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I’m For (But Obviously NOT the Blog) Canova Peterson for Mechanicsville Supervisor!

Last evening I told a friend of mine who might live in the Mechanicsville Magisterial District to vote W. Canova Peterson for supervisor.  So I decided tonight after speaking with other friends that I would place it on the record:  Canova Peterson for Mechanicsville Supervisor.  It is not a blog endorsement.


I think Glenn Millican is a fine individual and we need more like him in any community.  I agree with him on proffers and on transparency in government.  But I am concerned:  The Friends of Hanover Schools, which is a group wanting to continue the indiscriminate “investment” in education in accordance with the educrats had endorsed Millican for reappointment to the board. Read this portion of their 2014 endorsement:

We have been impressed by Mr. Millican’s thoughtful questions when faced with difficult budget and policy decisions. It is clear that he is focused on the core tenets of school leadership: teaching and learning. Mr. Millican provides valuable insight into the issues affecting our school division. In 2012, he rightly called for the hiring of additional STEM teachers, responding to the pleas of over 250 citizens and their concerns about budget cuts. He has supported a plan to have retiring teachers work part time, which would allow them to be more effective with a lightened workload. This plan would also save taxpayers money and keep experience in the classroom at a time when experienced teachers are more likely to leave.

Not one word about how many administrators we have or their salaries or car allowances (that would be a “difficult budget and policy decision[s]” for me) or trying to pay for more teachers in the classroom – how to do?  And I know how 250 people can be ginned up to support the school budget every year.  I doubt there are REAL budget cuts in the schools budget.  Salaries are too high for administration outside the school system, too.

Millican has also been on the Hanover School Board from 1990 to 2014.  Of course the school board ought to be elected and not reappointed time and time again.  Ought to be term limits – eight years is long enough for the school board.  Not long term “service” in public office.

I hope Peterson will reconsider the proffers issue.  I would feel better if he had some issue statements on his website.  But the choice is Peterson or Millican and I just have too many questions about Millican’s priorities.  So I encourage those in Mechanicsville to support W. Canova Peterson next Tuesday.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders