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Thoroughly Enjoyed the Libertarian Party Debate Tonight on Stossel!

I just told Joe Enroughty that I watched the LP Presidential candidates on Stossel and I did not yell at the TV once!  I must be turning into a Libertarian!

No I am not ready to do THAT yet!

BUT I did want to hear the three (I assume) leading LP candidates:  Former NM Governor Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen and John McAfee, the founder of McAfee anti-virus company.  (Did you know McAfee was born in the UK [and lived in Virginia, too] of a British mother and US father?  He has the same issue that Cruz has but McAfee is a military brat!)  I plan to be glued to the TV again (it’s on Fox Business Channel next Friday at 9 pm!) to hear the second half of the LP candidate forum hosted by noted libertarian John Stossel.

My impressions?  I was not impressed with McAfee.  I think Petersen is the best speaker and it is obvious he was influenced by Ron Paul.  I was pleased with Petersen’s pro-life stance.  But Johnson is the best chance for the LP to be relevant.  If you are a staunch Dem or GOP activist, you better hope Petersen or another wins the LP nomination.  But if Governor Johnson wins the nomination, he has a shot to get face time in the debates (He is already at 11% in one poll against Trump and Clinton and I want to see what the next poll says to see if that is an outlier) and might be a serious factor.  Perhaps Robert Sarvis for VP?

I got to meet Governor Johnson at the state LP convention where I was on a forum to interview five LP hopefuls, including Johnson.  There is even a picture of me with the former NM Governor!

Ought to be a fun year this year.  But never forget:  Elections do have consequences.  It is always a tough choice between the lesser of two evils that can win or vote your conscience.  I’ve been there – been on both sides of that decision.  But this could be an interesting year.  I think the Dems will nominate Hillary (no she will not be indicted because someone in authority will decide that her indictment will be too critical and it would be a political intervention to act against her but rather issue a searing report instead) and the GOP will nominate someone in an open convention (not Trump) perhaps John Kasich but more likely someone who did not run or someone like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.   A lot of people could have a tough call this November.  If Gary Johnson had say $20m to run with, it might be interesting…


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Sandy’s Annual March Rant…Usual Stuff Again this Year!

My usual feelings have not changed on the selection of the NCAA Basketball Tourney.  The selections should include all regular season winners in each conference, the Division I ADs and conference reps should not select the Division I field (Division II and III coaches should), selection show should be Monday and a fan should be on the selection committee (I recommend President Barack Obama who next March will be thankfully looking for work for 2017).

Since I did not finish this post before the tourney started – let’s leave it at that.  But I will say:  Monmouth got hosed and major school retreads got a pick.  Again.  I would think Division II and III coaches and ADs would prevent a fair amount of that.




Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Last Night’s Late Night Political Joke Roundup

Jimmy Fallon had a good crop last night:


  • Donald Trump is on the show tonight, and I’m not saying security is tight, but the Secret Service just built a giant wall around the building — we had to pay for it!
  • Right after giving a speech, no matter where he is, Trump likes to fly back that night to sleep here in New York. Although sometimes when he’s really tired, he’ll just buy a hotel.
  • Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders said that if he’s elected, he plans to spend $1 trillion to fight unemployment. When asked what they would do with that kind of money, unemployed people said, “Retire!”
  • Republican candidates aired a dozen new TV ads last week, even though recent data has shown that TV ads are mostly ineffective. Chris Christie was like, “If TV ads aren’t effective, why do I keep going to Wendy’s for their Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger, here ONLY for a limited time?”


  • During a Donald Trump rally yesterday, a man was kicked out for yelling, “This is boring.” The man then went to a Jeb Bush rally and realized he owed Trump an apology.

Seth Meyers:

  • The White House revealed over the weekend that President Obama privately met with Bernie Sanders. And when she heard this, Hillary Clinton fake-smiled so hard, her ears touched in the back.
  • Dennis Hof, the owner of Nevada’s famous Bunny Ranch Brothel, has announced he will run for Senate in 2016. Even though the only experience he has with politicians is telling them to “come back soon!”



Article written by: Tom White

Politics Out in the WEST – Cridlin, Slemp, Neo and Arrington for Commonwealth’s Attorney!

I have to say:  I know a fair amount about far west Virginia and I love the mountains.  I have found out that four good acquaintances are running for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Lee, Wise, Buchanan (pronounced “Buck-anan”) and Tazewell Counties:

  • Lee County – H. Fuller Cridlin is seeking election as the CA in Lee County, the westernmost county in all of Virginia.  Here’s his webpage and his FB page.  I think he will be great for the county – in his appeals, Fuller is dedicated to his client.  Support Fuller Cridlin.
  • Wise County – Chuck Slemp is doing a fabulous job gaining support for his bid for CA in the home of the Tesla of Court Clerks (J. Jack Kennedy); Chuck had a fundraiser early in October and it had several members of the General Assembly and former Attorney General Kilgore in attendance.  I tried to get a business presentation (my presentations are how I know most of these lawyers) so I could attend but ‘fraid not! He also has a TV ad!  Here is Slemp’s FB page with the TV ad and his website.  I can endorse Chuck was enthusiasm – he’s a solid attorney.
  • Tazewell County – Flux Neo is the CA candidate in the nearby county of Tazewell.  Here is his website and his FB page.  He is worthy of your support.  Neo has a TV ad, too that can be found at his FB page.  Flux’s wife is Tamara Neo who was the top prosecutor in neighboring Buchanan County until she was defeated by…
  • Buchanan County – Gerald Arrington – he is opposed this term and he is also worthy of your support.  I knew Gerald when he ran before and I suspected he might just pull off the upset and he did in 2011.  Great lawyer.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders