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Here We Go AGAIN: Governor McAuliffe Says: Can’t Lose the Squirrels/Need New Stadium! Taxpayers WATCH OUT!

I heard this on the radio (I listen to John Fredericks almost every AM on my way to work) and I realized:  Taxpayers watch out!

Gov. McAuliffe makes pitch to keep the Flying Squirrels in Richmond

Here is the WRIC report and the summary is:  Some sort of new stadium deal is in the works AGAIN!

“We need a new ballpark,” he [Governor McAuliffe] said. “We’re Richmond. We cannot lose the Squirrels. How do you lose a ball team? Is that a good message?”

Well, the leaders of the Commonwealth won’t ask me to attend but let me say:  I hope we can keep the Squirrels, too.  But at what cost to the taxpayers?  It sounds like the bike race nonsense all over again.  I would rather lose the Squirrels than end up with a bad deal for the next 30 years or so.

If the Squirrels are serious about staying in town and want a new stadium – newsflash:  Let THEM finance the stadium!  Now there can be some help from others who might use the stadium – concerts, VCU and UR baseball, special events.  Maybe even a special tax on the tickets.  BUT none of the bike race stuff – do not let the taxpayers finance the stadium (we’ll pay double what it is worth) and make the Squirrels put some skin in the game – or nuts if you prefer – because we could build the stadium and we could still lose the Squirrels.

But no taxpayer-funded stadium in Richmond!  That’s my final answer…and it should be yours, too.  Tell your local leaders and make it count.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Is Henrico Sheriff Wade going to Run Against Cong. Dave Brat in the 2016 Primary?

I heard a fragment on John Fredericks and saw this blurb at Blue Elephant about Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade possibly running in the primary against Cong. Dave Brat.

Here’s Sandy’s position:  I’m walking through a gasoline fire to help/vote for Cong. Dave Brat!  Here’s a place to go to help or give money for Dr. Brat.  We got to help Brat out if we have any hope to get constitutional government in the United States.

Again, I cannot confirm this report yet.  It is NOT official.  But let’s all walk through gasoline fires to help Dave Brat.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders