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I Will Not Vote in This Primary for Marco Rubio (or John Kasich)

I am truly undecided this election.  I am almost ready out of frustration to vote a protest vote for Governor Jim Gilmore.  But one person I will not – cannot vote for – is Senator Marco Rubio.  Trying to wrap himself in the Reagan mantle, Rubio is no Reagan.

Rubio already stated he approved of President Bush (43) going to war to enforce United Nations resolutions in Iraq.

Rubio also objected to (in the South Carolina debate) the Syria Obama resolution not because it is none of our business but because it did not do enough to take out the Assad regime (and he cited as truthful the allegation that Syria used chemical weapons on the rebels) – that is not a Reagan solution.

In the debate last evening on Libya (from this text):

RUBIO: Yes, a couple of points. Number one, on the Libya situation, we didn’t topple Gadhafi, the Libyan people toppled Gadhafi. The only choice before America that this president had to make is, does it happen quickly or does it take a long time?

And I argued if it takes a long time, you’re going to have rebel forces emerge like these radical Islamists to take advantage of the vacuum. And that’s what happened. That’s where the term “lead from behind” came. And that’s the foreign policy that apparently Senator Cruz appears to agree with.

Meddling!  More meddling!  NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!  And it seems Rubio was against drafting women and for it at the same time:

He’s previously said Selective Service should be opened up to women, but on Friday Marco Rubio said he was against drafting women into combat.

“I do not support drafting women and forcing them to be combat soldiers. I don’t support that. I never have and I don’t now,’ Rubio said at the Faith and Family Forum in Greenville, South Carolina.

Rubio’s words had social media abuzz — many accusing him of flip-flopping — given the response he gave to a question on Selective Service at the ABC News debate just a week ago.

“I do believe that Selective Service should be opened up for both men and women in case a draft is ever instituted,” he told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I cannot imagine Ronald Reagan would be for this.  No, Senator Rubio is a neocon.  I am tired of meddling wars under the guise of “American leadership in the world”; not every nation thinks US leadership in the world.  Ask a Serb.

I am agonizing over this vote.  I think the best one in the race is Dr. Ben Carson and I’ll decide Monday if I will vote for him or another candidate.  But it won’t be Senator Rubio.  (It also won’t be Governor Kasich for this in the last debate where is wanted to also support the Syrian rebels – after he said he did not like civil wars in the SC debate):

KASICH: There’s something — I want to — I want to point out something here today that is — it’s so critically important — about how the Obama administration has really done such a ridiculous, feckless job here in foreign policy.

First of all, we should have been supporting the rebels long ago. They could have taken Assad out, and because we did nothing, the Russians are in, and they’re sitting in the catbird seat.

We should have been helping them. I’m thankful that the aid trucks are finally getting into Syria. But the fact is, had we had acted, we would have solved that problem.

I have issue with Donald Trump but he at least called out the Bush failed policies in the SC debate.  Just remember who said it first – the other great Ronald:  Dr. Ron Paul.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Could Rand Paul Surprise in Iowa Tomorrow?

I was reading several reports about how Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of my hero the former Representative for liberty, Ron Paul, might have a stealth campaign in Iowa that may surprise.

The conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are in a tight race for first and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is in third, although he may slip a bit.

But Rand Paul may benefit from several factors.  First he is at about five percent – already in fifth place (behind Trump/Cruz, Rubio and Doctor Ben Carson) and may be enjoying a bit of a surge.

Second, Paul will get a benefit I wish his father had:  Students back at college.  Paul is trying to raise 10,000 caucus voters in university towns.  If he gets anywhere near this, this will produce several more percent of caucusgoers and these may be under the polling radar.  College students could not be available or speak with pollsters or have cell phones.  But there are issues with getting students to caucus:

But given the competitive caucus contests underway in both parties and the fragmented nature of the Republican field – never mind young voters’ uneven record of political engagement – the pool of voters from which Paul can draw 10,000 caucus commitments is almost surely much smaller.

Hagle noted, too, that organizing college campuses is further complicated by many students’ desire to remain registered to vote in their hometowns – requiring them to leave campus on a Monday night in order to participate in the caucuses.

There is also this unconventional outreach that Paul is doing:

Demographic trends are unmistakably leading to a future where a candidate can’t win the presidency with the support of white voters alone. This speaks to why Paul’s outreach, especially to young people and minorities, is so important for conservatism.

Whether it’s Paul’s engagements at historically black universities, his focus on helping cities like Detroit and Baltimore through criminal justice and economic reform, or his welcoming diverse new members to the GOP, he’s one of the few Republicans consistently engaged in outreach beyond the traditional Republican base.

Will it be enough?  Seems like to me Paul did well in the debate (so did Rubio but Rubio always seems a bit modulated to me although he is an excellent speaker and debater and I wonder why he does not do better!) and since the final Des Moines Register poll did not show a surge for the Florida Senator maybe people are looking for another alternative.   I would also say that Carson did not do well either.  If most of Carson’s vote and some of the anti-Trump/Cruz vote that might have gone to Rubio decide to go elsewhere, maybe Rand Paul is the answer?

The Senator from Kentucky says he’ll surprise the world and win Monday night:

Rand Paul said Sunday that he might win Monday’s Iowa caucuses and will significantly outperform recent polls he claimed are not capturing his younger supporters.

“We think we’re a lot stronger than the polls represent,” the Kentucky senator told a panel on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

I do not think Rand will win but he could beat Rubio for third and maybe shock a falling Cruz for second.  But Virginia Right is famous for incredible predictions!  So let’s see.  Rand will do better than expected.  Third.  Maybe second.  More than remote but not much more than remote possibility of a Paul victory.  (Governor Gilmore is concentrating on New Hampshire.)

If something like that happens, or if Rand wins, like former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum did in 2012, the Presidential race is turned on its head.  New Hampshire will be more friendly for the Kentucky Senator.  So might Nevada.  Even Virginia might be in play due to its open primary.  And Sandy might switch to Rand!

If you can’t vote for Cruz or Trump or Rubio – shake the world – vote Rand Paul.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

The Rise of Cruz in Iowa Explained

In the most recent Quinnipiac Iowa poll, Senator Ted Cruz surprised analysts by coming in second to Donald Trump with 23% of likely caucus goers support. The ascendancy of Cruz in Iowa can be contributed to two primary factors. First, that Rubio and Carson supporters are not securely in the tent for those candidates. Secondly, the terror attacks in Paris and the return of foreign policy to the forefront of the campaign. Ted Cruz, having refused to attack his fellow candidates, has not angered those who currently have different favorites, nor has he done anything to hurt anyone’s favorite candidate in the polls. Senator Cruz has stayed above the fray and run an extraordinarily disciplined messaging campaign. Cruz does not go off topic. Cruz is not taken by surprise. Cruz does not make mistakes. So as other candidates, running less disciplined campaigns, make their mistakes, Senator Cruz is there to pick up their votes.

cruz2The top five candidates in Iowa are Donald Trump (25%), Ted Cruz (23%), Ben Carson (18%), Marco Rubio (13%), and Rand Paul (5%). Of the top four candidates, their supporters were asked “(If candidate chosen q1) Is your mind made up, or do you think you might change your mind before the caucus?” Donald Trump boasts the most certainty amongst his supporters with 51% saying that their minds are made up and only 48% saying that their minds could be changed. Ted Cruz comes in second with 41% saying that their minds are made up and 58% saying their minds could be changed. Both Trump and Cruz have built a large number of secured support and we haven’t even gotten into the thick of the campaign season (January/February).

Rubio and Carson, however, do not have a secure hold on their supporters. 33% of Ben Carson supporters say that their minds are made up and 65% say their minds could be changed. Rubio’s numbers are far worse. Only 22% of Rubio supporters say their minds are made up, while an astonishing 78% of people polled, who said they support Senator Rubio, say their minds could be changed. This is great new for the Cruz Campaign for 2 specific reasons.

First, of those who say they support Ben Carson, 18% consider themselves Tea Party, 18% consider themselves Very Conservative, and 24% consider themselves Evangelical. That means that 60% of Carson’s voters could easily fall into the Cruz camp, based on ideological agreement. Senator Marco Rubio, however, holds sway over fewer ideological allies. 5% consider themselves Tea Party, 8% consider themselves Very Conservative, and 6% consider themselves Evangelical, which means only 19% of Rubio Voters are likely to switch over to Cruz. However, remember that 78% of Rubio voters aren’t committed. What if ideological lines weren’t the only factor in the race?

Senator Cruz’s jump in the polls coincides with a jump in voters’ perception of the candidates on the issues. Recent terror attacks have brought foreign policy back to the forefront of people’s minds. Ted Cruz leads Trump, Carson, Rubio, and Paul when voters were asked who they thought was the best candidate on foreign policy. Ted Cruz received 24%, Donald Trump 18%, Marco Rubio 15%, and Ben Carson and Rand Paul each received 6%. Interestingly, it would appear that Cruz’s rise in the polls and Carson’s decline, was directly the result of the fact that Cruz is viewed as being the best on foreign policy and Carson, not so much. When asked about terrorism in particular, Trump still leads Cruz. Also, when it comes to the question of who is a “strong leader”, Trump continues to lead there as well. This is why Trumps numbers remain solid.

Another area of this poll that is particularly instructive, is the favorability of the candidates. When asked if there were any candidates likely caucus goers would NOT support, we see Ted Cruz with a huge advantage. Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich have the highest number of people who are absolutely resolute that they do not support them. 26% say the absolutely would not support Jeb Bush. 23% say they would not support Donald Trump, and 19% say they would not support John Kasich.

If you’ve been hearing folks talk about the inevitably of a Cruz/Rubio showdown, the numbers I’m about to share with you are the reason why. Only 5% (the lowest number polled) of caucus goers say they would not support Senator Ted Cruz. In second place? Senator Marco Rubio with only 7% saying they would not support Rubio. Which means, Cruz and Rubio are likely to pick up everyone else’s votes as they drop out of the race. Donald Trump isn’t going to gain votes, but it is also very unlikely that his supporters abandon him. Which means that while Trump will hover in the upper 20% range, as other candidates drop out, Senators Cruz and Rubio will continue to rise, with each of them likely surpassing Donald Trump by February.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker