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Looks Like UKIP Lost the By-Election: Labour Expected to Win Big!

My monitoring of the UK Guardian comes to the painful conclusion that Labour will win with a decisive majority.  Here is the excellent coverage by Andrew Sparrow.

I’d like to read the post-mortems before I draw conclusions but I can say:  This was not done in ignorance.  Elections matter.   We’ll see what happens after this.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

And THIS is the TORY Party? I Hate to See the Labour, LibDems,…Only One Answer in UK: UKIP

Check this quote out from the Sun UK newspaper (it has a pay wall and stay away from page 3!) from a TORY MP (thanks to ConservativeHome):

“It wants the ban extended to ads in print and cinemas, curbs on sweets at tills, and sugar labelling. Tory committee chair Sarah Wollaston said: “One third of children are overweight or obese when they leave primary school. It’s not just the prospect of an earlier death, it’s about quality of life.”

“The ban” is a ban on junk food ads and of course a sugar tax of seven pence (about 11 cents or so) on sugary drinks.  Did the Conservatives, the party of Margaret Thatcher, call for social engineering and nanny state policies?  But one Tory MP at least says no:

A Conservative MP has branded Jamie Oliver’s campaign for the introduction of a sugar tax on fizzy drinks and sweet foods “patronising nonsense”.


Andrew Percy, the Tory MP for Brigg and Goole who sits on the health committee told the paper Oliver’s suggestion is “patronising nonsense”.

“This is a classic nanny state reaction and it won’t work.

“Slapping 10p or 20p on a can of sugary drink won’t make people change their behaviour.”

We should be thankful that PM Cameron does not appear to support it.  But it is disturbing that Conservatives are endorsing it.  If Labour ever wins, the ban and the sugar tax and the ban on cheap beer (ponder that when you go vote in Oldham West) and a lot of other big government items will surely pass – with the help of Tory collaborators.

There is only one answer, flawed as it might be, for the UK:  The United Kingdom Independence Party.  Rah for John Bickley this Thursday!


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

About that UKIP By-Election in Oldham West…

UKIP came in third in the popular vote among the political parties but only won one seat in parliament in the 2015 General Election last May.  (It’s the reason the party has decided to go to a proportional representation system advocacy but that really is not in the best interest of the libertarian euroskeptic party – but that another story!)

Now the party has a real chance to pick the Big MO back with a win or even a close second in the by-election in Oldham West.  Oldham West is a northern England seat that would normally be solidly for Labour.  But the election of their new (and radical) party leader Jeremy Corbyn has hurt Labour and now this election will show how much damage Corbyn’s election will cause.

In the online Sunnation, we have this article:

Patriotic voters are poised to give Jeremy Corbyn a bloody nose in his first major test at the ballot box.


Senior figures now fear they could even lose Oldham West and Royton, where they are defending a comfortable 14,738 majority.

And there’s more, here at the Telegraph (called by some in Britain the “Torygraph”) we have confirmation of this:

Labour support at the ballot box could be halved in the first electoral test for Jeremy Corbyn since becoming leader, private polling by the party has suggested.


However, the same canvassing returns in recent weeks found that just half those voters said they would now back Labour.

The result would mean that a majority of almost 15,000 could be halved in the Oldham West by-election on December 3.

Some party figures believe the result could be even worse. Ian Warren, an expert who advised former Labour leader Ed Miliband on how to fight Ukip before the general election, said the majority in the previously ultra-safe seat could fall to a low as 2,000 to 3,000.

So can UKIP actually win in Oldham West?  Yes I think so.  It would be a bit of a longshot but first, by-elections tend to have lower turnout than regular elections, the committed from the most enthusiastic parties tend to vote (that favors UKIP because Labour is divided and many will be discouraged from voting) and sometimes a by-election reflects national issues.  And the climate right now favors a “statement” election.

Another factor to consider:  Will Tory voters whose candidate has no chance go to UKIP to beat Labour?  Or will they rather see Labour prevail than UKIP take the victory?

We’ll see Thursday December 3!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders