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Guest Post from Stan Scott, 2019 Democratic Candidate for Virginia State Senate: Abortion: What is to be Done?

I’ve written in the past about existential issues – policy questions that settle the political debate for many Americans. Some focus on Second Amendment rights, others on taxes or religion. Abortion – reproductive health care – is one of the big ones.  

Most activists frame the abortion discussion in terms of rights. The pro-life side privileges the right to life for the fetus. Others fight for a woman’s right to reproductive choice.  Advocacy coalitions on both sides privilege the freedom of the individuals they wish to protect.

Rights often conflict in a democracy, and the adjudication of these conflicts forms the core of politics. Madison expected factions to argue and fight and try to convince others they’re in the right and should form policy. Today we’re so polarized that these existential issues divide us in ways Madison didn’t expect. So even when one side or the other wins power and acts to implement policy, the other side rejects its legitimacy. Abortion is, after all, murder if you accept the personhood of a fetus. If you don’t, the pregnant woman’s health and personal freedom take precedence. She is, after all, the only human being involved. 

Settling the abortion debate then depends in part on settling the question of when life begins. But even if one side won the argument, and its opponents accepted the legitimacy of the policy they seek to implement, this victory probably does not lead to optimal policy outcomes

This is because the competing freedom claims of fetuses and pregnant women cannot be resolved without an answer to the question of when human life begins.  If you think a zygote is a person with rights, then abortion is by definition murder, and both the women who get them and the doctors performing them should be prosecuted.  If not, you naturally wish to privilege the freedom of the only person involved: the pregnant woman.  Unfortunately, there is no satisfactory answer to this question, since science and religion can’t agree.

The problem with abortion is that even resolving this dispute would not lead to a policy that reduces the number of abortions. A pro-choice win certainly wouldn’t have this effect if it means “abortion on demand.” But a “pro-life” victory in this debate and the resulting expansion of restrictions on abortion and interference in the relationship between doctors and patients only establishes the legal and medical regime for getting them.  Women who want them – even anti-choice women – will get them.  The question is how and where.  In other words, prohibition would simply create a new black market and a new criminal class–it would not eliminate abortion.

A far better solution depends on mitigating the circumstances that increase the incidence of unwanted pregnancy.  This requires a robust regime of broad health education that begins at a young age and includes discussions of the moral, physical, and emotional consequences of sexual activity in its various contexts with a focus on the real-world problems young people face (e.g., bullying and peer pressure).  Such discussions must include mitigation techniques such as abstinence and birth control, and the pros and cons of each.  Conservatives worry that this might lead to increased sexual activity, but replacing “don’t worry about what it is, just don’t do it” with comprehensive sex education might increase reliance on abstinence. What we need is comprehensive education for young people in a values-based framework. We should avoid shaming sexual activity while connecting the desires and internal conflicts sexuality drives in all young people with broader mental and physical health. Parents and grandparents and educators should give kids this support and teach them to make good decisions. Most will.

This is a sticky dispute, with probably irreconcilable differences between the two sides.  It’s a religious question for many, after all, and personal religious views on this deserve respect. 

Framing the reproductive choice discussion in terms of freedom might lead to changes in current policy.  But none of the policies likely to result therefrom–completely legal abortion, abortion prohibition, or limiting reproductive choice at the margin will have the maximum possible harm reduction effect. It won’t reduce abortion. Education will.

This is a guest post by Stan Scott, a Progressive who ran for the State Senate in the 4th District last year, as part of our new Lincoln-Douglas II Debates. Stan blogs at Foggy Bottom Line, and this post and my version are cross-posted there.

The Dem’s Chickens Roosting on Gov. Northam’s Pointed Hat

Which one is Governor Northam?

So the exploding news this weekend is about some old pictures of Virginia’s current Governor Ralph Northam from his Med School yearbook. First he admitted he was in the picture above, then he denied it. But admitted he did dress in black-face for Halloween pretending to be Michael Jackson once.

I remember not too long ago when immature antics in High School or College were simply a rite of passage. They were written off as dumb actions by kids.

Burt we have recently learned from the Democrats and the left wing media that if you are in politics, anything you have ever done or are accused of doing at any point in your life is reason enough to plaster you with hate and tar and feather you with a constant barrage of negative stories and speeches in a joint effort to render you unelectable.

Of course the intent is to only apply this microscope to Republicans. Democrats are supposed to get a free pass. The late Democrat Senator Robert Byrd is a great illustration of this double standard. Byrd was not only a member of the KKK, he was a high ranking officer in the hate group. And when he was elected to the US Senate in 1959, his time with the Klan wasn’t 3 or 4 decades old, it was merely 10 years behind him. But he was forgiven because he was a guaranteed liberal vote all the time.

Then there was Judge Roy Moore. He tried to kiss a girl 35 or 40 years ago. When she rebuffed his advances, he quit and didn’t try again. Moore never dressed in black face or wore a KKK outfit (believe me, if he had that would have been all over the news). And we can’t forget the allegations against Justice Kavanaugh in his recent hearings. When the dust settled, it turns out the rape allegations were a case of mistaken identity. Oops!

But the left has taught us that it doesn’t matter how far back you go with dirt. What didn’t matter with Robert Byrd because it was ancient history is front and center today. No one, especially Republicans, can ever change their stripes.

So when the Governor of Virginia spoke the other day about killing infants after they are born, it was a bridge too far for (apparently) someone that has known Northam for a long time. He kept his mouth shut about the racist pictures in Northam’s yearbook and the fact that he was called “Coonman” at VMI. But when Northam advocated murder – infanticide – he could remain quiet no longer. The Democrat’s love of the blood sport of abortion has gone too far. Tee shirts with slogans like “I enjoyed my abortion” are the products of very sick minds.

Another prime example of the left’s sickness is the Washington Post’s story about how the news was discovered of this racist past of Governor Northam. The story begins talking about the person that “outed” the pictures was not political but was highly offended at the abortion comments by Northam. And pretty much the rest of the story is about the journalist that broke the story and how he worked for Breitbart and other (hated) news media on the right.

Typical Alinsky tactics. Impugn the character of the messenger in order to negate the story.

Yea. That’s probably not going to work this time. Not to mention that it is totally irrelevant to the real story. There is no place for this type of superfluous reporting in real journalism. The story stands on it’s own.

Ralph Northam has a history of racism and how long ago it occurred is no longer relevant.

Ralph Northam must resign immediately!!!

Hey Ralph – don’t let the mansion door hit you on your way out.

Lester “Candy” Holt Moderates a Completely Useless Debate. Nobody Won. America Lost.

I had a feeling when Lester “Candy” Holt, who was every bit as partisan and self injecting as Candy Crowley was 4 years ago, began by talking about 6 years of unprecedented job growth under Obama and Secretary Clinton that Trump was about to be ambushed. And I was right.

But did this completely tilted “debate” change any minds? Absolutely not. But the polls will show Hillary with momentum and she will see a 6 to 8 point rise in her numbers over the next few days. But fear not, the polls are not showing movement in Hillary’s direction. Not at all.

You see, for the past few days the pundits and news shows have been talking about Trump’s rising numbers in the polls. He has “come from behind” and the race is now tied. But there really hasn’t been much movement in the polls themselves, just in the mix of Republicans and Democrats sampled.

Can you say set up?

Most of the polls have been moving from sampling +10 or more Democrats to +3 or +4 or even the same number of both. You would think that the pundits would look at the numbers behind the polls. But they just take them at face value. When you consider that Obama won in 2008 with +7 Democrats and in 2012 with +6, it is unreasonable to poll +10 or +12 – double the turnout for Obama. Hillary’s enthusiasm gap is wide.

But I fully expect that by this weekend, the polls will show a post debate bounce for Hillary as the pollsters up the sample of Democrats to drive the narrative. And other tricks they do is poll 85% Republicans and Democrats and 15% Independents. With Indy’s breaking almost 2 to 1 for Trump, this dilutes the Trump votes also.

No one remembers the poll predictions in September and October. It is only the last poll that the polling outfit will be judged by. So at this point, a lot of them manipulate the samples to influence opinion rather than measure it. And the media let’s them get by without a challenge.

But I would bet that Hillary starts going up in the polls as the week goes on. But last night’s debate changed nothing.

The entire “birther” segment was designed to paint Trump as a racist. Because if you question Obama’s place of birth you must be a racist. Except that Trump also questioned Canadian born Ted Cruz’ eligibility as well. And Holt allowed Hillary, who started the whole birther thing in 2008 to skate. Why no question about her starting the birther movement in 2008? Glad Trump reminded people.

And the 1972 Justice Department suit against hundreds of Apartment owners was the beginnings of the whole “redlining” debacle that actually caused the housing crisis that crashed the economy in 2008. And guess who played a big role in that crisis in the 1980’s? Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate. And while Hillary blamed Reagan’s “Trickle Down” economics for the housing market crash (???) it was actually people like Tim Kaine.

Redlining, in case you don’t know, was the term used to “prove” banks were practicing racial discrimination in lending by comparing the number of declined mortgage applications in poor areas to those in wealthy areas. It seems that poor people were turned down more often than more affluent individuals. And since the population in poor areas was heavily black and in wealthy areas heavily white, it must be racism. Because poor people are just as good a borrower as wealthy, if you don’t consider income.

This was nothing more than a case of banks turning down poor credit risks and loaning to good credit risks. There was no racism involved. Yet the papers printed the name of the racist redlining banks every week for the entire area to see. And guess which bank was the most racist statistically, turning down far more black potential borrowers than white borrowers? Consolidated Bank and Trust – a black owned bank chartered by black businesswoman Maggie Walker:

In 1902, [Maggie Walker] published a newspaper for the organization, “The St. Luke Herald.” Shortly after, she chartered the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank. Mrs. Walker served as the bank’s first president, which earned her the recognition of being the first black woman to charter a bank in the United States. Later she agreed to serve as chairman of the board of directors when the bank merged with two other Richmond banks to become The Consolidated Bank and Trust Company, which grew to serve generations of Richmonders as an African-American owned institution.

Nothing says racism like a black bank turning down black customers for loans. The truth is, the people turned down were not “redlined” because of race. They were turned down because they were a poor credit risk.

But that didn’t stop Tim Kaine! In 1998 he won a $100 million lawsuit for redlining against Nationwide Lender. But his role as a civil right’s warrior was shore lived when the Va Supreme Court overturned the lower court ruling.

But enter Barney Frank and his campaign to force banks to lend to people who were not creditworthy and Fannie and Freddie as the bottomless pit of available money for bad credit risks, bam! There’s your smoking gun for the Real Estate crash. Not Reagan and Trickle Down Economics. (You can read more about this in a post I wrote last year.)

But back to the debate.

If you were tuning in to help you decide which candidate had the best plans for your future, Lester “Candy” Holt was absolutely no help at all. Who has the better plan for the economy? For Terrorism? For National Security? For anything?

You sure did not learn that last night. Holt tossed out lofty topics but allowed the discussion, and even led the discussion, to Hillary’s talking points. He tried to fact check Trump – but never Hillary. And last night, Sean Hannity confirmed that Donald Trump was VERY anti war despite Holt and his “fact” checkers assertion that Trump was pro war. Hint: stop using the DNC and Hillary’s website to check facts. There is no truth there.

I would give Hillary and Trump both a “C” for their performance. There was absolutely nothing of substance in the debate, nothing new was learned and Holt turned what should have been America’s first opportunity to see the candidates one on one into a mindless and worthless wast of 2 hours we will never get back. He focused too much on gotcha questions and attempts to embarrass Donald Trump with minutia that is both irrelevant and not helpful to selecting the next president.

Holt was an ineffective moderator and inept Clinton stooge that never managed to steer the two hour argument into a win for Hillary or a win for the American public that was the big loser last night.

Holt gets an “F” for his shameful and unsuccessful partisan debacle.

And I have to ask every single debate. What is wrong with the GOP that they allow these shameless partisan hacks to “moderate” debates?

I hope the rest of the debates take this task seriously.

America learned nothing of value last night.


Article written by: Tom White

Michael Savage’s Version or Anthony DeFazios?

In an article entitled “ Are Refugees Really a Threat, the Numbers say No” that ran this morning on Bull Elephant author Anthony Defazio ,President of American Individualists , who also serves on the communication team with the Loudoun County Republican party attempts to make the case citing a variety of statistics that the threat from resettlement of immigrants primarily from war torn middle eastern nations is being blown out of proportion. Mr. DeFazio cites the likelihood of dying from a terrorist attack  committed by a refugee is 1 in 3,638,587,094……..” hardly worthy of a moratorium on admitting any more refugees” . I wonder if New Yorkers and local citizens surrounding Orlando or San Bernadino would share Mr. Defazio’s rather casual attitude on the topic .

I would ask readers to consider another point of view shared with listeners of his Radio program “ The Savage Nation” on Tuesday of this week by noted author, and commentator Dr. Michael Savage.

Dr. Savage notes that during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State 680,000 refugees were settled here in the U.S. Dr. Savage asked a very interesting question on the number itself. What percentage of that 680,000 have been radicalized already and believes in the Sharia version of Islam ?  Is it 10 % ?  Of course not, that would be 68,000 and no one would dispute that estimate would be erroneous. Is it 1% ?  That would be 6,800…….and even 1% is probably too high.  So ( as Savage suggested ) let’s settle on .01%.  That is 680 people , predominantly young Muslim men who are now on U.S soil and have a 14th century mentality embedded in their “ religion” that killing infidels and a worldwide caliphate is their mission in life.   Statistics aside and all due respect to Mr. Defazio but reasonable intelligent citizens find that to be a disturbing reality that statistics fail to recognize as material. To accept this or to suggest that a ban on immigration from specific nations where this mindset is prevalent defies common sense and  the instinctive self- preservation of any society that is worthy of  preservation. Certainly America falls into that category.

It also bears contemplation of just what the aggregate costs are in combatting this. We know in just this instance the Governor of New York called up 1000 New York State police & National guardsmen to reinforce the already thousands of law enforcement officers on duty as a direct result of the heightened state an attack brings with it. A new federal Agency , Department of Homeland Security was created after 9/11 and it’s costs are alone staggering. Add into the mix the economic losses resulting from these attacks , lost revenue from depressed tourism in these areas affected, increased cost of liability/property insurance,  lost incomes of American’s that certainly is a measurable number and you begin to see why the economic losses must be a part of the equation.

Measuring the impact of this as some sort of statistical anomaly misses the entire core issue, particularly when it is your lost income, your destroyed business,  or your limb blown off by one of these monsters.   Trumps proposal of a temporary ban and elevated levels of vetting is not only a pragmatic one, but one that is resonating with Americans that still have a modicum of common sense. Let’s pray that number is still large enough to tip the scales November 8th.

Bob Shannon   King William

Article written by: Bob Shannon

“Necessities of Conservative Action” Premise Needs to be Challenged

Reading Steve Tucker’s article last week on Bull Elephant I was as usual appreciative of the knowledge , writing skill and perspective Steve always brings to these discussions.  He is a thoughtful and very deliberate observer of all things politic. He does however in this instance miss his mark.

The article deals with the ineffectiveness of the purposed strategy by some disgruntled conservatives who apparently are concluding they are just going to walk away from the republican party and not vote if a suitable candidate isn’t available. Steve points out the remedy is just the opposite, that these folks need to get more involved in the party politics in lieu of “ walking away”. On that point Steve is absolutely correct.

Steve cites that “ the best way to keep representatives honest is through constant primary challenges and criticism ? He further states  “ If developing antagonistic relationships with politicians was actually effective, then why are there still politicians not listening to their conservative constituents , conservatives have been antagonistic for well over a decade”.

This is where I take issue with Steve’s observations. The Patriot groups were never antagonistic, but rather cleverly co-opted by these very politicians. Right out of the gate elected officials, candidates for elective office and their vaunted PAC’s began speaking at our meetings, making pledges to cut spending, curtail the growth of local/State government, all the while only wanting to solicit campaign contributions and volunteers for their phone bank and door to door canvassing. We ( the Patriot movement ) got nothing in return but an endless litany of broken promises. I won’t waste your time or VaRight’s precious space reciting them yet again, we all know what I am referencing.

Antagonism does indeed work if executed in the correct manner. Anyone who is familiar with the inner working of the King William TEA Party operations and 7+ year history will attest to its effectiveness. It was “ real  relentless antagonism”  that resulted in the voters of King William county last November throwing 3 of the 5 incumbents out of office.  It was consistent antagonism that resulted in the real estate tax rate finally being addressed with the seriousness it deserved. It was and continues to be our antagonism locally that held our recent local budget passed in June flat, while other localities had increases ranging from a low of 2.3 % in Chesterfield to a high of almost 9% in some other localities that we surveyed. It was that same antagonism that resulted in the closing of 2 of the Land Use Tax Exempted classes in King William some 19 months ago. No elected official , no school official or school board member acts today in King William without recognizing we will be looking over their shoulders and have the will to bite if called for. You can not let them up, even for a second if you want to be effective.

What Steve and others fail to recognize is the implementation and the ongoing need to not relent. What is lacking is the  iron will to stand up to the naysayers and the benefactors of the status quo. Leaders in the various Patriot groups ( the only real opposition remaining) have failed to set aside their concerns for being liked or getting along with elected officials, but to make them once again the “servants”, and citizens the masters, the way it is supposed to be.

I have consistently offered solid evidence of what results can be gained by playing hard ball, real hard ball. You just have to find leaders who have the stomach for it, and don’t care about their standing with the establishment types. We are indeed doing it here, and with a small army of equally dedicated and committed volunteers who have the same tough constitution themselves.

Opposition must be dedicated, must be focused and willing to be absolutely relentless. You can join the ranks of the social clubs having Pizza parties , they do have more fun than we do, they just don’t accomplish much in measurable results.

Bob Shannon      Founder King William TEA Party


Article written by: Bob Shannon

Social Conservative Politics is dead in the Virginia Republican Party : Let’s Kill the Convention, too

By Kim Singhas
Recently  I submitted an article to Virginia Right calling Closed Primaries and Party Registration “Voter Disenfranchisement,” also known as “Incumbent Protections” for the political ruling class.
With this post, some in the  So-Con branch of the Republican Party of Virginia’s  Conservative Fellowship are going to be irritated.   They are party leaders past and present who served on the State Central Committee. They  work in a movement called the  Conservative Fellowship  and who for years have favored  Conventions over Primaries in Virginia arguing conventions allow less well funded conservative candidates to run for office and allow more politically astute delegates who know the issues to nominate candidates rather than the average low information voter. Their words not mine.
I sincerely hope the Party can hold a civil discussion on this issue of Conventions vs. Primaries without the usual vitriol from the very people who hold the Constitution up and wave it and wrap themselves in the Flag but somehow have disdain for actual elections and the Right to Vote. 
Conventions disenfranchise voters, have too much room for corruption, and  I support Open Primaries for Republican Party nominations in Virginia. 
On August 6th,  I attended an all day program promoted as a  “Virginia Conservative Action Summit” held in Goochland County. Let me say I consider myself a Conservative and yet the program content and speakers did not  represent me or my political principles.   This coming from a former College Republican and a lifelong Republican activist who has worked for decades for conservative  Republican candidates.  Several people I know well  who had driven hours to attend the program got up and walked out after the first speaker. They said it was a Middle Resolution Convention  supporting an A5 Convention of States and their  Charter Schools agenda among other issues we don’t consider conservative. I remained for the duration.
A former GOP Unit Chairman from the 5th District, Daniel Bradshaw, proudly home schooled, and a self described  “Grassroots Political operative” all of twenty four years old organized it and served as the moderator. He worked for Bishop EW Jackson’s campaign for Lt. Governor in 2013 and Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential primary campaign. With his experience  he has the network of statewide grassroots contacts which explained his ability to put together an invitation list of three hundred netting  130 RSPVs from every Congressional District in the state, a farm team of sorts, to mine delegates for the Conservative Fellowship’s candidates for the proposed 2017 convention.
The attendees consisted primarily of Ted Cruz Supporters with some #Never Trumpers and  a few “Vote my Conscience Objectors” sprinkled in.   In attendance were many distinguished Republican Party Insiders and Tea Party Federation leaders past and present  whose names I won’t mention but I do respect many of them for the hard work and commitment they have made to the party and its candidates over many years. It’s a volunteer army for the most part and they deserve our respect.  I recognized many faces from past campaigns, elections, and conventions.
But the jaw dropping observation I made at  the registration desk while I waited to check in was that many attendees couldn’t name their delegate or state senator when asked.  The purpose of the question at  registration was not a “gotcha question” to embarrass anyone  but to appoint people in their appropriate congressional  district in light of the recent Congressional  redistricting in Virginia.
Virginia’s state representatives in the General Assembly  were on the ballot last year-  November 2015. Why were these “potential delegates”  in a political training class  if they didn’t vote last November or are so politically uninformed they can’t recall their delegate or state senator at a grassroots political meeting? Who are these people the Conservative Fellowship are mining for delegates for their candidates? If you don’t know who your state delegate is or their voting record, how are you going to understand complex issues facing the Attorney General’s Race such as  civil asset forfeiture? Restoration of Felons’ voting rights? Criminal Justice Reform?  The EPA’s complex storm water taxes and the Chesapeake Bay Water Act? Eminent Domain and the Dominion Pipeline? Voter ID laws?
During one breakout session I attended Saturday led by 5th District Republicans Rick Boyer and former State Central Committee member Chris Shores, the discussion centered around how to “take over your Republican committee as they outlined their plan to take over the RPV Party leadership in 2018” with the help of the people in the room. Their advice? “Mine your home school networks, your hunt clubs and your churches and get them all out to a mass meeting for your candidates.”  But they  admitted it took them seventeen years to take over control of their unit/district. These are the MEN with the “PLAN” to take over the RPV Leadership by 2018 and gain control of the SCC? Turn out your home school networks and your Gun Buddies? That’s a plan?
The leaders of that discussion group  weren’t being completely transparent with their raw recruits in their presentation of their overly simplified  “plan.”   I pointed out to them if their church members and hunt club buddies voted in Democrat Primaries in past elections their SBE voting records would reflect that and they would not be allowed to vote in a GOP County  mass meeting or caucus. One woman from  very Democratic Alexandria stated to the group she has to regularly vote in Democratic primaries for the more moderate candidates even though she is a Republican “to keep the radical democratic candidates from getting elected.”  I said “Honey, you can’t go to a Republican mass meeting or  state  convention if you vote in Democratic Primaries.”  You see? That is how these folks disenfranchise good REPUBLICANS like you with state Party Conventions. They look up your voting record and Brand you with a BIG BLUE  “D” on your chest like Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter.   I   personally watched the credentials committee line delegates up like a firing squad and tell them they couldn’t vote at the 7th District Convention in 2014 in Henrico County.
The phones are RINGING. The Conservatives WANT a CONVENTION for 2017. They’ve been working for years to win the seats on the Republican Party’s State Central Committee. Deals have been brokered.   The Word “Conservative” has been so distorted by this group it no longer has any meaning coming from their microphones.
In order to keep this simple for readers who are not Party Insiders but who simply consider themselves Republican voters, I will not outline the details of the RPV party plan for weighted votes at convention but when Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders tell you the ‘SYSTEM IS RIGGED” they are CORRECT.
Hanover County home of VA RIGHT is VERY REPUBLICAN and has a high voter turnout in state and federal elections.  In 2012  Hanover County’s  population was  103,000, and the county  had 73,000 registered voters.
Hanover is a powerhouse in a Weighted Convention Vote. In the November 2012 election,  Hanover County had 67.7% of its vote go to Mitt Romney or 39,920 votes and 31.0% of its vote went  to Barack Obama with 18,283 votes. Hanover Delegates will have a greater weighted vote at the state convention than a small rural Southwest Virginia county where voter turn out is low and NOT REPUBLICAN.
Statistics on Virginia’s voter registration can be viewed at this link:
If you are a  lone Republican voter from  a small rural Southwest Virginia  county and you and a few friends  sign up to serve as delegates to the state convention, you will spend significant  time and money out of your own pocket to attend,  and your vote is really worthless.
I prefer the one man, one vote System of Open Primaries. 

In 2013, I served as a delegate to the state convention in Richmond. I, along with my husband,  sat in a seat in the coliseum from 10:00  am to 10:00 pm. Most people with kids and dogs or people with  disabilities or even many seniors  couldn’t do that. Deployed military servicemen, doctors, nurses, law enforcement, Fire and EMS and thousands of other voters couldn’t have participated.  They don’t have a VOTE in a convention. Think about that. Deployed Military Servicemen and women and National Guard can’t vote in a CONVENTION.

The So Cons don’t believe the  Military should have a say in who their Governor, Lt. Governor, or Attorney General  nominee should be?
I wonder what the Soldiers and Marines and Sailors who were  deployed to the Middle East to risk being blown up by an IED so AFGHANS and IRAQUIS could  walk miles and travel for days to vote in THEIR FREE ELECTIONS  would think  about a small group of narrow minded politicos Disenfranchising the military votes back home in Virginia? Home to Seal Team Six.
In 2015, there were almost 5,200,000 registered voters in Virginia.
Millions of people can vote early absentee in person or by mail, and vote before and after work on election day with thirteen hour polling location opportunities.  In fact, in 2013,  more than 2 million two hundred and fifty thousand  Virginians VOTED.   Going to convention is out of the question for most people. When the party makes it difficult to vote, I am going to call  FOUL. 
There is a cost  to serve as a delegate at a convention. The RPV asks you to pay a fee, which is labeled a “donation.” It could be as much as $35 per person to offset the very expensive costs of the convention. There shouldn’t be a fee to vote.   If you live two to three hours away, you may spend the night in a hotel.  And because  it is a twelve hour hostage situation in the Coliseum- you will spend at least $75 or more for food. If you are elderly or handicapped, getting around the convention center and parking is difficult. The seats are killer after about four hours. The bathroom lines and wait times were really long. Eventually after 13 hours, the toilets no longer worked. I am not kidding. It was disgusting. The floors were flooded with sewage.

They make this as difficult and unpleasant as possible to serve as a delegate to state convention and that is intentional. One Candidate hopes to wear down the Other Candidates’  delegates and strong arm them for their votes. After the first ballot, the gloves come off and all kidding aside, war doesn’t begin to describe what goes on and it is ugly.  There is actual harrassment of delegates by candidate operatives. I witnessed it.  Operatives target delegates wearing buttons and carrying signs for their opponent  and intimidate them to relinquish their vote for “their guy.”  Lies are told about your candidate that you devoted an entire weekend to support.
I prefer the privacy of the voting booth where I can cast my vote and no one knows who I voted for and where it is  against the law to INTIMIDATE ME OR INFLUENCE MY VOTE AT THE BALLOT BOX. 
Most people who have experienced the state convention  ONCE will never willingly do it again thus the need to bring in your hunt club buddies and Home School Networks  as  fresh new raw recruits every four years.  The big problem with state conventions is that huge numbers of delegates just get up and walk out and  leave before the voting is over  and it dramatically  changes the weighting of the votes. It happened during the Lt. Governor’s nomination in 2013. I sat directly across from the Henrico Delegation at  the convention in the coliseum and when it was time for Happy Hour,  most of the Henrico County delegation went home. I watched it collapse.  There were more ballots to cast  for Lt. Governor. The voting and counting lasted four more hours.
Conventions are the WORST form of rigging the outcome by those insiders who run the rules committee and count the ballots.
2013 was memorable for us in other ways. Conventions have too much opportunity for corruption.
In 2013 we cast our votes for Lt. Governor. EW Jackson and Susan Stimpson won the top votes out of the slate of seven candidates on the first ballot. BUT the Favored  RPV Establishment candidate- Pete Snyder- didn’t make the cut. So what did the rules chairman do? He passed out the second Ballot and had the delegates vote without reporting to the delegates the exact number of  votes EW Jackson and Susan Stimpson had actually received on the first ballot.  That piece of information could have changed the outcome of the Second Ballot. What if Susan Stimpson had won?
How does that happen? The Rules Chairman controls it all. Conventions can be rigged.
On the second ballot, RPV favorite Snyder garnered enough votes to stay in the hunt. And so this went on for hours, Susan Stimpson was cut along with Steve Martin, Jeannemarie Davis, and Scott Lingamfelter and then Corey Stewart and finally there were two: Pete Snyder and EW Jackson.
If you ever wondered why EW Jackson won the nomination, I always felt the  people at the convention were just so angry at the process they witnessed controlled by Party Insiders that  the delegates voted for  EW Jackson- the outsider.  His people never left. They stayed until the very end. The removal of 7th District Chairman Linwood Cobb in 2014 was payback for his actions to Susan Stimpson in the 2013 state convention where he served as Rules Chairman. Some in the Conservative Fellowship  made it their life’s work to elect Tea Party Leader Fred Gruber 7th District Chairman in May 2014.
And so for those of you who were disappointed for the GOP loss in the statewide races in 2013, I want you to see that the Party is presently very  divided. Some in the Republican Party prefer a convention because they believe they can turn out the SoCons to vote for their candidates. But can they win in a statewide election in November against a well funded Democrat?   For Republicans like me I see Conventions as Voter Disenfranchisement: an extraordinarily small sample size with narrow political ideology determining the Party nominees. I’m not resigned to give up Primaries to the Convention voters singularly aligned with  Sunday Hunting  and the Home School networks to determine our party’s nominees at a state convention.  Don’t know the names of your representatives in the General Assembly?  No Problem but Be Sure and Sign up to be a  Delegate for ME at the state convention next year.
I urge you to  call and write the Republican Party Leadership and SCC members  this week and ask them to vote FOR A PRIMARY and  AGAINST CONVENTIONS as the 2017 nomination process at THE STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETING of the Republican Party of Virginia. THE VOTE IS SCHEDULED FOR  SATURDAY AUGUST 27th at the Richmond Convention Center. Contact information for state central committee members can be found at the link below:

Article written by: Tom White

The Economic and Spiritual Desert: “Donald Trump is the dangerous candidate? Really?”

By Michael Giere

Years ago I traveled out of Salt Lake City by car headed to Laramie, Wyoming. To make this trip, you first have to cross over the imposing and rugged 11,000 foot Wasatch Mountain Range that broods over the city.

Coming down the other side of the mountains and crossing into Wyoming, you come to the Great Divide Basin, and into the Red Desert, among the most remote and barren landscapes in the United States. You could travel miles and hours without seeing a single living thing or a passing car.

It was stark, hard, and foreboding.

I was thinking about that trip as I pondered an apt description of the last eight years of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, and the promised presidency of his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to be his third term.

Both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton and their fellow ultra-left wing radicals have brought a great nation and the “American experiment” into a remote and barren place.    

It’s not simply the economy, marooned in shallow, fetid waters for eight long years; or that they have set half the world on fire through their thoughtless and reckless foreign policy and their infatuation with Muslim extremism. But they have also been at the helm of the great ship of state cheerleading while the nation’s spiritual strength depletes like air from a beach ball. Can one of these be vibrant without the other?

The economy – that center of it that keeps the nation moving – is in complete shambles. Barack Obama will be the first president in history that has not presided over one single quarter with at least a 3% growth rate. Astoundingly, it appears that he will leave office with only an average yearly growth of 1.55% in the economy, not even close to that needed just to keep pace with population growth.

At 1.55% average GDP growth, Mr. Obama will have the third worst record of any modern president since 1900.

The human toll of the President’s policies are incalculable, however, and Mrs. Clinton wants to double down on the pain.

Childhood poverty has increased from 18% to 22%. Twenty million children out of America’s 50 million school aged children receive free school lunches, up 27%.

Almost 50 million Americans are on food stamps, and its cost has doubled since 2008.

Instead of an average family saving $2,500 dollars on health care payments as the President promised, the average family is paying $4,500 more, and Obamacare is imploding.

Average family income has decreased $2,400. Americans self-identifying as middle class has dropped from 53% to 44%.

More than 95 million working age Americans are out of the workforce, making the participation rate of 62.8%, one of the lowest in fifty years.

“Official” Hispanic-American unemployment is at 7.7 percent and teen unemployment is over 18%; African-American unemployment is at 8.4% while teen unemployment is at a staggering 33%.

Homeownership is declining and large numbers of young, adult Americans live with their parents out of economic necessity.

This week the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that wages for the first quarter of 2016 actually dropped by.04%, instead of increasing 4.2 % as previously reported, while worker productivity has dropped for three quarters in a row, forecasting further downward wage pressure.

This is the new America ushered in by the radicals.   

For her part as a candidate, the scandal encased Mrs. Clinton, has proposed to raise taxes by over $1 trillion in the next ten years, and to pay not only college tuitions for anyone from a family making less than $250,000 per year, but to forgive outstanding student debt as well. Day care, job training, infrastructure; there is hardly a discredited spending boondoggle that she hasn’t proposed throwing borrowed money at.

Like her 2008 vanquisher, Hillary Clinton looks at America’s power, and its indispensable role in providing world stability in the post WW11 world, like the Orkin exterminator looks at termites. American power cannot be ended fast enough; the sooner the U.S. is simply another country, one among many, the better.

And while the world burns, and the Russians and Chinese rattle around unconstrained and become more dangerous daily, the U.S. military is shrinking faster than anytime in generations. Mrs. Clinton has said that under her Administration, little would change.

Following Mr. Obama’s lead, she is cagy but clear enough about her intention to continue the war on traditional America, and traditional American values; especially undermining the First Amendment; freedom of speech, religion, press and petition. The battle against the vestiges of Judeo-Christian heritage and orthodox Christianity in particular, will continue unabated.

Embedded in her public dialogue is her intention to dramatically increase Muslim refugees flowing into the country by over 500%, in spite of the obvious social turmoil the planting of an incompatible ideology has had on the Western World, and the massive security issues involved.

In addition, she has pledged to keep the open border policy of the Obama Administration, regardless of the demonstrably disastrous effect that millions of illegal aliens specifically have had on public safety, and of course, their contribution to falling wages and soaring welfare costs.

Against this backdrop, the personal corruption of Mrs. Clinton, and the corruption of the justice system and the national media that protects her, barely even makes the news.

She has endangered national security, ignored her duty to protect Americans, flagrantly broken the law, sold access to foreign nationals and facilitated breathtakingly obviously cronyism that she and her family have personally profited from. She is a total stranger to the truth.

None of this seems to matter.

We’re told that our long national sojourn through the remote and barren wasteland that always follows radicals like flies follow trash, isn’t caused by those who have been in charge.

Instead, Donald Trump is now the danger. The “ruling class” and uniparty structure of Washington is in a full scale panic at the thought of Mr. Trump succeeding in his “America First” campaign.

The question for the American voter is simple now: Is Donald Trump really the dangerous candidate? Really?



Michael Giere Bio:

Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy, and issues of faith. He is a novelist (The White River Series); a former candidate for the U.S. House; worked for Ronald Reagan in 76 & 80; and served in both the Reagan and Bush (41) Administrations.

Article written by: Tom White

McClatchy Report Poll Has Hillary +15 – Polls 50% Democrats and Only 38% Republicans – Unbelievable!

The McClatchy / Marist poll shows Hillary Clinton with the largest lead of any of the national polls, standing at a 15% lead over Donald Trump. the media is hyping this pol and others like it as proof Trump is sinking fast and Hillary is on the rise.

So should we be worried with poll results like this?

Absolutely not! This is one of the most heavily skewed polls I have seen this election season. And shame on Real Clear Politics for including polls like this in their average.

Why this poll should be ignored

First and foremost, polls that question Registered Voters are less accurate and tend to skew a couple of points towards Democrats. Surveys that take the extra time and make the extra calls to poll only those Registered Voters who are likely to vote in the election are far more accurate. The last few weeks of an election cycle, all of the polls start polling likely voters only. Why? Because it is more accurate and polls are only remembered for their last poll before the election. So polls in August are never remembered after the election.

The McClatchy poll is Registered Voters. Not Likely Voters. So it skews Democrat by at least a couple of points just because of it’s makeup. (I wrote an article Understanding Presidential Polls for Dummies recently. Click here to read it.)

Let’s look at why this poll is so bad.

In 2008 7% more Democrats showed up to vote for Barack Obama than Republicans did for John McCain.

In 2012, Democrats outnumbered Republicans, but only by 6%, down a full percentage from 2008.

Every poll shows nobody is excited about Hillary. Enthusiasm is way down from the 2008 and 2012 races where there was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to elect America’s first black president. Hillary has had to cancel events because nobody showed up. While Trump is speaking to overflow crowds wherever he goes.

So how in the world can anyone put out a poll that uses a model predicting Hillary Clinton will see Democrats outnumber Republicans at the polls in November by double Obama’s 6% advantage?

The latest McClatchy Poll that shows Hillary up by 15 points actually polled 50% Democrats and only 38% Republicans.

This poll is not even close to being accurate. I can’t say if this is an intentional attempt to sway opinion rather than measure it, or just a really bad model (in my opinion), but whatever is behind a 12% advantage for Hillary the result is a poll that is an outlier.

And if we actually “weight” this poll, it probably shows a dead heat once we adjust the numbers to reflect the likely outcome and consider the Democrat lean of a “Registered Voter” poll.

But would the press and the media intentionally mislead the public? Would they skew reports and polls and optics to make it look like Hillary Clinton is doing well and pulling ahead?

Well, consider Washington Post “journalist” Abby D. Phillip. She is the reporter for the WaPo covering the Hillary campaign. She attended a rally this week and reported a “Big, boisterous crowd here in Omaha for Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffett”. And she tweeted out a picture.

But as you can see in the photo below, there were 50 to 100 people and the Phillip photo was taken from a misleading angle making it appear the crowd was much larger than it really was. The photo on the right sets the record straight.

Hillary Rally

So is the media trying to deceive you? Is there a load of bias going on here?

You can judge for yourself. But Trump supporters will no doubt see that despite the echos of “the sky is falling” that are seemingly everywhere, the truth is probably closer to “the lies are falling”.



Article written by: Tom White

Are the Cuccinelli Rule Changes an ‘Incumbent Protection Plan’ for the Republican Party? Or Just Voter Disenfranchisement?

By Kim Singhas

Fellow Patriots:


I urge you to read the blog posted on The Bull Elephant written by Ken Cuccinelli which outlines the controversial rules changes proposed  at the RNC Convention in Cleveland by a minority in the Republican Party.  The Bull Elephant’s Co-Founder Steve Albertson, some of his Conservative Fellowship members, along with some other Virginia delegates  formed an allied front with former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s floor fight  for rules changes  at the convention. Albertson blogged live from the floor of the convention  in case you missed it.


Breitbart called this staged rebellion the end of Cuccinelli’s political career. The floor protest was broadcast LIVE on every network and cable news outlet in America in order to portray a divided Republican Party to millions of Hillary Clinton voters across America. How very patriotic of Constitution loving Senator Mike Lee,  Ken Cuccinelli, and Steve Albertson and their so called  “conservative fellowship.”


As you read the proposed RNC rules changes put forth by this unified  merry band of brothers and sisters, I ask you to focus on these three little words: incentivizing closed primaries


Here is the one paragraph version: We proposed changes in seven subject areas: RNC reforms, incentivizing closed primaries, getting rid of the most rigged parts of our nomination system, clearly addressing how binding will be decided by states in the future (not 2016), spreading out the nomination calendar so more states will matter more and requiring a majority for winner-take-all, changing aspects of the national convention rules to be more transparent and accessible to the grassroots, and changing the delegation allocation formula to be based on GOP performance rather than population.


[New] Rule 14(9) – Bonus Delegates for Closed Primaries
This proposal provides for a 20% bonus for the total number of delegates allocated to states that hold closed primaries/nominations (not including RNC super delegates).  For example, Virginia has 49 delegates – 46 without the three RNC super delegates.  If Virginia closed its nomination process (it used an open primary in 2016), then Virginia would receive 10 more delegates (all fractions are rounded up).

46 x 20% = 9.2

The standard is that all participants in the primaries have to be either registered as a Republican in party registration states, or “deemed Republicans” under state party rules, 30 days prior to the commencement of voting.  There are numerous ways to encourage Republican participation that are being publicly discussed, but the “bonus delegates” approach had the broadest support among delegates of every stripe.

“Benefits include: Encouraging a system within which Republican voters – not Democrats and Unaffiliateds–choose the Republican nominee.”


What? This from Ken Cuccinelli who advocated for Conventions over PRIMARIES in Virginia when conventions favored his run for Governor against Bill Bolling in 2013?  These proposed rules changes provided an  Incentive for Closed Primaries  as Ken was telling his Virginia Delegation that the proposed rules changes strengthened CONVENTIONS?


Truth be told, Ken Cuccinelli is a rabid Cruzer along with many of his Virginia Delegation “screamers” who were advocating for Party Registration and Closed Primaries with the proposed RNC rules changes: the very Rigged System Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters railed against with their populist uprising in the 2016 presidential  primaries against the Establishment operated crony capitalism in both parties which are fueled by Lobbyist Money.


These rules changes are Incumbent Protections for the Political Ruling Class in Washington and  coming as  bill proposals  to Virginia in the next General Assembly session.


If you are an insider,  you see this for what it is:  a contrived  scheme in preparation for a Hillary Clinton- Tim Kaine  victory in November  to set up a Ted Cruz 2020 presidential bid.


Let us have the frank discussion one final time- Ted Cruz’s political career is over. Texas Republicans are working night and day to primary Cruz  in the next election according to one Texas congressman who said that ON THE RECORD.


Cruz violated his oath to support the Republican Nominee and that is a deadly sin in the eyes of the Republican Party fathers. Last week, in an act of retribution, Republicans removed  former Virginia Delegate Dr. Mark Berg, a strident Conservative with a voting record to prove it, from membership and his Chairman’s role in his own Frederick County GOP Committee for not endorsing the man who primaried him in 2015,  Chris Collins,  and who went on to win the seat last November.


Ponder that hypocrisy for a moment in light of Ted Cruz’s “non- endorsement”  of GOP Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. Add John Kasich and Jeb Bush and the entire Bush Dynasty to that equation.


As a result of the failed attempted coup at the RNC convention, Ken Cuccinelli’s acolytes are making the rounds in Virginia attending  the Tea Party and County GOP Committee meetings in  Damage Control Mode attempting  to salvage their “grassroots and conservative” base.  Why? What is Ken Cuccinelli planning to run for in the future? Is he betting on Tim Kaine’s victory to open up a US Senate seat  for a campaign in 2017? Or does he plan to run for Governor, AGAIN?


Well, I am a Virginia grassroots activist. I am a fiscal conservative, a Patriot,  was a College Republican, am a  lifelong Republican voter, and I’m not drinking their Kool Aid. Ken Cuccinelli and his So-Con delegation don’t represent me and failed miserably to represent me at the convention in Cleveland.


I urge you to oppose Voter Registration by Party  and Closed Primaries in Virginia when they come to your local meetings attempting to indoctrinate you.


Closed Primary is code for Voter Disenfranchisement. You can’t ask independent voters to vote in November for your “Republican Candidate” when you didn’t allow them to vote in June in the primary. These are the same people in the “behind the scenes”  Republican Party Leadership who introduced the idea of a loyalty oath to keep Donald Trump voters from participating in the March Primary in Virginia.  If you want to blow up the Republican Party of Virginia once and for all  and insure no Republican will ever be elected in a state wide election again, go ahead and  introduce that bill in the General Assembly in 2017.


Another argument to be made against Closed Primaries can be made at the local level where one party Democrat or Republican may dominate the slate of  Constitutional Officers at the county level. Every single voter in a county, Black or White or Brown,  Democrat or Republican,  Independent or Libertarian in their political ideology, should have the right to vote in a primary election for Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Clerk of the Court, Treasurer, and Commissioner of Revenue or any other elected position even County Supervisor regardless of that candidate’s party.  If the Republicans go down this road of Party Registration in the General Assembly it will backfire on them and brand them the Party of Voter Disenfranchisement and they will never win another statewide election in Virginia.


As a door knocker and phone caller and activist for decades I will share with you what many federal employees, state employees, law enforcement officers, military service voters in all branches, veterans, teachers, and business owners have told me over my many years of campaigning: they will not register to vote by political party because those records are Public and they privately fear retaliation by unions or  the party in control- targeting  their careers, threatening their promotions,  or businesses especially where contracts are involved. I’ve been told this for years and I have lived and worked  all over the country. It is a pervasive fear everywhere and helps explain low voter turnout in Primaries in Virginia. These people don’t vote because they fear the exposure of their names on  public voting records. The average citizen would be surprised to learn that very data is sold in Virginia by the State Board of Elections to potential candidates and those who operate the campaigns.


The Government should fear its people, The People should not fear its government.   But that’s a topic for another day.


Let me remind you that Congressman Dave Brat couldn’t have been elected and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor couldn’t have been defeated in a Closed Republican Primary in June 2014. And that fact,  Ladies and Gentlemen,  is the reason  establishment Republicans who still control the Virginia Republican State Central Committee are lobbying for Closed Primaries. They fear the Grassroots ability to organize to defeat incumbents especially in light of Trump’s victory in Virginia in the presidential primary on March 1st. They never saw that coming. 


Eric Cantor’s defeat was the reason Amnesty for Illegal Aliens was immediately  taken off the table in Washington in 2014. Cantor’s epic defeat rocked Washington to its very core. The hushed voices in the halls of Congress said  “We better start listening to the voters in our district if we want to stay in power,”  a quote from a congressional staffer to me. That was the first shot across the bow in the revolution that has led to Trump’s nomination.


Now it appears they have decided with Trump’s victory that Party Registration and closed primaries are their only salvation to maintain their power and the lobbyist money flowing into leadership’s campaign coffers.


Are you a  Patriot? Does the nation’s $20 trillion dollar debt concern you? What about the ninety four million unemployed Americans who are not contributing payroll deductions to the Ponzi Schemes of Social Security and Medicare projected to go bankrupt in ten years if not sooner?  Did you support Dave Brat and his message of a pending economic catastrophe if action isn’t taken in Washington? Then I urge you to OPPOSE Closed Primaries in Virginia in favor of Open Primaries  and communicate your position in writing and with your phone calls to your state senators and delegates because they support this  “Rigged System” to which  Mr. Trump  alludes.  Party registration and Closed Primaries favor the “insiders” who will profit  from the lucrative campaigns and the Big Money Pacs who will more importantly control the nominees and elected officials.


Look at the members of the State Central Committee? Do they earn their  livings  as campaign consultants and advisors? If so- they must be forced to resign immediately for their conflict of interest promoting Closed Primaries where they earn their living working for candidates in that system for which they are now advocating.


Go into these meetings being staged  with your eyes wide open. The Word “Conservative” coming from the  microphones of these political operatives is meaningless.


You are the Grassroots voters of Virginia. Don’t allow your elected officials and party leaders whether  they be Democrat or Republican to steal your participation in the election process with these Incumbent Protection Insurance Policies.


A very wise Ben Franklin warned us :


“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”


Article written by: Tom White

McAuliffe Doubles Down on Restoring ‘Felons for Hillary’ Voter Rights


Let’s call this what it is. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe doesn’t give a rip about the rights of felons. His only concern is delivering votes for Hillary Clinton.

His unconstitutional blanket restoration was struck down yesterday by the Virginia State Supreme Court 4-3.

Fortunately, the beginning move of McAuliffe’s plan to stack the Virginia Supreme Court with a Democratic appointed Circuit Court Judge Jane Marum Roush. The one saving grace here is that McAuliffe’s recess appointment was rescinded by the Republican legislature and Roush was sent packing, and she was replaced by Stephen Richard McCullough.

And if I may digress a minute here, I hope the voters will remember how close we were to seeing all 206,000 felons, a list that included rapists, child molesters and people who had served their time but were deemed “too dangerous” to return to society, usually because they say they will commit the same crimes again, allowed to vote. And the reason was the one turncoat Republican Senator Glen H. Sturtevant Jr. who insisted that Roush be allowed to keep the recess appointment seat most believed to be unconstitutional because the Legislature was still in session.

Now we can’t be 100% certain how Roush would have voted, but she was appointed to the circuit court by a Democratically controlled legislature under a Democrat Governor, Douglas Wilder.

And Democrats have a nearly 100% record of placing liberal activist judges on the bench.

So had Sturtevant prevailed with his insistence that Roush be a Supreme Court justice, the likely outcome would have been that McCullough’s vote finding McAuliffe’s blanket restoration unconstitutional would have been a Roush vote finding this blanket restoration even to people too dangerous to be in society was perfectly fine. The decision would have been 4-3, but in McAuliffe’s favor.

We dodged a bullet that would have never been fired save for turncoat RINO Senator Glen Sturtevant.

Below is McAuliffe’s email sent this morning directing his staff to try to put as many of these felons back on the voter lists to help his friend Hillary.

My comments are in red.

Yesterday we suffered a setback in our fight to end a century-old policy of self disenfranchisement that disproportionately impacts African Americans in our Commonwealth.

African Americans disproportionately commit crimes, mostly against their fellow African-Americans. In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.

Republicans and the Supreme Court successfully reversed the order I signed on April 22nd to restore the rights of more than 200,000 former felons who had served their time and completed supervised release. The court ruled that instead of restoring rights to Virginians as a group, the Governor can only restore them individually. That ruling was a blow to our work to end this ugly policy of selfdisenfranchisement.

But this fight is far from over.

Last night I instructed my staff to comply with the court’s order and individually restore the rights of the more than 13,000 Virginians who had successfully and unconstitutionally uncon2registered to vote following my unconstitutional April 22nd Executive Order. Soon they will have their rights back and will be able to have a voice in their society once and for all.

I also initiated the process to work our way through the entire list of more than 200,000 Virginians whom we have identified as eligible to have their rights restored according to the criteria I have set. Yet I refuse to release the names because some of these people committed horrible crimes and have not paid back their victims for things like medical costs required by their violent crimes. Nor have many provided restitution for things that were stolen or destroyed by these crimes.

We will work around the clock if necessary with you stupid Virginia taxpayers paying the overtime to make sure every Virginian who has served his or her time and reentered society in search of a second chance can access the rights that are fundamental to being an American. And the cool thing is we don’t even plan to ask them if they want the right to vote back. And I have no issue sticking Virginia with the bill for the court costs and overtime costs. I have already taken the Commonwealth from a budget surplus to a huge deficit. You suckers will be paying higher taxes because of me for years. But I plan to have a nice cushy job with Hillary feeding on your Federal tax dollars.

Will you sign our petition here to show you stand with us in solidarity? Link removed.

Right now, Republicans are celebrating the fact that they successfully stripped so many of their own constituents of the right to vote. And if y’all believe that you are as dumb as I think you are.

But if we work together, we can restore the rights of every single person who was covered by the action that was overturned yesterday, and hold the people who politicized this simple question of constitutional law accountable for their extreme actions. Like me, Terry Mac. I was the one acting against your stupid Constitution it turns out.

Add your name here to show your support for the voting rights of 200,000 citizens and that you will not stand to see their rights be taken >>> Link removed.

The fight for civil rights is never easy. As Virginia history demonstrates all too well, there are often setbacks along the way. Like my unconstitutional actions. But there is no question that our cause is just and the people of Virginia are on our side. Just not the Constitution. If you will stand with me now, we can end beat the Republicans and end racial self disenfranchisement once and for all. At least until Hillary is elected. Then I don’t care what you bastards do.

Thank you for standing with us,

Unconstitutional Terry

Now you know the whole story.

Article written by: Tom White