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And THIS is the TORY Party? I Hate to See the Labour, LibDems,…Only One Answer in UK: UKIP

Check this quote out from the Sun UK newspaper (it has a pay wall and stay away from page 3!) from a TORY MP (thanks to ConservativeHome):

“It wants the ban extended to ads in print and cinemas, curbs on sweets at tills, and sugar labelling. Tory committee chair Sarah Wollaston said: “One third of children are overweight or obese when they leave primary school. It’s not just the prospect of an earlier death, it’s about quality of life.”

“The ban” is a ban on junk food ads and of course a sugar tax of seven pence (about 11 cents or so) on sugary drinks.  Did the Conservatives, the party of Margaret Thatcher, call for social engineering and nanny state policies?  But one Tory MP at least says no:

A Conservative MP has branded Jamie Oliver’s campaign for the introduction of a sugar tax on fizzy drinks and sweet foods “patronising nonsense”.


Andrew Percy, the Tory MP for Brigg and Goole who sits on the health committee told the paper Oliver’s suggestion is “patronising nonsense”.

“This is a classic nanny state reaction and it won’t work.

“Slapping 10p or 20p on a can of sugary drink won’t make people change their behaviour.”

We should be thankful that PM Cameron does not appear to support it.  But it is disturbing that Conservatives are endorsing it.  If Labour ever wins, the ban and the sugar tax and the ban on cheap beer (ponder that when you go vote in Oldham West) and a lot of other big government items will surely pass – with the help of Tory collaborators.

There is only one answer, flawed as it might be, for the UK:  The United Kingdom Independence Party.  Rah for John Bickley this Thursday!


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders