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Clay Forehand Wins in Caroline County

cfIF you are interested in upsetting an established and well liked Supervisor, don’t talk to me. Come to Caroline County and talk to Clay Forehand who upset 28 year veteran Wayne Acors in our Madison District Board of Supervisors race. I love my district and I love everything that has been done for us through the service of Wayne Acors, but politically speaking, Clay Forehand accomplished the utterly unlikely. He did it through severe professionalism.

This morning, we were expecting around 750 to 850 voters in the Madison District. We had around 1100. That means that Clay was able to engage around 300 new voters, unexpected voters, the folk we didn’t see coming.

While I was supportive of Wayne Acors and thought that he ought to see many of our new business plans through to the end, Caroline County didn’t lose. I’ve heaped praise on Caroline County for having such great choices before us, but like most local sea changes, today was the day, not of the likely voter, but of the unlikely voter.

I would like to congratulate Clay Forehand, who will be my new Supervisor in Caroline County, to salute his campaign, and to beg his future forgiveness as I become more involved in the County. I would also like to thank Wayne Acors for the Ladysmith of today that I so enjoy and am so excited to be a resident of.

I also want to thank the the residents of Caroline County for showing up and participating in percentages unexpected. I love this county and I love Ladysmith and the Madison District in particular.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker