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If I Had Ten Minutes to Speak With Donald Trump…This is What I Would Say

The Donald Trump phenomenon is the MOST fascinating thing in politics I have ever seen.  I got up to see what would happen (I actually thought Senator Marco Rubio might win) and I heard the media heads and curvy girls go crazy over it – that Trump ceiling seems to be rising a bit into the 40s!

I have not been supportive of Donald Trump in this election.  But I could do so.  I was elated at his attacks on the Bush war issue.  I would suggest that this Trump thing was started by Ron Paul!  He had to do spade work for economic and political nationalism, non-intervention, no multilateral trade deals and liberty!

I also offer a unique (perhaps) perspective to the Trump appeal to evangelicals.  I did not get it at first.  It seems strange to see so many followers of Christ are prepared to vote for a casino magnate who has been married three times!  But I was a panelist (the one conservative) at a Urban League event at VCU last night (I reminded the students that if the economy fails due to the national debt we will be in serious trouble as a nation) and on the way home I wondered:  Maybe many believers are angry about the gay marriage decision and this is the blowback – to support Trump.

Here’s what I’d say if I had ten minutes with the Donald.

  1. Millions of people have placed their trust and hope in you.  You can’t let them down.  You got to try to win and to try to do something (what you promised of course) if you win.  If they lose hope, the political system in the US is in huge trouble.
  2. Cut the bad language and the threatening, abusive comments.  Just decide for a second or two before you tweet – is it worth it!  Reach out to people like Megyn Kelly – now you do not have to place your throat before the knife!  But try to watch the anger.  You have made your point about the media and how DC has failed.  Now be nice.
  3. Try to continue to reach out affirmatively to Hispanics and blacks.  Find some Hispanic and African-Americans who used to work for you and have them say:  You don’t know Trump like we know Trump.  Not a biased bone in his body.  Great leader.  Listens to good advice.
  4. Support the police and others who are marginalized by left-wing policies.
  5. Keep up the economic nationalism – try to say – let’s try non-intervention.  Let’s oppose trade deals and no law will be repealed due to WTO edicts.  However you might feel about climate change – tie it to world government.
  6. Better tax policies to help the little guy or gal.
  7. Don’t fall for the AARP trap about Social Security (they want you to make a plan and then they’ll criticize it) and keep the vet benefits vague but they need help – the VA is a huge bureaucracy that can be reformed.
  8. Be humble about your relationship with God – He’s bigger than you.  Give Him some credit.  If you need to come to the Lord, ask Jerry Falwell, Jr. to lead you to Jesus and then keep it quiet.

Well, that’s ten minutes.

This is a total eclipse of elections; perhaps appropriate since there is an eclipse in 2017 in the USA (and one in 2024, too)!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders