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Hanover Supervisors Ignore Refugee Meeting, Show Up For Taxing Authority

First the Bad News … and Then More Bad News

We predicted it, we reported on it, and now it is becoming a reality in Hanover – tax increases are on the way in form or another. Every other word in today’s meeting between Board of Supervisors and State representatives was money, money, money.

None other than Bucky (“I Never Voted for a Tax Increase”) Stanley is finally on the record. Bucky thinks it’s time for local taxing authority to happen. Here’s what this means to the rank and file taxpayer.

The Board of Supervisors wants more authority to raise taxes without asking citizens to vote on approving such tax increases. These taxes could be an additional 1% or so on the sales tax, an extra tax on cigarettes or beer/alcohol tax or a general meals tax. Who’s going to notice this on their bill, right? Once these taxes are in place, they can be increased in the future and you can’t do anything to stop it.

The Board of Supervisors could also resurrect the $10 wheel tax proposed in 2012 to replace loss of proffer income. Property assessments will undoubtedly increase which is a backdoor tax increase.

So, it is evident that the well has run dry in Hanover. Board of Supervisors gave away $52 Million in proffer income – plus untold millions in additional proffer income from the recent surge in high-density housing approvals. Hanover is going to need that lost money pretty soon. The School Board recently reported that Atlee High School is above capacity – something Chickahominy Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek previously denied when she promoted and voted for apartments near the Kings Charter neighborhood.

Wealthy developers and political donors benefitted at the expense of average citizens. And then there are the special tax classifications for certain developers like the $3,500,000 (that’s Million) property on Route 1 and Cedar Lane taxed at $54,000. Hanover continues to give away the bank while increasing the budget.

In addition, Hanover is currently building a $44 Million courthouse – on borrowed money (bonds) which citizens also did not approve. The County’s municipal bond debt is currently maxed out. The old courthouses are slated to be converted to office space for more government workers. Government never shrinks and there is never enough money to satisfy those who feed at the political trough. With budget gaps looming, what can be done? Raise taxes.

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Article written by: Tom White