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More Bloodshed or a Modicum of Common Sense?

By Bob Shannon, King William Virginia

Almost to the minute and perfectly on cue the media pundits, politicians , gun control advocates are lined up to instantly declare…….”if only we had some common sense gun control”.   We all mourn and pray for the victim’s families and for those injured in what happened yesterday in California. As Christians we even ask God to forgive those that carried out such a horrific act, regardless of their motives. There is however a need for some clarity and truth on whatever possible remedies or changes in our laws are needed if we are serious about doing something about this. More gun control isn’t going to do a damn thing about it and it is time we face that truth and implement what will work.


It is being widely reported that this man and his wife traveled to Saudi Arabia in the spring of this year. If FedEx can track a package with pinpoint precision, knowing exactly where that package is at any given point in time, then is it not reasonable to ask why can’t authorities given the resources we have given them since 9/11 track any person who travels to around a dozen nations that we know are suspect ? Of course we could if the will existed and the PC nonsense was brushed aside. This guy and his wife should have been under constant surveillance from the moment they applied for a passport to travel earlier this year to a nation that is a hot bed of Islamic terrorism. Reports of males tracking in and out of this guy’s garage by neighbor’s , had they been under surveillance would have stopped this before what happened yesterday got deep into the planning stages. What is the point in allocating the volumes of money we have towards national security if it is being spent in vain ?

Mental health some 50 years ago allowed for the institutionalization of any person deemed to be unstable or a danger to others physical safety. It is time to accept the reality that efforts to mainstream the mentally ill has been a failure in regards to any number of incidents occurring in recent years where the person committing the violence was clearly exhibiting signs of dangerous mental proclivities . If we are to error on the side of caution, of course there will be examples of abuse, detention and institutionalization of people who should not have been taken out of society. That said, remedies could be crafted to address that.

To suggest that additional gun control will solve or diminish the frequency of these occurrences is simply bordering on delusional.

Bob Shannon King William Virginia

Article written by: Tom White