconstitutional reports to foreign institutions but Stein did call for the taxpayers of the West to “compensate” developing countries:

Stein also faulted the United States and the other industrial nations for failing to adequately fund transition and adaptation efforts by developing countries. According to Stein, “It is the US and major industrialized countries that are primarily responsible for climate change. We have both a moral and legal responsibility to compensate other countries for the damages we have inflicted and to enable them to find sustainable paths to development that will raise their standards of living.”

We have a moral and legal responsibility to help ourselves first and not hit the taxpayer for reparations.

But today let’s raise a sweet tea to the failure of the latest Waste of Time.  Maybe the taxpayers of the nations will demand we save the money and skip the next Waste of Time.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders