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Major UK Betting House Gives UKIP a Fighting Chance in Oldham West

I do not want to condone betting or gambling although I do support legal gambling by private parties (not the lottery – the state ought not raise funds through exploiting the people; the lottery ought to be privatized) subject to appropriate regulation.  But in the UK they actually bet on politics.  One of the largest gambling houses – Ladbrokes – is saying that UKIP’s chances in the special election for a new MP in Oldham West is down to 5/2.  Only Labour has better odds:

UKIP odds of winning Oldham West & Royton shorten again. Now just 5/2; were 8/1 10 days ago.

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After this incident in Westminster involving a high level Labour MP quoting Chairman Mao’s infamous Little Red Book, it might be a win going away for the libertarian, anti-EU party next Thursday!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders