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Tony Lippa Wins Sheriff Race In Caroline County

I endorsed Sheriff Tony Lippa and would like to congratulate him on his victory in Caroline County. I think he’s done a great job as Sheriff and he has such wide support due to his service.

lippaThat said, I also want to publicly thank Chris Wooldridge for running and for his campaign. The time I spent with him and his family today was endearing. As I’ve written before, whoever won this Sheriff’s race would leave Caroline County in great hands. Chris ran a great campaign and his family should be seen as a valuable addition to our county. I have so much respect for all the young residents that came out to vote today and I know many of them came out to vote for Chris.

Tony Lippa is extremely popular in Caroline County and for good reason. Today we simply saw an unwillingness to go from something good to something good.

But here is something I saw today that has lifted my spirits beyond election results.

Chris Wooldridge and Clay Forehand brought hundreds of young people to the polls today. I’m 36 years old; and on election day I usually feel like a child, but today, I saw 20-somethings and 30-somethings and 40-somethings coming out to vote. We saw about 300 more voters than we expected and that’s because a few young men decided to run for office against popular county staples. Clay Forehand won and Chris Wooldridge (who unlike Clay was in a 3 way race) came in second.

We residents of Caroline County should be proud today. Chris Woodridge and his family should be proud. While it was clear that Tony Lippa retains overwhelming support in the county, despite being challenged by the most serious and qualified candidate in years, Caroline County deserves not only the debate and the challenge, but the participation we saw today.

A Sea of Orange swept over the Madison District in Caroline today. Dozens of Lippa supporters poured in to campaign for our Sheriff. I recall one voter respond that if signs and t-shirts were votes, Lippa had nothing to worry about. They were right.

I hope Caroline Residents will be as inspired by today’s events as I. Two great individuals ran for Sheriff and our county is the better the for it. Thank you, Tony Lippa for the service you’ve provided. Clearly the county is endeared to you and you’ve earned their support. Thank you to Chris Wooldridge, as well, for running a disciplined and thoughtful campaign. You’ve both made Caroline County politics and law enforcement a focus and a proud reminder of what makes Caroline County great.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker