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Denmark Rejects Tweedledee-Tweedledum and Says NO to the EU!

A great victory for liberty and sovereignty occurred last week and you probably did not hear about it:  Denmark rejected closer union with the EU.  Here’s the BBC’s report:

Danes have rejected adopting EU rules on cross-border policing in a referendum that could have seen the country take closer ties with the bloc, according to final results.

It was close but decisive 53-47% referendum.  It is significant who supported closer union with Europe:

Denmark’s centre-right government had wanted to abandon some Danish opt-outs from EU home affairs legislation.


The government, backed by the opposition, had campaigned for Yes, saying it would help Danish authorities in the wake of the Paris attacks.

So Tweedledee and Tweedledum raised their head.  But one party said NO:

The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP), which props up Mr Rasmussen’s administration in parliament, had urged voters to say No to avoid giving away further sovereignty to Brussels.

Although a Yes vote would not have affected Denmark’s opt-out on immigration, the DPP argued that it could eventually have led to immigration policies being dictated by the EU.

The usual sky-will-fall warnings were trotted out:

Ultimately, voting No means Denmark remains exempt from large parts of the EU’s criminal justice and home affairs system, a position it negotiated in 1993.

It risks losing access to Europol, Europe’s crime and intelligence-sharing agency, a service frequently used by Denmark.


The result means Denmark will have to negotiate a special agreement to stay inside Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency which tackles organised crime and terrorism.

And finally, we have the first attempt to discredit the vote:

The confusing wording of the referendum question seems to have been a factor.

One voter described it as “the most baffling in the history of the EU”, and on the foggy, wet streets of Copenhagen, that sentiment seemed to be shared by voters as they left polling stations, saying the question was too complicated and technical, and that explanations from politicians were not comprehensive.

This is the kind of thing that will happen in the UK when they vote to leave the EU.  It will be a fight of fights.  But liberty and sovereignty are in the balance – for the European peoples and for us, too.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders