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Late Night Political Jokes – 2-15-2016

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

  • President Obama just visited LA. Or as Donald Trump put it, “The state is being taken over by Kenyans.”
  • Donald Trump just promised that he will no longer use foul language on the campaign trail. So now when people ask him his policy on ISIS, he just says “I’m going to bomb the shy-diddly-doodles out of them.”
  • During a recent rally in Louisiana, Donald Trump actually autographed someone’s baby. Even crazier, when he handed the baby back to the parents, Trump said, “Congratulations, your baby’s worth three times as much now.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  • Do you know that every Presidents Day Michelle Obama lets President Obama eat one Skittle as a treat? Meanwhile, Donald Trump spent his by photoshopping his head onto a million-dollar bill.
  • The 31st annual LA Marathon was this weekend. Between the marathon and Obama’s visit it was a big week for Kenyans screwing up LA traffic.

Late Night With Seth Meyers

  • Republicans and Democrats are fighting over whether President Obama should be able to appoint Justice Scalia’s successor. Democrats say that he should, whereas the Constitution says that he shall.
  • The Ted Cruz campaign has pulled a new ad after it was revealed that the actress in it has appeared in soft-core porn; and now Jeb has hired her to teach him how to act like he’s enjoying something.
  • Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were both in Las Vegas over the weekend. Hillary attended a campaign rally, while Bernie played the nickel slots.

Article written by: Tom White

Gearing Up for Debt Ceiling Debate


At some point in October of 2015, the Obama Administration will ask for yet another Debt Ceiling increase under threats of some inevitable apocalyptic federal default on the national debt. Obviously, we’ve been here before; and I think we all know what John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and President Obama intend to do. President Obama will threaten to deliberately default on the national debt (as opposed to activating immediate reductions in spending, as any American Household would have to do after maxing out their credit cards). Boehner and McConnell will run around Washington parroting Obama’s threat of  a national default, as if it was both inevitable and necessary. They will force their representatives in the House and Senate (the ones elected by us, but who never seem to represent us) to increase the debt limit.

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, Dave Brat, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Mark Meadows will try to force the issue, prevent an increase in debt, and be vilified by the Republican and Democrat parties. The media will run story after story about how any debate on raising the debt limit will hurt the Republicans chances in 2016 (and why Republicans listen to Democrats in the media with regard to what is good for the Republican Party in midterm and Presidential elections is still well beyond me!). The debt limit will be raised once again, with no end in sight and no hope of fiscal responsibility from this government in the future.

I will throw this fact out there for nothing: If the government increases our debt and our spending, ad infinitum, our money will eventually be worth a great deal less than it’s worth today. Maybe the dollars we do have, today, would be well spent on financing the campaigns of representatives like Dave Brat, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Mark Meadows (and all the rest of the good guys out there). Just saying.

We need to offer up alternative plans today, which can be repeated in October. We can’t afford to wait to October to offer alternatives because it will reek of showmanship and grandstanding. If we offer up alternatives today, however, it is not like the House of Representatives wouldn’t have had the time to think about it.

We could come up with a five point plan to stave off a debt increase. We could immediately defund Planned Parenthood and end all corporatist subsidies and loopholes which, while helpful to well-connected corporations who purchase a plethora of politicians to ensure low levels of free market competition, do very little for the average American citizen. We could immediately end 30, 40, or 50 nonessential federal programs and studies. We could lay off thousands of federal employees through the end of the fiscal year. We could reduce or end foreign aid to anti-American countries. We could use this opportunity to stick a final fork in the Export-Import Bank.

There are a thousand ways our government could save money if they wanted to save money. We could offer bonuses of up to $250,000 a year to bureaucratic department heads for coming up 5% under budget. The options are endless. If only we considered any options whatever.

Let’s reach out to our Congressmen and Women in the House of Representatives today and ask them what we might do to reduce spending in order to stave off increasing the debt limit. Let’s ask to see legislation and amendments brought to the floor when Congress comes back from recess.

I also would like to hear every Virginia Congressman state publicly, in Newspapers or on Television, that the debt ceiling is not inevitably tied to a default on our national debt, that a default on our national debt could only occur by direct executive action out of the White House. It’s true. People should know that.

At the very least, we should tie this vote on a debt ceiling increase to spending cuts and cuts to waste, fraud, and abuse, tied with a bow of a congressional promise to never request a debt limit higher than the one before us today. Let’s make this debt ceiling increase the last debt ceiling increase in our nations’ history. We need to begin to lower the debt ceiling, not raise it. The ideas must start coming out tomorrow. Or Sunday, if any of our faithful politicians by chance have spots on our meaningless Sunday Shows.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Rasmussen: Obama Says He Could Win Again – True or False?

Friday, July 31, 2015

In a recent speech criticizing African political leaders who stay too long in office, President Obama said he could win a third term if he ran for president again but acknowledged that U.S. law does not allow it. Could Obama win again?

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% of Likely U.S. Voters say they would vote for the president if he ran for a third term. Sixty-three percent (63%) would not. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Most Democrats (57%) would vote to give Obama a third term. Ninety-three percent (93%) of Republicans, 68% of voters not affiliated with either major party – and 32% of Democrats – would not.

Obama defeated Republican nominee John McCain by a 53% to 46% margin in 2008 and was reelected with 51% of the vote against GOP candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.

An amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits presidential candidates from being elected to more than two four-year terms. Nineteen percent (19%) of all voters believe that amendment should be changed so presidents can serve longer. Seventy-eight percent (78%) oppose such a change.

Interestingly, only 32% of Democrats support changing this amendment. Ninety percent (90%) of GOP voters and 82% of unaffiliateds are opposed.

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The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on July 28-29, 2015 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Obama’s daily job approval rating continue to hover in the negative mid-teens as they have for most of his presidency.

Read the rest here

Article written by: Tom White

Mr. President: I Don’t Want Your “Help”!

According to the USA TODAY, President Obama plans to up the national overtime threshold from $23,660 to $50,000 for salaried employees.

A proposed new rule governing overtime pay will mean bigger paychecks for up to 5 million workers, Obama administration officials said Tuesday.

The change “goes to the heart of what it means to be middle class in America,” said Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.

Business groups and congressional Republicans said the proposal would force employers to reduce overtime hours and perhaps cut the number of workers.

“Overtime expansion would drive up retailers’ payroll costs while limiting opportunities to move up into management,” said a statement from the National Retail Federation.

Cory Fritz, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said that “instead of working in a bipartisan way to streamline and modernize regulations,” the Obama administration is “proposing a new executive order that will limit opportunities and increase costs.”

I cannot demonstrate the sheer stupidity of this decision without detailing exactly how it will affect people like me.

I am a salaried retail manager who makes less than $50,000. My paychecks say 40 hours, but I’m expected to work 50 hours and often times I work more hours than that. Why? Because you cannot manage a business in 40 hours a week. At least, you cannot manage a business well in such few hours.

money-3Salaries are only part of a managers pay. The rest of our money we make in bonuses that, depending on the company, can average anywhere from $1500 to $6,000 a quarter and another bonus for meeting annual goals. So if a salaried manager is paid $49,000 a year, but can earn anywhere from $7,500 to $30,000 in bonuses, than his actual pay is anywhere from $56,500 to $79,000 annually. Salaried managers work longer hours in order to ensure the efficiency of their businesses, to ensure profit and sales goals are met, and to analyze and reduce shrink and costs. The more hours a manager works and the more time they invest, the more they tend to get paid.

What President Obama is doing, however, will ensure that retail managers under the $50,000 threshold never get the opportunity to work more than 40 hours a week. Federal Regulations might change, but my contract with my company stays the same. I will still be required to meet sales and profit goals, maintain execution of store standards, reduce costs and expenses, all while working 40 to 60 hours less each month.

So not only will I never see any of this estimated “overtime” money, I will be prevented from spending the time I require to run my store to the highest levels of profitability.

Even if my company allowed me to work 50 hours a week and they were willing to pay my overtime, that would only amount to about another $5,000 a year, at most; but the threat of not allowing me to work that overtime could cost me, and people in similar jobs, anywhere from $7,500 to $30,000 a year. How anyone in my position could possibly celebrate Obama’s proposal is beyond my comprehension.

Unless they are not in it for the money, only desire their base salary, and more than anything, simply do not want to work more than 40 hours a week.

I’ve never seen anyone get ahead in this world working 40 hours a week. Have you?

Some might argue, however, that if it will really have that much of an impact on a companies profitability, why wouldn’t they just give all their salaried managers a raise to $50,001 annually? Then, instead of getting overtime pay, you get a nice fat raise that you see every week in your paychecks.

That’s fine and dandy, except that one of the most expensive costs in our stores is our stores’ managers! The company can’t change their budgets to accommodate increasing salaries in each of their stores without cutting those expenses somewhere else. So, let’s say they give salaried managers $5,000, $8,000, or even $10,000 dollar raises to get us above the overtime threshold, each of those managers will still be less likely to meet their budgets and receive their bonuses which will inevitably cost them far more in performance pay than they gain in their base salary increases.

So, PLEASE Mr. President, don’t help me. You are too stupid to help me and your good intentions will cost me, and hundreds of thousands of Americans just like me, a small fortune – and you will hurt our companies as well. The entire reason that our companies pay bonuses is because of how important profits are to our corporations! People won’t invest if you aren’t showing a profit. But profit, loss, investment, etc. these are concepts this President simply does not understand.

Congressman Brat, if you’re listening, could you please explain to the President how the economy works? He’s clueless! 

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker